Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 495

Volume 1 Chapter 495 F.u.c.k Kill Him

Haru looked around his surroundings. "Forest?" He started to feel hot with his Hyakkou uniform. He thought for a while and decided to change his uniform since he needed to use it when he came back to his original world.

It would be disastrous if he came back using different clothes after he had done this quest.

Haru changed his clothes into a pair of boots, cargo pants, and a t-shirt to make his journey to becoming more comfortable. He also brought a backpack with clothes, food, water, and a lot of other things.

'How to conquer the Emperor...'

Haru thought while walking out of the forest. He kept thinking while also using his observation haki since he knew that this world was dangerous. He remembered that there were a lot of beasts and bandits around this world.

"I guess I need to go to the capital first."

Haru knew that everything would start in the capital and he thought to visit the capital first before making his decision.

"Well, this place is dangerous, huh?"

Haru realized that there were a lot of beasts that had surrounded him. He knew that he was cornered, and could only sigh in this situation. "Well...." Suddenly all the fingers on his right hands turned into protruding steel.



The beasts came out with a lot of drool in their mouths looking at him as if a delicious prey that was ready to be eaten.


The protruding steel on his fingers started to move and made a noise similar to a chainsaw.


"ROARRR!!!" The beast jumped toward Haru while opening its mouth wide.

Haru only moved his right hand and...


The beast was cut into five slices instantly and fell down on the ground.

"You have made my hands dirty," Haru said while looking at the group of beasts.


"Then, don't hope to come back from here," Haru said with a smile.

The group of beasts knew that they had met a tough opponent, and it was too late to run away from him.


During that time the beasts screamed a loud cry of plea to this young man.


The boss of the caravan sighed looking at the area in his surroundings. He was afraid for someone to attack his caravan and steal everything inside. "The Empire is getting dangerous...." He lamented his fate to live in this country.

"Boss, you don't need to worry."

"Yeah, we're going to protect you."

The boss of caravan looked at the group of mercenaries that he had hired from the last town before he went to the capital. He only smiled and said, "Yes, I believe in all of you." He counted their numbers and wondered how many of them would die when they were attacked by a bandit in this area. 'Well, I've paid for them.' He didn't think much and only thought about his safety. He had paid them and it was normal for them to offer their lives to protect him.

The trip was quite peaceful and everyone was very happy with it, especially the merceries that were being hired by the boss of caravan since they didn't need to fight.

They could get a high salary by only walking from one town to another and felt that it was a good bargain.

However, suddenly they saw someone stopped in front of them standing alone while holding a curved sword in his hand.


The leader of group mercenary stopped the caravan and looked at the man in front of them with a wary expression.

"W - What's wrong?" The boss of the caravan came out from his caravan and asked what was happening with a nervous expression.

"Nothing to worry about." The leader of the mercenary smiled and said, "There is only one person standing in front of us."

"One person?" the boss caravan said and he didn't feel worried anymore. He had a group of ten strong mercenaries and to fight one person would be very easy for them. "Well, hurry up and take care of him." He was too lazy to do anything and let his mercenaries manage that person. He entered his caravan again and didn't think much.

"Alright." The leader looked at the man and said, "Get out of our sight!"

The members of mercenaries didn't care much about this person and thought about playing a game since they were bored along the way of their journey.

The man in front of them only pointed his sword when he heard the leader's mercenaries words.



Everyone laughed looking at the man's action.

"What are you doing?"

"Your sword doesn't even reach us!"

"Are you stupid?"

They didn't expect to see such a funny thing on their trip here, however, suddenly they heard a strange noise.

The leader of mercenaries was the one who noticed it first. "An arrow! Protect yourself!" He hurriedly moved under the caravan to protect himself. He had a sword but he didn't have a shield.

The volleys of arrows were shot from their left and right sides at the same time.

*Swosh!* *Swosh!* *Swosh!*

The arrows stabbed right into the head of the unlucky mercenary made him die instantly.

"ARGH!!! IT HURTS!!!" One of them stabbed into their eyes and made them blind.

Some of them also followed the movement of their leader to hide under the caravan.


The man who stopped in front of the caravan shouted loudly.



Then a group of bandits came out from their hiding places holding a sword in their hands to raid the caravan.

The mercenaries were helpless against the attack of the bandits since they had a disadvantage of numbers.

"Boss! We have hit a treasure! There are a lot of things inside!"

"Hahaha, rob all of it! We're going to have a party tonight!" The man laughed.


The bandits became crazier when they heard their boss would hold a party tonight.

"Boss, look there is a pig inside the caravan!" One of the bandits grabbed the boss of a caravan who was crying.

"Let go of me! You can have all of them! You can take it! Just let go of me!" The boss of the caravan cried while pleading.

The man smiled and raised his sword before saying, "OK. I'll let you go....." He moved his sword downward, cutting down the head of caravan boss.

"In the afterlife that is."


"Boss, you're so cool!"

"Hahaha." The man laughed then suddenly he heard a report from his subordinates.

"Boss, there is someone there."

The man along with their subordinates saw someone come out from the forest and seemed to look at them.

"Bring him here!"

Then one person walked toward that man who just came out of the forest, but suddenly they saw something amazing. They saw that the person who came out of the forest took out a gun and shot it immediately at their friend.


They saw the head of their friends explode into the juice of meat.


"F.U.C.K, KILL HIM!!!!"