Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1 Chapter 51 New Feature And Reward

Haru wasn't sure but both Yajima, Tsunade, and Gintoki looked at him with a strange expression, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing!!!" Three of them said at the same time.

Kuroneko yawned since she was still sleepy.

Haru shook his head and looked at the group chat.

[Congratulations for completing the first quest!]

[You will receive your rewards after you come back to your world]

[New features will be added to the group chat]

[Do you want to come back? Yes/No]

They looked at each other and nodded.

"Thank you, Tsunade, I'm happy for your hospitality," Haru said.

Tsunade nodded, "You can play anytime."

"Yeah, I play when I'm bored," Gintoki said.

"Hmm, I need to prepare for this year's Grand Magic Games," Yajima said.

"Grand Magic Tournament?" Tsunade asked.

Yajima nodded, "This is a big event in our country, you should see it."

"How about we join this tournament?" Kuroneko suddenly asked.

Yajima nodded, "I've also thought about it but our members are too low, we need more people to enter."

"Don't worry, we will get another member after this," Haru said.

"Another member, eh? I can't wait for that," Gintoki said.

"We will play again next time," Haru said.

"Oh, I've also wanted to play in your world," Tsunade said.

"Sure, I welcome everyone," Haru nodded.

They talked for a while and pressed [Yes] on the group chat.

Suddenly white light engulfed them and they teleported back to their own world.


Haru was a bit dizzy and he looked around. He had come back to his room and looked at the time and nothing had changed. He looked at his phone since there was a notification.

[Congratulations! The new features have been added.]

["Store" has been added to the group chat]

Haru looked at the 'Store' and saw a lot of things were sold in this store. He was a bit amazed since he saw a serum of Captain America, chakra, devil fruit, martial arts, etc. He saw that the price was also amazing at the same time.

Kuroneko: "Wow, this 'Store' feature is amazing."

Gintoki: "Devil fruit? I will become the next pirate king!"

Tsunade: "I wonder if there is the ability of gambling."

Yajima: "I've pressed the random reward and it's quite a strange reward, what did you get?"

Haru: "What kind of reward did you get?" He was curious since he said that it was a strange reward.

Yajima: "I've got this Coco Jumbo." He answered and sent the picture to everyone.

Everyone saw a picture of a small land turtle whose main characteristic is a key-shaped hole on top of its shell.

Tsunade hurriedly replied, "What kind of turtle is this?"

Yajima also answered, "Hmm, this turtle can become a safe room and hidden room."

Haru understood that it was a turtle from Jojo Vento Aureo. He was a bit surprised since Yajima got quite a good prize from the random reward. He knew that Coco Jumbo had a stand that named Mr. President.

Mr. President grants a supernatural ability to Coco Jumbo and, as such, it doesn't have a conventional appearance. It is, however, linked to a unique location accessed with an ornate key embedded within a transparent precious stone.

The room created by Mr.President resembles that of a hotel room, containing several pieces of comfortable furniture, a functioning television set and a refrigerator holding drinks. It does not, however, include a bathroom.

Haru started to reply, "This is a good reward."

Kuroneko suddenly wrote, "I've got a free ticket to go to the other world."

Gintoki also said the same thing, "Yeah, I've gotten 1000 points."

Tsunade also replied, "Hmm, how to say, I've got A-Rank Riding Ability."

Haru was surprised and she got such an ability. He knew that it was a skill from the Fate/Series and to have A-Rank Ability could make her ride anything as long as she wanted. He was a bit envious of that kind of ability since it was very useful.

Kuroneko hurriedly replied, "I'm envious!!!!"

Gintoki also did the same, "This is not fair!!!"

Both of them had only gotten such an ability and couldn't use it for battle. They thought that they would get Logia Devil Fruit, Zanpakuto, or Nen ability was better. But they had only gotten such a thing. They could only lament their luck in this situation.

Haru also replied, "Don't worry, you can buy an ability from the store."

Yajima also said, "That's true, there is a lot of ability, but the price is a bit exaggerated."

Tsunade was a bit stupefied: "Hmm, it's better to share rather than buy it alone." She didn't expect the price of the thing that was sold in the store to be very steep.

Haru answered, "Those abilities are very powerful, don't underestimate them."

Kuroneko, who had been reading the chat, decided to ask, "What kind of reward did you get? @Haru"

Gintoki also asked, "Yeah, what did you get? @Haru?"

Haru answered, "I'm not open it yet, let me check it." He wanted something that increased his stamina or strength. For example, the serum of Captain America or Avalon.

Tsunade said, "Hurry up and open it."

Yajima said, "Yeah, I'm a bit curious."

Haru looked at the random reward and started to open it. He saw that the reward started to roll and he looked at it with a calm expression. He knew that it was random and he couldn't control it. He was waiting for a while until he saw his reward.

"Hmm? Sticky Fingers?"