Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 508

Volume 1 Chapter 508 Sleeping Early

Iokal who had a blast on his home torturing a group of girls with his bodyguard. He smiled lewdly while swinging down his whip, however, he didn't expect for someone to suddenly break into his house suddenly.

Akame, Bulat, Leone, and Sheele broke into Iokal's house and started their assassination right away.

Bulat charged in the front with his spear, stabbing it right into the head of the bodyguard who was busy torturing the girls who killed him instantly.

Leone was cruel and crashed the head of the bodyguard with her bare hands.

Sheele cut the bodyguard in half with her scissors in half easily.

Akame, who was the fastest of the four, killed two of the bodyguards easily with her katana.

The four of them then looked at Iokal who was in shock with the four of them.

Iokal saw how swift they were at killing the entirety of his bodyguards and wanted to threaten them using the name of the prime minister, but Sheele cut his head without mercy.

Sheele adjusted her glasses and asked, "Do you want to ask him something?"


Bulat, Akame, and Leone shook their heads at the same time.

"Let's go back," Bulat said. He was worried about Lubbock and Mine.

They nodded and went back to Haru's house.

"Is that guy interested in Mine?" Leone suddenly asked that question.


Everyone was silent when they heard Leone's question, but it was normal when they thought about Haru's action who hugged Mine intimately.

"Well, let's just hurry up and go back." Bulat had a serious expression on his face and said, "I won't forgive him if he does something to her though."

They nodded and went back as soon as possible to Haru's house, but they didn't expect to hear a strange song and saw Lubbock who was doing strange dancing, but strangely interesting in the center with Haru and Mine who seemed to discuss something.


This strange scene made them unsure what to say at this moment.

"Oppa Gangnam Style."

"Eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh."

"Eh, s.e.xy lady."

"Op, op, op, op."

"Oppa Gangnam Style."

Lubbock was crying being played by Haru, but he had to admit that his body also wanted to dance when he heard the song. His eyes brightened up when he saw his comrades had come back.

"Oh, you have come back," Haru said and looked at the four of them. "Done?"

"Done," Akame answered simply.

Haru nodded and said, "You can go back. I've released them."

Lubbock suddenly could control his body and hurriedly ran toward them. He didn't even say anything to Haru and he also didn't ask him whether he could ask for his Teigu back since it was basically impossible. He could see that Haru really liked the Teigu that had been stolen by him.

"Go," Haru said while looking at Mine.

Mine nodded and said, "Give me back my Teigu."

"No." Haru shook his head.

"What? Why?" Mine asked. She felt good chatting with him, but she didn't expect this guy to turn very hateful suddenly.

"If you decide to come with me then I don't mind giving your Teigu back," Haru said.

Mine shook her head hurriedly even though she had a good impression of him, but it didn't mean that she would give up her place. "No!" She looked at him and asked, "How about you?"

"What?" Haru asked.

"You don't have that much loyalty to the Empire, right? Why don't you go to the revolutionary army?" Mine asked.

"......." Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw Mine invite Haru.

Haru shook his head and said, "You don't need to know. Just go back."

"Then give me back my Teigu! What I'm going to use when then?" Mine asked.

"Here." Haru took out a gun and rifle to Mine. "Use it for work."

Mine felt that the weapon was a bit heavy for her.

Haru also noticed it and threw the weapon toward Bulat. "Catch it." He thought to give Mine a gun since everyone in this place had always been using a bow for long-range combat. He really didn't understand the heads of people in this world why they would use a bow when there was a gun, missile, and a lot of modern weapons and that was why he gave some of his gun collection to Mine.

Bulat caught it by reflex and felt strange when he saw Haru give the weapon to Mine.

"I won't give your weapon back," Haru said with a serious expression and put some pressure toward them. "Just go or I'll kill all of you here."

"......." Everyone turned serious and unconsciously took out their weapons when they felt pressure from Haru's bodies. They didn't realize that their forehead was full of sweat at this moment.

Mine bit her lips and turned. "Let's go."

"Good." Haru smiled and crossed his arms while looking at them.

Everyone went back to their hiding place together. They ran out together hurriedly since they had taken more time than they had thought. They felt safe when they had almost reached their headquarters and some of them couldn't help but ask some questions.

Leone ran beside Mine and asked, "You seem very close to him."

"Shut up!" Mine said angrily.

"What dance did you do earlier?" Bulat asked Lubbock.

"......" Lubbock wanted to shout shut up, but he knew that he couldn't do it.


Haru didn't go back to his house directly but went to Iokal's house while using his light magic to make himself invisible. He entered Iokal's house and saw the six dead bodies on the ground. He saw that Iokal's head was cut and thought that this was done by Sheele. He looked at two bodies which were turned into black, purple, and blue color and thought that it was done by Akame. He also looked at the other bodies killed by either Leone, Bulat, or Sheele.

Haru shook his head and went back to his house. He knew that he would be busy tomorrow and that was why he decided to sleep early.