Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 513

Volume 1 Chapter 513 Captain Haru Come Out From Your House

Haru walked back to his house while using the Teigu that he had gotten from before. He used his Teigu and could see a lot of women who were only using a garment without clothes. He knew that he could use this Teigu perfectly and this Teigu was quite good Teigu in this opinion.

He thought to go back to his house as soon as possible since he wanted to try to use more than three Teigu at the same time.

He had become the reincarnation of Asura Ootsuki and made his energy very large close to limitless. He also received a reward that transformed himself into the same body as Aquaman making his energy stronger.

He felt that Teigu was very good and it was a very practical weapon.

The moment, he had come back to his house he felt that he had received another headache. "Esdeath..." He had to admit that Esdeath was very beautiful, but to make her into a wife was another matter. He had decided to become Esdeath's husband because it made it easier for him to infiltrate into the Empire, but it was different when Esdeath learned about this matter.

He was sure that there would be a very big fight happening when Esdeath knew about his lie. He remembered that to defeat Esdeath the revolutionary army needed to send out 1 million armies along with Akame who had made herself become stronger using a secret technique.

However, he knew that he had a high chance to defeat Esdeath since the power of that woman wasn't that strong compared to the monster in Toriko's world, but Esdeath really had a higher chance to become stronger since that woman had a talent.

He was sure that Esdeath would become very strong once that woman was given a chance to go to another world. Esdeath's strength didn't grow much because there wasn't any enemy who was able to give her a threat in this world.

He was in the underground part of his house and started to use the three Teigu that he had gotten.

Pumpkin, Cross Tail, and Spectator.

Haru didn't have a problem with manipulating the three Teigu at the same time, but he also understood why normal people would die from using a lot of Teigu at the same time since it consumed very large amounts of energy, but it was easy for him since the only thing that he didn't lack was energy.

Haru put the three Teigu inside his body and went to the kitchen to cook something since he was a bit hungry. He started to think about what to do with this Empire. He knew that from his meeting with the prime minister. He needed to kill that fat guy since that guy destroyed this country along with its people.

Haru thought that there were two people who were responsible for the Empire which was turned into this state.

The first was Honest prime minister and the second was general Budo.

Haru didn't need to explain what Honest had done to this country since that guy was utterly disgusting. He remembered that guy was also a cannibal who loved to eat the meat of a beautiful young girl. He couldn't help but felt disgusted with that guy and wanted to stay away from him as soon as possible.

What about General Budo?

General Budo was also responsible for the thing that had happened in the Empire because he did nothing.

That's right.

General Budo was responsible for the thing that had happened in this Empire because that guy did nothing. That guy did nothing even though he knew what Honest had done was wrong and let Honest to strengthen his power within the Empire without any obstacle.

Haru knew that he needed to end both of them soon since he needed to conquer the Empire, but first, he needed to take out two Teigu on their hands. He remembered that Honest and Budo had powerful Teigu.

Honest had a Teigu that was able to destroy another Teigu and Budo had a powerful Teigu that was able to control the lightning.

Haru also thought about the Teigu that was used by the prime minister's son and felt that he also needed that Teigu since that Teigu was really convenient. He remembered the Teigu of the prime minister's son was Teigu who was able to manipulate the space to teleport in a lot of places. He didn't have a chance right now, but he would have it after he had gotten him later.

Haru was cooking pasta since he was too lazy to cook something complicated. He didn't eat outside that much since he was very picky with his food. His mood was also quite complex since Esdeath would go back to the Capital soon.

Haru sighed once again since his position as Chief of Imperial Police might end soon.

Haru also made a meatball to accompany his pasta since he wanted to eat the meat from the Danger Beast. He really felt lonely at this moment and felt that it would be great if someone from the Group Chat accompanied him. He suddenly thought that it was possible to go to the headquarters of the Night Raid to eat together with them.

'Hmm, that's a good idea!'

Haru thought to go to the headquarters of the Night Raid and with his food, he believed that he could conquer Akame's stomach easily. He hurriedly cooked his food, but he didn't expect someone to suddenly scream his name in front of his house.

"Captain Haru, come out of your house! I'll bring you justice!"

"What?" Haru had done with his cooking and put down the fire on the stove then went out of his house. He saw a young woman with a little dog appeared in front of his house with an angry expression. "Officer Seryu, what's wrong?"