Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 497

Volume 1 Chapter 497 Central 1

"The Empire."

Haru had arrived on the capital of the Empire and saw an enormous wall that surrounded the entire city. He didn't see the main character along the way and he also didn't see a member of Night Raid. He had thought about joining that organization, but he thought about his mission.

The mission from the Group Chat clearly told him to conquer the Empire and not to become a member of the Revolutionary Army.

Haru knew that the revolutionary army could conquer the Empire at the end of the story, but he knew that he wasn't the one who conquered the Empire. He really didn't have an idea how to solve this problem and thought to do it slowly. He wasn't sure whether he had entered the plot of the story or he hadn't even.

'The key is the main character.'

Haru stepped down from his horse since he would soon enter the centre. He had covered his face with a cloak since the temperature of this world was quite hot. He really needed to have a cold bath after this. His body had changed and he needed to drink more water every day. He followed the crowd before he entered the centre, but he heard a shout and it seemed that someone was arguing. He turned and was surprised to see two people. He smiled and thought to help them since it was a rare chance.


"Ha? Why can't we enter?"

"Like I said that you need to pay before you can enter the town," the guard said with an annoyed expression.

"But I don't know about this!"

"This is why you're in the countryside! Just go back and bring some copper before you enter the town!" The guard said and ignored the boy.

"What did you say, you---"

"Ieyasu, stop!" The girl stopped her childhood friend who seemed to not have a brain.

"Sayo, but..."

"You know that this is the Capital, and we don't have anyone here," the girl said with a sigh.

The boy calmed himself when he heard the girl's persuasion. He knew that he needed to gather money for his village, and to fight with the guard in this place was too stupid.

The guard snorted and was too lazy to talk with them.

"Bro here is money for them and also my money."

Suddenly someone came toward the three of them. They saw a young man with grey hair walking with his horse to them.

"You need to wait before you can---" The guard stopped when he saw the amount of money. He nodded and said, "Sure, the three of you can enter." He smiled politely at Haru and let him enter the town without any problem.

"Thank you," the girl said to the young man. Her face was a bit red when she saw him.

"No problem," the young man said while smiling at them. This young man was Haru who had decided to talk with the childhood friend of the main character.

That's right.

The boy and the girl are the friends of the main character from the same village. The two of them had been killed by a noble when they entered this place, but Haru didn't expect to meet them here.

"Thank you, my name is Ieyasu," Ieyasu said.

"My name is Sayo," Sayo said.

"I'm Haru," Haru said. "Let's go inside since I'm also curious about this place."

They were a bit surprised when they heard it.

"You're not from the capital, Haru?" Sayo asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I'm from East and this is my first time coming here."

"You seem to be rich that you can give that guard that amount of money," Ieyasu said clearly with a hint of envy.

"Ieyasu!" Sayo was mad at her friend.

"Rich? No, I have gotten the money from a bandit group," Haru said.

"Bandit?!" They were surprised when they heard it. They didn't see a weapon on his body and from his appearance, they thought that Haru was the son of a noble.

"What is your weapon?" Ieyasu asked curiously.

Sayo didn't say anything, but she was also a bit curious.

"Here," Haru said and took out his gun from out of nowhere.


Ieyasu and Sayo, who had been trained martial arts from their childhood time, knew that Haru should have powerful gunmanship from the way he handled his gun. They could see the gun wasn't cheap and wondered about Haru's identity more.

Haru made his gun disappear from his hand and asked, "You're also not from the capital, right? What are you doing here?"

Ieyasu seemed to be spirited when Haru asked that question. "We're going to become big in the capital and send out money to our village!"

"Become big?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"It means to become rich," Sayo said and felt a bit embarrassed by her friend's stupidity.

'Rich, huh?' Haru knew that the richest people in this place were the government's position and a noble rather than a businessman.

"That's right! We're going to join the army! Then become a general who can lead a thousand people!" Ieyasu said with a longing expression.

Haru could see a naivety on Ieyasu's expression, but he didn't think much of it. His quest was to conquer this kingdom, and Ieyasu's dream was small compared to his quest. He smiled and patted his shoulder. "Good luck."

"Yes," Ieyasu said with a smile.

"What about you? What are you doing here, Haru?" Sayo asked curiously.

"Me?" Haru looked at the castle of the king from afar and knew that place was his target. "I'm not sure for now. I'll make my decision after I have looked around."

"Then, do you want to go with us?" Sayo asked.

"Yeah, come with us," Ieyasu said.

"I can see that you're more reliable than this guy," Sayo said with a sigh while looking at Ieyasu.

"What do you mean by that, Sayo!" Ieyasu was mad.

Haru looked at Sayo who had a hopeful expression on her face and suddenly also felt worried. 'This girl is cute, and if....' He closed his eyes for a while and made his decision. "Good, let's go together."

Sayo was happy when she heard it.

"Alright! We're friends now, Haru!" Ieyasu said with a smile.

"Let's go and check the town while we're at it," Haru said.

Ieyasu and Sayo agreed with Haru's decision and checked the town beforehand.