Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 511

Volume 1 Chapter 511 You Have Helped Me?

Seryu was patrolling around the Capital during the night along with Coro. "We have to catch this criminal, Coro!"

"Wan!" Coro nodded while walking on Seryu's side.

"We'll also catch Captain Haru after we have caught the criminal," Seryu said.

"Wan!" Coro nodded once again.

They moved around the town and met a lot of criminals along the way, but Seryu only asked Coro to eat the criminal since she didn't want to waste time. She knew that the time that she wasted would be used by the serial killer to do something unjust to a lot of people and knew that she couldn't let that happen.

With Captain Ogre gone from this world, she was the only one who was able to keep the peace in the Capital.

They continued to walk until they saw a familiar figure. They saw a large muscular man with black hair that was graying near his temples.

This man had an unusual hairstyle with four ponytails or braids on the back of his head wrapped in white cloth.

Seryu looked at this man and shouted excitedly. "Captain Ogre!" She hurriedly ran toward her teacher and smiled happily. "Captain Ogre! You're still alive!" She didn't know how Captain Ogre was still alive, but she was very happy when she could see her teacher once again. She saw this man turn and she was sure that this man was her teacher. "Teacher!"

Captain Ogre smiled when he saw Seryu, but suddenly the dog on Seryu's side stopped in front of Seryu.

"Wan! Wan!" Coro barked loudly.

"What's wrong, Coro?" Seryu was surprised when she saw Coro bark loudly.

"Hehehe, your dog is really fierce," Captain Ogre smiled then suddenly he transformed into someone else.

Seryu saw a large man, but this man had a different feature, but the most noticeable feature of this man was a strange accessory on his forehead. She had seen this man before in the office from the warrant poster in the office before. "Zanku The Beheader." Her expression turned serious when she saw the face of this man.

"Hehehe, that's right! I'm your friend's neighbor executioner, Zanku! Mrs. Police, why don't you let me cut down your neck? I'm very skilled at cutting someone's neck," Zanku said with a creepy smile while showing her two blades on his hands.

"Hehehe....." Seryu also laughed creepily and said, "Coro, we're in luck! We have found the criminal!"

"Wan! Wan!" Coro also seemed to be very happy when it heard its master's words.

"Have you ever tasted the meat of the serial killer? I'll feed it to you later," Seryu said.

"Wan! Wan!" Coro nodded.

Zanku frowned when he saw that he was being ignored. He saw this young woman might have something wrong with her head.

If Seryu had heard what Zanku was thinking then she would refute it immediately since Zanky was also a very weird guy.

"Well, whatever, I'll be enjoying my time killing you, Mrs. Police!" Zanku charged toward Seryu with his blades ready to slash her neck.

"Coro!" Seryu shouted.

"Wan!" Coro, which was a small dog suddenly turned itself into a large creepy monster showing sharp fangs along with its muscular body.

"Wow! You're also a Teigu user!" Zanku was surprised and smiled. "This is my first time killing a Teigu user!" He was more excited when he was able to kill the Teigu user in front of him.

Coro which had turned into a monster charged toward Zanku wanted to kill him, but Zanku could dodge the attack of this monster easily without the problem.

"Useless! Useless! In front of the power of the Spectator, all of your attacks are useless! I can read all of your attacks!" Zanku who saw a chance to counterattack used that chance to slash the neck of Coro before moving toward Seryu.

Seryu had taken out her two guns and shot its bullet toward Zanku. "Die! Die! Die!" Her expression had become very crazy to show how powerful her sense of justice was. She needed to kill this criminal for the peace of the Capital.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

"Useless! Useless! I can read your entire mind!" Zanku said while dodging Seryu's attack. "With this Spectator, I can read everything!"

"You have talked too much!" Seryu was quite annoyed and shouted, "Coro!"

"RAAWRR!!!" Coro which neck had been slashed, had regenerated and opened its mouth to chomp down Zanku.

"Like I said..." Zenku dodged once again and said with a laugh, "Useless! I can read all of your attacks! Shoot towards the head! The leg! The heart! I can read everything and your attack is useless!"

Seryu who was fighting against Zenku realized how powerful the guy was in front of her. She knew that the thing on that guy's forehead was a Teigu.

"You seem to be interested in my Teigu? That's right! I have been using my Teigu to read all of your attacks! With this Teigu, it is impossible to kill me! You'll be killed instead! Ahh... I can't wait to see you, how you will die," Zanku said loudly.

"You're talking too much!" Seryu didn't stop shooting her gun.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Coro also attacked the man at the same time, but Zanku could easily dodge the combination attack of both Seryu and Coro.

"Hehehe, talking is a hobby of mine!" Zanku said. He smiled and said, "Then let's see what your expression is when you're being killed by your loved one!"

Seryu who saw Zanku suddenly saw Zanku turned into her father. She was quite stunned when she saw her father suddenly appear there.

"Seryu! For justice, you need to die!"

Seryu was pushed to the ground and saw her father who wanted to kill him. She raised her gun and shot her father. "I'll kill anyone for justice!"

"Ah....." Zanku didn't expect Seryu to kill him when he had turned himself to her father then dropped on the ground.

"Eh? Has he been killed?" Seryu seemed to be stupified when she saw Zanku had died since she felt that it was too easy. Then suddenly she saw someone jump out from the rooftop and took Zanku's Teigu. She was familiar with this young man and asked, "You're the one who has helped me?"

'Eh?' Haru was a bit surprised by Seryu's question since he didn't do anything, but he nodded with a serious expression. "Be careful next time."

Seryu felt quite complex when she knew that one who had pushed her teacher and made the wife of her teacher suffer had helped her.

Haru didn't care much and only thought about what to do with this Teigu.