Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 498

Volume 1 Chapter 498 Capital 2

Haru sold the horse to a random shop and got money again in his pocket. He knew that money was important in this corrupt kingdom. He suddenly decided to build a career as an Imperial Police officer in the Capital.

'The problem is connection.'

Haru didn't know anyone in this place and he was sure that money wasn't enough to make him not be targeted by someone. He had an idea, but he wasn't sure how to implement it.

"Is it okay to sell your horse?" Sayo asked.

"It's okay. That isn't my horse," Haru said.

"Then whose horse is that?" Ieyasu asked.

"It's from the bandit that I have mentioned before," Haru said.


Ieyasu sighed and said, "I wish that I could meet a bandit along the way earlier."


Haru didn't think much and asked, "You're going to join the army?"

"Yes," Ieyasu said without hesitation.

"Well, let's walk around the Capital first," Haru said and didn't think much.

They nodded when they heard him since they had been curious about this place. They moved around the town and had to admit that this place was different from their villages. They could see a lot of people who were wearing very luxurious clothes in this area and seemed to not worry about food or money.

Haru could see an envious expression of both Sayo and Ieyasu when they looked at the people in this town.

Then they suddenly saw something that made them startled.

"W - What is this?" Ieyasu was surprised.

Sayo was too shocked to say anything.

Haru didn't blame them since he felt that it was quite cruel. He saw a lot of people were being crucified on the wooden pole with their bodies being mutilated.

"This is the way for the Capital to reprimand everyone for not defying them." Suddenly someone said.

"Isn't this a bit too cruel?" Ieyasu said.

The man snorted and said, "Cruel? You haven't lived in the capital for a long time, right? Poor countryside."

"..." Ieyasu was speechless. He was wondering how a lot of people kept calling him a "countryside". Even though he didn't tell anyone that he was coming from the country.

"I have seen a lot of people like you, having a big dream and decided to go to the Capital then..." The man closed his eyes and said, "Become disappointed while living in fear and poverty here." He looked at Sayo and smiled. "But you're very cu---"

"Argg! My eyes!" The man screamed in pain when his eyes were poked by Haru.

Haru poked the man's eyes and said, "Don't look at her with those eyes."

Sayo was a bit surprised by Haru's action but also felt quite sweet since she was quite uncomfortable with the man's stare.

"Let's go, we need to run," Haru said and took both Ieyasu and Sayo away from this location. He knew that this man was only a passerby without any power.

Ieyasu laughed happily since he was also annoyed by the man.

They went to the nearby bar and hid inside until the matter was over. They were also quite hungry since they hadn't eaten before.

"Just order, I'll treat you," Haru said.

"Really?" Ieyasu was surprised.

Haru nodded and said, "Just order, or I'll change my mind."

"I'll order it right away!" Ieyasu said and started to order a lot of food.

"Ieyasu! Don't be too shameless!" Sayo reprimanded Ieyasu again. She sighed and looked at Haru with an apologized expression. "Sorry, Haru."

"No problem, my appetite is also quite big," Haru said.

"Haru...." Sayo was at the age where it was very easy for her to fall in love with someone. Having someone who was reliable in a strange place was really giving her reassurance and he was also her type.

"The food is coming!" Ieyasu said with a happy expression.

Haru looked at Ieyasu and wondered whether it didn't bother him when he was flirting with Sayo. "You're not eating?" He looked at Sayo.

"I - I'll eat!" Sayo hurriedly said with a red face.

Haru looked at the food and sighed. He knew that it would taste bad, but he decided to taste it. It was only at the moment when he would stab the fork on the meat, that he heard the scream of a woman.


"Let go of her!"

They turned and saw a fight on the side. They saw a fat man with short, black hair with a purple streak on the left side of his bangs holding the hair of the girl licking her cheek while looking at the man on the ground with a sadistic expression.

"You bastard!"

Then five people suddenly moved to catch the man and stopped him from moving.

"Hehehe, this girl is too cute for you," the man said with l.u.s.tful expression looking at the young girl in his hands.

The girl was very scared under the hand of this fat man.

"I'll kil--"

The five people started to beat up the man who wanted to threaten the fat man.

"Those group of bastards!" Ieyasu stood up and wanted to enter the scene.

"Ieyasu!" Sayo hurriedly stopped Ieyasu since she knew that the person who had a lot of bodyguards wasn't someone who was normal. She knew that the fat person should be a noble in this town and it was very dangerous to fight him.

Ieyasu wanted to say something, but suddenly he heard the sound of a gun.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The five bullets penetrated the head of the five people who were beating up the man on the ground. Even though they were masters of martial arts, they didn't expect someone to suddenly shoot their heads.

The fat man was startled when he saw his bodyguard had died.

"Don't make my food bad."

Everyone looked at Haru who was walking toward the fat man. They knew the identity of the fat man and knew that Haru's fate had ended the moment he had attacked the fat man. Some of the women seemed to feel regretful when they saw Haru walking toward the fat man.

"H - Hiii...!!" The fat man was a bit scared, but hurriedly said, "If you kill me then my cousin won't let you go!"

Haru was a bit confused and asked, "Who is your cousin?"

The fat man seemed to revive when he heard Haru's question. "My cousin is Honest Prime Minister! You have to apologize to me and-----" He couldn't finish his words since he was punched by Haru.


"You're a cousin of Honest Prime Minister? My wife is Esdeath!"

The fat man was thrown and seemed a bit dizzy, especially when he heard that Haru was Esdeath's husband.