Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 499

Volume 1 Chapter 499 Esdeath's Husband

"C'mon stand up." Haru helped the fat man to stand up since he didn't hurt him that much.

The fat man was quite in pain, but he was alright. He knew that Haru could kill him, but he didn't do anything. "Y - You really General Esdeath's husband?"

"Are you also really the cousin of the Honest Prime Minister?" Haru asked.


The fat man observed Haru from up to down. He had to admit that this young man was quite handsome and any women would like to date this young man. Even though it seemed quite young, he thought that General Esdeath loved a younger one. He didn't blindly believe him at first and said, "How about we take a step back and have a tea to make a peace between the two of us?"

"Why not? This is my first time to come to the capital after all," Haru said.

"Good, I'll treat you to something delicious," the fat man said and brought Haru to the VIP room on the 2nd floor. He ignored his bodyguard who had turned into a dead man since he could search for another bodyguard again in the future.

Ieyasu and Sayo were stunned when they saw the development of the thing that had happened in front of them. They didn't expect Haru, who punched the fat man suddenly became quite friendly to each other.

'What the heck is happening?'


"So you're from the East?" The fat man asked curiously.

Haru nodded and sipped his tea slowly. He had to admit this tea had a quite unique aroma and it tasted quite good.

"Where have you met her?" The fat man asked.

"We have met each other in the North and we have to decide to get married on the border before," Haru answered while drinking tea calmly.

"North," the fat man muttered and nodded. He remembered that General Esdeath was in the north right now to fight with the rebellion or something.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, what's your name?" Haru asked.

"Iokal. That's my name," Iokal said. "Why are you here? Why are you not with General Esdeath?"

Haru had a bitter expression on his face and said, "You know how hard it is to have such a powerful woman?" He started to tell him about his hardship being the husband of Esdeath. He told them that it was hard to maintain his dignity as a man when her woman had a better career than himself and sometimes being tortured by her. His acting was really good and would make everyone believe that he was really Esdeath's husband.

Iokal sighed and nodded. "It's hard to have such a powerful woman." He understood Haru's bitter expression since the more powerful woman, it was hard to maintain the man's self-esteem, especially when your wife was the strongest army general in the country.

"That's why that I have thought to come to the Capital to make my own career to show that woman," Haru said with a serious expression.

Iokal looked at Haru and thought that it would be good to have a connection with the husband of Esdeath. He knew that Esdeath was quite powerful and from the way Haru had killed his bodyguard he knew that Haru was quite strong for his age. "Do you want to join the Imperial Police?"

"Imperial Police?" Haru looked at Iokal and seemed to be very interested.

"Yeah, I know someone in the Imperial Police and he can help you to enter the rank easily," Iokal said with a smile.

Haru raised his eyebrow and seemed a bit doubtful. "You're serious?"

"Yes, believe in me." Iokal nodded and said, "I'll talk with him tomorrow and you can have your own office tomorrow too." He didn't think that Haru was lying since the air that Haru gave to him was a different aura from normal people.

Haru looked at Iokal for a while and said, "If that is really happening then I won't forget your help." He took out the money that he had gotten from the caravan before and said, "You can use this to make the process smooth."

Iokal smiled and wasn't shy when he saw such a sum of money. He had more confidence that the young man in front of him was the husband of General Esdeath. "Good, I'll prepare to help you right away."

"Thank you, I have killed your bodyguard, do you need me to help you go back to your house?" Haru asked.

Iokal shook his head and said, "No one dares to attack me." He looked at Haru and said, "Besides you though." He thought about getting a stronger bodyguard for himself.

Haru shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, let's take a step back and make peace between the two of us."

Iokal nodded and said, "We're brothers now."

"Brother," Haru said with a smile and wrapped his hand around Iokal's shoulder.

They talked for a while before Iokal went back to talk with his connection to the Imperial Police to enter the backdoor. Anyway, it wasn't something uncommon and a lot of people had done it to enter the army from a backdoor becoming an officer with a high ranking right away.

Haru looked at Iokal who was walking away from the restaurant with a smile from the 2nd floor of the restaurant and thought that he was really lucky to meet the cousin of Honest Prime Minister. He was also surprised that his lie as the husband of Esdeath was so believable. He was sure that he would be killed once that crazy woman came back from the battlefield and knew that someone had used her name to enter the Imperial Police.

Haru knew that it was dangerous, but the advantage of this status was also very big and made him able to raise his status within the Empire smoother. He shook his head and sipped the tea on his cup which had turned lukewarm. He thought that it was better to think about the problem when Esdeath had come back to the Capital.


Haru looked at Ieyasu and Sayo who had come to the 2nd floor to meet him. "Sayo, Ieyasu."

"Do you know that person?" Ieyasu asked.

"It's someone who is connected to the Imperial Police," Haru said.

"What?!" They were surprised when they heard it.

"I have bribed him to help me to enter the Imperial Police, do you want to come too?" Haru asked.

"..." Ieyasu and Sayo had a complex expression on their faces. They looked at Haru, the young man who seemed very kind, and had this complex personality. They weren't sure what to say after they heard his question.

"Your objective is to gather a large amount of money to send it to your village, right?" Haru said. "If that is the case then why don't you work with me in Imperial Police then when you have gotten enough money, you'll exit the Imperial Police and go back to your village."

"...." Ieyasu was silent for a while. He knew that he was dumb and that meeting Haru was his luck. He nodded and said, "I'll follow you, Haru." He needed money to send it back to his village and following him was the shortcut for it.

"How about you, Sayo?" Haru asked.

Sayo didn't care much about their conversation since she was more concerned about when she heard that Haru was the husband of Esdeath. Her heart was pretty complex when she heard the boy that she had a good impression was the husband of someone, but she also knew that she needed money to send it back to her village. She looked at Haru and said, "I'll follow you, Haru."

"Alright, both of you are going to become my subordinates later," Haru said patted the chair telling them to sit down beside him. He sipped his tea once again while looking at the castle in the center of the Capital and knew that he had gotten into the shortcut into his conquer.