Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 510

Volume 1 Chapter 510 Severed Head

Seryu Ubiquitous is a member of the Imperial Police. She is a young woman with a strong (and twisted) sense of justice. She is also the owner of the Teigu, "Hekatonkheires".

Seryu had been very depressed when her parents had died, but she still had her teacher, Captain Ogre, but she didn't expect her teacher to have also died too.

"I can't always be sad!" Seryu said with a cheerful tone and clenched her hands tightly. Her expression turned cruel and said, "Everything is Night Raid's fault!" She needed to uphold justice in the Empire with her power.

"Wan! Wan!" The little dog on her legs seemed to try climb on Seryu's legs.

"That's right, Coro! We have to go to Captain Ogre's wife!" Seryu only remembered and picked Coro on her arm before going to Ogre's house. Captain Ogre had died, and she thought at least decided to protect Ogre's wife. She moved very fast running toward Ogre's house.


Seryu had arrived and knocked on the door of Ogre's house before she saw Ogre's wife in front of her. "What's wrong, Mam?" She could see that Ogre's wife was very sad at that moment.

"Seryu, please help me!" Ogre's wife seemed to sob when she asked for this request.

"Mam, please tell me! Captain Ogre was my teacher! I'll help you in place of Captain Ogre!" Seryu couldn't let Ogre's wife be sad and she thought the one who had made Ogre's wife was a villain. She would do anything to catch this villain.

"Seryu, thank you... You're the only one that can help me," Ogre's wife said with a moved expression.

'Don't worry, Mam! Please tell me what I can do for you," Seryu said while hitting her chest trying to reassure her.

Ogre's wife seemed to be quite hesitant and said, "Seryu, do you know Captain Haru?"

"Captain Haru?" Seryu nodded and said, "I know him. I have seen him in the past, but we have never talked." She looked at Ogre's wife and asked, "What's wrong with Captain Haru?"

"Seryu, do you know that Captain Haru is a bad guy?" Ogre's wife said with a sad expression.

"What? What do you mean?" Seryu was surprised when she heard it.

"Captain Haru has stolen a lot of wealth from our house. That Captain Haru stole the money of Captain Ogre for me," Ogre's wife said while crying.

"Is that true?" Seryu asked.

Ogre's wife nodded and said, "Yes! His subordinates came yesterday to steal all of Ogre's wealth and leave me with nothing." She cried harder when she told Seryu about her experience yesterday.

Seryu listened with a serious expression and didn't realize that Haru didn't take Ogre's house which was a very large house in the area of rich people. She seemed to believe what Ogre's wife told her was the truth. She stood up and said with a serious expression, "Captain Haru is criminal! I'll catch him for you, Mam!"

"Thank you, Seryu. You're the one who can help me now," Ogre's wife said with a happy smile.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him, Mam!" Seryu said and talked with Ogre's wife for a while before she went out of Ogre's house to visit the office. She didn't meet with Haru immediately since she also heard the rumor about the serial killer that had been roaming around the Capital. She wanted to check whether the office had the information about this criminal since she wanted to bring justice and kill this person.

Ogre's wife who saw Seryu had come out changed her expression into hate and wanted Haru to pay a price for what he had done to her. She also hated her husband who left her with an enemy, and it was very lucky that they didn't take all of the wealth which was owned by Ogre.


Haru was quite busy since early in the morning since Iokal had been found dead. Of course, he wouldn't acknowledge that he was the one who had ordered the Night Raid to assassinate Iokal for him. He came to Iokal's house and seemed to be very sad while also stating that he would definitely catch the Night Raid who had assassinated Iokal. There was also the rumored serial killer who had appeared in the Capital. He thought to search for this serial killer tonight since he couldn't let for the Night Raid to assassinate this serial killer.

Haru thought that he would never become a policeman in his original world since this profession made him really busy.

Haru went back to his office and saw a young woman with a long ponytail and a little dog beside her. He saw her seeming to read information about the serial killer on board. He didn't intend to talk to her and went back to his office to take a nap until a night before he started to hunt.

"Wan!" The little dog barked with a soft voice while looking at the back of Haru until it saw him disappear into his office.

"What's wrong, Coro?" Seryu looked at her Teigu and picked it up. "Let's catch this criminal!"

"Wan!" The little dog nodded when it heard its master's voice.


"Please don't kill me!"

"Hehehe, but it is your fault to walk around in front of my place," the man with a strange thing on his said to the man in front of him.

The man couldn't say anything when the man in front of him uttered those words, but he kept pleading this man to not kill him. "I'll do anything! Just don't kill me!"

"Really?" The man smiled and asked, "Then can you tell me how it feels to have your head severed from your body? Does it hurt?"


The man with a strange thing on his head smiled and let go of the severed head in his hand. "So who is the next target?"