Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 506

Volume 1 Chapter 506 Calm Down

To use Teigu, someone can't force themselves to use it.

They need to have a matching wavelength between themselves and the Teigu.

That is why someone can't use it right away.

The first impression is also very important when they want to use a Teigu.

Haru had always wanted to try Lubbock's Teigu and he had a good impression of this Teigu. "Cross Tail, good Teigu." He nodded and thought that this Teigu was too wasteful at the hand of Lubbock.

Mine who saw him had caught Lubbock hurriedly jumped out from the thread toward her comrades, but suddenly her leg was caught in something and she was trapped in a thread.

Haru controlled the thread and trapped Mine who wanted to turn away.

Lubbock was silent since he was also caught by Haru and his Teigu was also stolen from him. "....." He was very depressed right now and wasn't sure what to do.

Leone, whose head was trapped inside the ground, hurriedly came out with a dizzy head. She saw Haru had caught two of her friends and her expression turned serious.

Akame, Bulat, and Sheele also stood together watching Haru with a wary expression.

They didn't expect the situation would turn into this. They also hadn't heard that Haru was this powerful. They attacked him together yet this guy could defeat them easily.

"What the heck?!" Leone wanted to complain to her boss to not give the exact information about Haru.

They felt the thread from Lubbock's Teigu, which was stolen by Haru, make them trapped in this thread cage.

They looked at Haru and knew that Haru's power was at least at the same level as General Budo who was the strongest general in the Empire.

"You know I can kill you anytime, right?" Haru smiled and said, "I don't even need to use all of my power to do that." If he wanted to kill them then he could press them using his gravity magic made them unable to move and made them into a meat paste easily. He could also send a barrage of lasers toward them using his light magic.

Haru didn't think to use his "pleasure magic" since he knew that all of the people in this place were v.i.r.g.i.ns and his magic was quite troublesome to be used on v.i.r.g.i.ns. Even though it was possible, the effect wasn't good enough since they hadn't tasted the act of pleasure.

Haru looked at the female members in the Night Raid and had to admit that they were very beautiful.

No one said anything at this moment and waited for Haru to say something since two of the members of Night Raid were in the hand of Haru.

Haru was the one who was holding the option in this battle. He raised two of his fingers and said, "Two options..."

Everyone raised their eyebrows when they heard his voice.

"Leave the Teigu or the girls," Haru said with a gentle smile at them, but this smile didn't even seem gentle in their eyes.

"You!?" Bulat was angry when he heard Haru's words. The good impression on his head had disappeared instantly when he heard Haru's words. He charged directly toward Haru with an intention to save his comrades and defeated Haru in this battle.

Sheele, Akame, and Leone also followed behind Bulat to save both Lubbock and Mine who was trapped by Haru.

However, suddenly something unexpected happened.

Mine grabbed her Pumpkin and shot her Teigu toward the four of them.

*BOOM!!* *BOOM!!*

Mine kept shooting and one of the shots hit Bulat who was charging toward them.

Bulat was shot and he was thrown to the ground making a big crater. He felt his entire body hurt after he was shot.

Sheele, Akame, and Leone stopped moving toward Haru to check whether Bulat was alright.

Bulat raised his body weakly and shouted loudly, "Mine, why?!" He didn't expect Mine to suddenly shoot himself.

"N - Not me! My body moved by itself!" Mine said hurriedly toward Bulat with a worried expression. She felt a sense of guilt and helplessness when she had to shoot her friend. Her body also trembled with anger with the thing that this young man had done to her.

The Pumpkin on her hands had felt a sense of crisis on Mine making the firepower of this Teigu stronger.

Haru who had just grabbed Cross Tail from Lubbock and he could only do a simple thing with this Teigu, but it was enough to control Mine to shoot her Teigu toward the four of them. If he was given time to train then he could do a lot of things with this Teigu.

He had always felt that Lubbock was too wasteful to use this Teigu.

Just look at both Dofflamingo and Spider-Man who is also a thread user. Both of them have used their thread power in very creative ways.

However, Lubbock is different.

Haru remembered that Lubbock used this Teigu to pretend to die or make a spear. He wanted to sigh when he saw the original story and thought that he should take this Teigu for himself.

Lubbock, who was trapped by Haru, didn't expect his Teigu to be able to do this.

Mine couldn't turn toward Haru, but she shouted angrily toward him. "You bastard?! Just kill me! Or I'll kill you?!"

Haru who sat down on the thread moved his five fingers slightly and made Mine who was on the ground move toward him. He placed her on his lap while hugging her waist and placed his head on her shoulders. "You're very cute when you're angry."

"You...?!" Mine said angrily while blushing since the distance between the two of them was very close,

"Well, calm down for a while, I'll talk with your friends," Haru said and took Mine's Teigu in her hands with a thread.

Everyone looked at Haru and wondered what this guy wanted to do now.