Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 507

Volume 1 Chapter 507 Watch Me Watch Me

Haru could catch all of them and gave them to the government but he wouldn't do that.

Well, why should we do that? To become general? To achieve something? To get more money?

Everything would turn useless once Esdeath came back to the Capital.

Haru had been lying to everyone that he was Esdeath's husband and once that woman came back he wasn't sure how everyone would react.

It would be best if no one knew, but he knew that it was quite impossible. Unless that Esdeath really wanted him to become her husband, but he knew that the possibility was quite slim. He wasn't that narcissistic enough to think that every woman would fall in love with him. If there was a given time then it might be possible, but once Esdeath knew that he had been using her name before he made her fall in love then everything would be game over.

Haru also didn't want such a troublesome woman to fall in love with him. He suddenly thought that it might be good to trap her somewhere so she wouldn't bother with his plan. 'Well, I'm not in a hurry.'

"What do you want?" Akame asked.

"I'll release both of them once you have killed Iokal for me," Haru said. He knew that Iokal had a party tonight and he was sure that there would be a lot of girls dead under his hands with his new bodyguards. He didn't want to dirty his hands and decided to use the Night Raid to kill that pig for world peace.

They knew who Iokal was since that guy was the prime minister's relative and that person was also on their target.

"You should be in a hurry or else Iokal might kill all the girls in his house," Haru said.

"Iokal...." Leone muttered and asked, "Isn't that your best friend? That person is also the one who has helped to become the Imperial Police? Why do you want to kill him? Do you want to betray the Empire?"

"Don't ask too many questions." Haru stopped Leone and said, "Just hurry up and do it then, I'll release both of them."


Sheele suddenly raised her hand and asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." Haru nodded.

"You're not going to do anything to Mine, right?" Sheele asked.


Everyone looked at Haru this time. They could see him hugging Mine intimately and seemed to like Mine for some reason.

Haru blinked his eyes then looked at Mine who had an angry and blush on her face clearly expressed to let her go. "Well, I'm quite bored here. Let her stay here for a while since she can become my chat friend." He thought that Mine was a bit similar to Sora and he kind of missed Sora since he had stayed here quite long.

"Who wants to talk to you?!" Mine said angrily.

"If you're worried then you don't need to worry since there is this green-haired one who is going to observe me, right?" Haru asked while controlling Lubbock with his Teigu.

Lubbock, who was being controlled by Haru, nodded after hearing Haru's question.

Haru thought for a while and tried to do a lot of things on Lubbock with his Teigu.

Lubbock suddenly did a moonwalk trying to mimic Michael Jackson.

Haru thought that it would be perfect if there was a song here. He released the cage around the area and said, "Go. The faster you do it the faster I'll release them."

Bulat, Akame, Leone, and Sheele looked at each other before they went out together to assassinate Iokal.

Haru jumped down from the thread while holding Mine in his hand.

Lubbock closed his eyes and had given up at that moment. He knew that it was better to not do anything since he might be killed if he pissed Haru.

Mine also didn't say anything and looked at Haru angrily.

"You're okay with me hugging you?" Haru asked.

"Ha? Of course not?! If you're not controlling my body with a thread who wants to get close to you?!" Mine said angrily.

Haru smiled and said, "I have released the thread from you though."


Mine was surprised then tried to move her hand and body. She could control her body and hurriedly moved away from him while looking at him warily.

Haru ignored Mine's gaze and took a chair and table in his courtyard. He took out a set of tea along with donuts from his body.


Mine and Lubbock who saw Haru's action had always been curious where that guy had been taking out a lot of things from his body. They saw the snacks on the table and couldn't help but gulp when they smelled a sweet aroma from it.

"Do you want it?" Haru asked at Mine.

"..." Mine was silent and afraid that there was poison.

Lubbock wanted to cry when he was ignored.

Haru shrugged his shoulders and ate the snacks with a happy expression. He also took out a music player and played music inside.

[BGM: Silento - Watch me!]

They heard an upbeat melodic sound from the strange thing on the table and knew that it was a song, but they had never heard this song. Even though they hated him, they felt that this song was interesting.

Haru played this song since he wanted to practice the Cross Tail on the Lubbock.

Lubbock thought that Haru was bored with him, but didn't expect Haru to play with him again.

"Now watch me whip (kill it!)."

"Now watch me nae nae (okay!)."

"Now watch me whip whip."

"Watch me nae nae (want me do it?)."

Lubbock danced and followed the music in the background.

"....." Mine was speechless with the thing that Haru did to Lubbock. She suddenly watched Lubbock's dance which was controlled by Haru.

"Do the stanky leg, do the stanky leg."

"Do the stanky leg, do the stanky leg."

Lubbock's legs moved strangely with a crying face.

'Is this a stanky leg?' Mine thought while looking at Lubbock.

"How? Interesting?" Haru asked with a smile.

"..." Mine looked at Haru who moved closer toward him. Even though she felt a bit hateful, she didn't any harm to talk with him.