Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 505

Volume 1 Chapter 505 Grab It

Bulat, who didn't expect Haru to take out two large guns suddenly out of nowhere, moved his spear hurriedly to block the bullet that was shot toward him.


"GNH...!" Bulat felt that the power of this bullet was similar to the power of a canon. He thought that it would be hard to shoot such a thing, but it seemed that wasn't the case for Haru.


Haru kept shooting his guns at the same time.

'Shit....!' Bulat suddenly saw a bullet that was moving toward his head.


The bullet hit Bulat's helmet and the impact caused him a bit dizzy.

Haru knew that Bulat's armor was very powerful and he didn't think that the bullet that was shot from his gun was able to pierce it, but he didn't really want to kill him either. However, even though the power of this gun wasn't enough to pierce Bulat's armor, it was enough to hurt him. This gun was famous for its power that could knock an elephant easily. He knew that Bulat's strength wasn't as good as elephant, or even if it was as good as elephant then he would only need to keep shooting his gun toward him.

He used this chance to run toward Lubbock and Mine who was at the back.

Akame wouldn't let him and tried to slash him, but she saw Haru shoot out his gun without looking at her.


Akame hurriedly crouched down to avoid the bullet, but she saw another bullet was shot toward her.


Akame was ready with her sword to deflect this bullet, but Bulat who had recovered stood up in front of Akame and blocked the bullet for her.


Bulat's balance was thrown and he fell down on the ground making him squashed Akame who was under him.

Haru smiled and ran toward the four people in front of him.

Mine kept shooting at him, but all of her attacks were missed. She kept frowning when she saw Haru who was able to dodge all of her attacks easily. 'How can he do that?!'

Lubbock also kept trying to trap him, but it was also hard to do it with his allies around. His expression turned serious and knew that this battle would be quite hard.

Leone, who saw the situation became strangely hurriedly transformed, using her Teigu to make her hair longer and transform part of her body into a lion.

Sheele was in the back and kept protecting Mine and Lubbock who was trying to attack Haru behind her.

Haru looked at Leone who was charging toward him.

How to say... Leone doesn't really possess the ability to harm him.

Haru knew that the one who was the most dangerous in this group was Akame since her Teigu was very strong. He remembered Akame's Teigu was Murasame which was famous for its poison. He wasn't sure how strong Murasame's poison was, but it was better to be careful rather than sorry in this battle.

However, Leone was different since her Teigu would only strengthen her power, sense, and regeneration similarly to a lion.

Haru's power had increased dramatically after he had gotten his last reward and he didn't think Leone's power possessed a threat to him. He threw out two of his large guns toward Leone since the bullet was empty.

Leone hurriedly raised both of her hands to block two guns that were moving toward her.


Leone gritted her teeth and didn't expect the two guns that were thrown toward her would be this painful.

Haru moved behind Leone and hugged her waist.

Leone raised her eyebrows since she felt a hand on her waist. She thought about what this guy wanted to do, but suddenly she saw the night sky then she felt that she dropped very fast toward the ground. She also felt that her chest was kneaded by someone, but she didn't have time to think since something happened after this.


Leone's head was inserted into the ground and her body laid down straight to the ground.


They twitched their mouths when they Haru's attack toward Leone.

Haru who had done a suplex on Leone moved very swiftly toward Lubbock, Mine, and Sheele. He didn't break Leone's neck, and only put her head into the ground to stop her since he had done something to her earlier.

Sheele who was in front of Lubbock and Mine knew that she couldn't let Haru get near to both of them. She also charged toward Haru with her large scissors.

Haru looked at Sheele and always felt very pitiful toward this woman since she had been killed by a dog. He saw the large scissors on Sheele's hands and knew that these scissors could cut anything in half. He didn't want to test how powerful his body was with receiving the attack of these scissors. He also didn't have time to play with this woman. He tightened the muscle in his legs and moved faster avoiding Sheele.


Sheele sucked a deep breath at Haru's speed. Even though she had missed, she didn't give up and tried to chase him.

Lubbock and Mine, who saw Haru getting close toward them, didn't show a panic expression. They saw Haru who had moved closer toward them.

Lubbock controlled his wire thread, creating a trap that surrounded Haru entirely.

Mine who felt the crisis made the power of her gun stronger. She aimed it toward Haru and shot it.


"Is it done?" Lubbock asked, but suddenly he heard a voice behind him.

"Enough of playing," Haru said and grabbed Lubbock's gloves.

Lubbock couldn't do anything when his gloves were grabbed by Haru.

Haru had always wanted to try Lubbock's Teigu and he had a chance to do that now. He felt that it was fit for him and tried to control the wire thread in this area. He felt that he could easily control this Teigu and trapped all of them in this place. He smiled and said, "Checkmate."


The six-member Night Raid didn't expect the situation to turn into this.