Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 512

Volume 1 Chapter 512 Close To Usurp The Empire

Haru who had just arrived in the battle between Seryu and Zanku saw the death of Zanku. He took Zanku's Teigu and didn't bother to fix the misunderstanding between him and Seryu. He looked at the Teigu in his hand and knew that it was quite useful Teigu.

Even though this Teigu might have a bad design, its function was very good.

Haru remembered that it could create an illusion on someone and it also could be used to read the mind of someone. It could also be used to see during the dark and fog. However, he felt that it was better to give this Teigu to the Empire since it was impossible to steal it. Even though he wanted to steal it, he knew that this information would be announced to everyone in the Capital and the prime minister would also know about it.

Teigu is a very powerful weapon and each of them is very precious.

Haru sighed when he thought that Esdeath would come back from her campaign soon and his identity would be revealed soon. He started to wonder whether he would start to join the Night Raid after his identity became known.

Seryu looked at the back of Haru and felt a bit complex, but her feeling didn't change. She needed to uphold justice for Ogre's wife.


Haru who was in his office the next day had been summoned by the prime minister. It was his first time to see this person who was known as the true ruler of this Empire.

Everyone in the Capital knew that the prime minister had manipulated the little emperor.

Haru looked at the castle of the Capital and had to admit that it was a very enormous castle. He entered the castle and could feel a lot of people had been observing him from a hiding place. He thought that it would be an assassin who was hired to protect this place.

"Captain Haru?"

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"Please, follow me to meet the prime minister."

"Good." Haru nodded and followed this person to a very luxurious room.

There were ten people standing side by side who seemed to look at Haru with a curious expression. They had heard the husband of Esdeath would come today and they felt a bit curious. It was their first time seeing him, but they didn't expect that his appearance would be very good. They had to admit that this person was very suitable to become Esdeath's husband.

Haru ignored the 10 people in front of them and focussed more on the man who was sitting on the luxurious chair while munching meat. He knew that this meat was meat from a Danger Beast. He wanted to frown when he saw how crude it was for the chef to prepare such high-quality meat into such crude meat.

"Hohoho, it is our first time meeting each other, right? Haru, I have heard that Esdeath has massacred 400,000 people in the North, isn't it because of you?" Honest smiled looking at Haru.


Haru was speechless when he heard it. If Esdeath was really his wife then he would be really troubled at this moment, but Esdeath wasn't his wife. He could only laugh awkwardly when he heard Honest and said, "Yes, it is our first time meeting the other prime minister." He was an actor and of course, he needed to give the best performance.

"You're really good! You have killed Zanku the Beheader," Honest said praising him.

"It's something that I must to do to maintain the peace in the Capital," Haru said even though he wasn't the one who killed Zanku. He took out the Teigu that he had gotten from Zanku and said, "Prime minister, this is the Teigu that I have gotten from Zanku." He showed the Zanku's Teigu to the prime minister in his hand. "If I'm not wrong the name of this Teigu is the Spectator."

Honest waved his hand and said, "You don't need to explain that Teigu since I know its function. You can have that Teigu yourself since we need someone as strong as you to maintain the peace in the Capital, especially from the Night Raid." His expression turned into anger and said, "I have to give them revenge after what they have done to my cousin!"

Haru looked at Honest's flabby stomach which was moving around when Honest uttered those words, but he didn't say anything since he was the one who had asked the Night Raid to assassinate Iokal. He was wondering what Honest's expression was when they knew that he was the one who had ordered the Night Raid to assassinate Iokal. He nodded and said, "Yes, Sir. I won't let them go rampant on the Capital."

Honest smiled and said, "That's good! I'll also make you become the Chief of the Imperial Police in the Capital." He knew that Haru was very strong since Haru was able to kill Zanku and with his special identity as Esdeath's husband. He didn't think that it was a wrong decision and it was also good to make both Esdeath and Haru loyal to him. He couldn't help but laugh inwardly when he thought how powerful he would become when both Haru and Esdeath would be his strongest allies and no one would dare to question her control over the Empire.

Haru was surprised when he heard that he would become the Chief of the Imperial Police. He didn't expect that he had become closer to usurping the Empire for himself. He looked at Honest and thought that this guy wasn't that smart. He nodded and said, "I won't let you down, Sir."

Honest smiled and said, "That's good, I've also called back Esdeath from the North to help you." He raised his pinky and raised his eyebrows in a playful manner. "I'm sure that you can't wait for her to come back, right?"


Haru choked when he heard that Esdeath would come back soon. He felt his good day would be over soon. He wanted to cry at this moment, but he nodded with his brightest smile. "Yes, I can't wait to see her."

Honest nodded when he saw Haru's smile and thought that this guy really loved Esdeath. He also knew that Haru was coming to the Capital because Haru wanted to stand up in the same standing as his wife and his choice to make him into the Chief of the Imperial Police would make both husband and wife very happy together.