Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 504

Volume 1 Chapter 504 Night Raid

Haru who had wanted to enter his house stopped when he saw the six people who were coming toward his house. He was wondering how he could suddenly meet them in this place. However, he suddenly thought about the thing that had happened during dawn. He thought that it might be because he had sent out Sayo and Ieyasu with a lot of money to go back to their village that made the Night Raid start to act. He knew that that money was corruption money, and it was the reason why they decided to end him.

Haru was wondering why he didn't see the main character. 'Or that guy might be too weak to come with them?'

Under this blood-colored moonlight, the guy with green hair started to create a cage of thread using a Teigu on his arms trapping Haru in his own.

The six of them jumped on the top of the thread while looking at Haru.

Haru looked at the six figures in front of him and he knew them very well.

Long straight black hair, a beautiful face, red eyes, and a sleeveless mini dress. Akame was holding a long katana on her side looking at Haru without expression.

S.e.xy body, short blonde hair, large b.o.o.b.s that were covered with only revealing clothes making every man crazy to look at her, and a strange belt on her waist. Leone grinned looking at Haru who was alone.

Long purple hair, glasses, and a cold expression on her face. Sheele was holding a large pair of scissors in her hands.

Petite body, pink twin-tail hair, and a cute dress over her body. Mine had a serious expression on her face looking at Haru since she knew that this guy was a gunman. She was holding her Teigu and ready to aim it toward him.

Covered in steel armor, strong body, and large spear on his hands. Bulat looked at Haru with both a sigh and a pitiful expression. He was known for being gay and felt quite regretful to kill Haru.

Long green hair that reaches his shoulders, a strange glove on his body, and long coat. Lubbock looked at Haru with a hateful expression. He hated every handsome guy and Haru really pissed him off.

"Night Raid...."

Haru murmured and thought his luck wasn't good since he had just left Iokal's house, but he didn't expect to meet them here. He sighed and said, "Did you get the wrong person? The bad guy is over there." He pointed his finger at Iokal's house.

"Funny guy," Leone said with a laugh.

"Thank you," Haru said with a smile looking at Leone.

"I'm sorry, but..." Leone wanted to say something, but she was cut by Akame.

"Rest in peace!" Akame said and leaped toward Haru.

Haru sighed and knew that he needed to fight the moment he had seen them. He took out his Smith & Wesson Model 29 and shot it toward Akame. He didn't really want to use his real power in this place.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Akame, who was holding her katana, deflected two bullets that were shot toward her. However, she felt that this bullet was very strong and it took off her balance a bit.

Haru, who saw a chance, shot out another bullet.


Akame saw a bullet moving toward her and knew that it was hard to stop it.


Bulat who was moving together with Akame stopped in front of her to block this bullet.

Lubbock, who was on the back, controlled his thread to cut Haru's legs.

Mine also aimed her rifle toward Haru and shot it toward him. Even though they were enemies, she could tell that Haru's skill with his gun was very good. She also thought to get his gun after this guy had been killed later since she thought his gun was quite rare.


Mine's attack was quite powerful and created a large hole around the ground.

Haru who had mastered his observation haki dodged all of the thread easily without a problem. He knew that it was very easy for him to defeat them using gravity magic, light magic, etc, but he wanted to play with them for a while.

Lubbock tried to control his thread to trap Haru in place. He frowned since he felt that Haru could see his thread even though there wasn't much light in this area. His thread was very small and it was hard to see them, but Haru could dodge all of his traps.

Mine kept shooting her rifle at Haru. She started to feel annoyed when she saw him dodging all of her attacks easily.

Bulat and Akame who saw a chance also charged toward Haru once again to give him a swift death.

Bulat swung his spear then made his speed faster trying to stab Haru with his weapon.

Akame moved very fast from the side and was ready to swing down her katana.

Leone and Sheele didn't do anything and guarded both Mine and Lubbock who were in the back.

Haru wasn't panicked by this situation and thought to use his strongest gun.

How suddenly has he decided to use a gun?

Well, he was a gun avid and the price of a normal gun in Group Chat was very cheap. He had thought about what kind of weapon he should use in this world and thought that it was a gun. He also didn't need to save up his points since he had erased the side effect of his "pleasure magic".

Haru smiled and threw his gun toward Akame.

Akame stopped and raised her katana to deflect the gun which was thrown.

They were confused by Haru's action who suddenly threw out his gun, but it wouldn't stop them from assassinating him.

Haru looked at Bulat who was quite close to him and took out two large guns suddenly out of nowhere.

Everyone was shocked when they saw how big two guns were held by Haru.

That's right!

Haru took out two of Pfeifer Waffen's 600 Nitro Express on both of his hands. His strength had become stronger after his body had transformed and it was very easy for him to hold these two guns by himself.

He grinned and shot his two guns toward Bulat.