Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 509

Volume 1 Chapter 509 Bad Guy?

"Everyone!" Tatsumi looked very relieved when he saw everyone had come back safely. He had always been waiting in the hiding place since he was too weak. He wanted to complain, but he knew that his strength wasn't enough and that was why he was worried when he saw them come back very late. He looked at them and asked, "Isn't it a very easy mission?"


Everyone rolled their eyes when they heard Tatsumi's question. 'Easy mission?' They wanted to smack the one who told them that it was a very easy mission.

"How?" Najenda also came out since she was also worried when she saw them didn't come back as soon as possible.

"Let's talk inside," Bulat said since he knew that it would take a very long time to explain what was happening to them.

Najenda nodded and said, "Good, let's go." She was a bit curious about what was really happening to them.


Najenda sat down on her seat while listening to Bulat who started his story. She frowned when she heard about Haru's power and it became worse when she heard that two of Teigu were stolen by Haru.

However, the most shocked one was when they told her the power of Haru was at least at the same level as the General Budo.

"Really?" Najend asked.

"Really, Boss! You don't know when he pressures us with his momentum....." Leone shuddered and said, "It feels like he is an apex predator." She looked at her boss with a serious expression and said, "He can kill us anytime if he wants."

"But he didn't do that." Najenda looked at them and said, "He has let all of you go."


They nodded in response. They were grateful when they knew that Haru wasn't an enemy.

"Then, is it possible to invite him?" Najenda asked. She thought it would be good if such a powerful young man was able to join them.

"Is that alright? I have heard that he is a corrupt Imperial Police officer in the Capital," Tatsumi said with a curious expression.

'The corrupt Imperial Police.'

That sentence wasn't wrong since Haru was a really corrupt police officer since he had gotten a lot of money from a businessman and rich people.

"He only targets the bad guy one," Mine said.


Bulat, Leone, Akame, and Sheele looked at Mine since this girl had been with Haru for a while when they had left her to assassinate Iokal.

"That's right, what have you been doing with him?" Leone moved closer and wrapped her arm around Mine's shoulder with a teasing smile.

"W - What are you saying?!" Mine blushed when she heard such a question.

"What do you mean?" Najenda asked while raising her eyebrow.

"He seems to like Mine for some reason." Lubbock, who had been silent, said with a depressed tone. His Teigu had gone and he saw his comrade being flirted with by the enemy. No one would blame him if he was depressed.

"Mine, tell us, what has happened between the two of you," Najenda said with a serious expression. She thought that she would be able to understand Haru since it was very important information.

Everyone also looked at Mine with a serious expression, but some of them had a teasing smile such as Leone.

"..." Mine who was being gazed at by everyone felt uncomfortable and blushed at the same time.

"Mine, you're not going to betray us, right?" Najenda asked.

"Of course not!" Mine hurriedly shook her head. She had always been bullied because she had the blood of half a foreigner and she supported the revolutionary army because she wanted to live in a world where there wasn't any discrimination. "We didn't talk much, but..."


"He praised my hair," Mine said while blushing.


"Hair? You're happy just because he has praised your hair?" Tatsumi couldn't understand why Mine would be happy with such a thing.

"What do you mean? You don't understand how I have suffered because of this hair!" Mine was mad when she heard Tatsumi's words. Her childhood was very bad and she had suffered a lot because of her hair, but it was her first time for someone to praise her hair for being beautiful.

"Ha? You're like a child!" Tatsumi was also annoyed being complained about by Mine.

"You're a child!?" Mine is also mad at Tatsumi.

Both of them started to argue with each other while arguing with each other.

Sheele moved behind Mine and Bulat moved behind Tatsumo to stop both of them from each other.

Najenda only sighed looking at the two children in front of her.

"Boss, you can see that Mine has fallen for that guy with us just leaving her for a short time." Leone had a serious expression on her face and said, "That guy is really skillful at making a female fall in love!"

Najenda raised her eyebrow and asked, "Is he really that great?"

"You should see him yourself, Boss." Leone sighed and said, "Even Bulat couldn't help but love him."

"I don't love him!" Bulat denied it hurriedly with a blush. "I thought his face was nice, but that guy is very bad." He shook his head when he remembered that guy had asked for their Teigu and the girls in their group.


Lubbock and Tatsumi hurriedly moved back slowly when they saw Bulat's reaction, but they also thought that it was good to know that Haru also received a misfortune.

Najenda nodded and said, "Well, I'm also curious about him, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to meet him now." She looked at Lubbock and Mine who had lost their Teigu and thought to add another helper for their group.

"Boss, do you think that he really isn't Esdeath's husband?" Leone asked.

Najenda hurriedly shook her head and said, "No, that's impossible." She didn't think there was a possibility for Esdeath to have a husband. "Anyway, we know that this Kasugano Haruka isn't an enemy and it is better to stay away from him."

They nodded in response.

They continued to talk about their target for the following days along with Najenda's plan to visit the revolutionary army headquarters.

Najenda suddenly remembered something and said, "That's right, we have another mission."

"Who is the target?"

Everyone had become serious when they heard it.

"This one." Najenda put a poster on the table and showed the picture of their target.

"Zanku the Beheader."