Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 515

Volume 1 Chapter 515 She Is Back...

It had been a few days since he had become the Chief of the Imperial Police and he already had a headache since he knew Esdeath would come back soon.

Haru was in his office thinking about how to solve this problem and also thinking about how he could become a king overthrowing the young emperor in this Empire.

The door of his office was opened suddenly when he was thinking deeply.

"Can you knock on the door first?" Haru asked.

Seryu rolled her eyes when she listened to Haru. She took out her report and said, "Chief Haru, you have received a lot of complaints from the noble and government because of the Night Raid."

"Just ignore them," Haru said while waving his hand. He didn't stop Night Raid who had been assassinating the sc.u.m in the Capital since it was better for those people to die rather than live in this world.

Seryu who had been with Haru for few days knew what this guy was thinking and she also didn't do anything when Night Raid had been assassinating the people in the Capital since they were only harming the bad people in this country. Her mood was slightly complex at first when she let the assassin group do whatever they wanted in the Capital, but when she thought the number of bad people decreased in this country she had decided to let them.

Seryu threw the report to the trash and said, "Anyway, you should do something since you might get demoted."

"....." Haru closed his eyes and thought that his problem was bigger than getting demoted from his position. He sighed and asked, "When does General Esdeath come back?"

Seryu seemed to be very spirited when Haru asked about this question. "I'm not sure, but I have heard that she will be coming very soon. Ahh... I have always wanted to meet her!"

Haru took Coro who was on the ground and placed in on his table while teasing it. "So you're one of her fans?" He knew that Seryu didn't know that he had lied that he was Esdeath's husband and he also didn't have an intention to tell her either. Even though his identity as an Esdeath's husband was an open secret, it didn't mean all of the people in the Empire knew about it. Only some selected people knew about it, but that identity would be revealed when Esdeath came back to the Capital.

Haru had taken a lot of money along with the information about important people on the Honest's side and took a lot of wealth from this country. It wouldn't be too late for him to run away from the Empire.

"Of course!" Seryu answered immediately, but she sighed when she thought that Esdeath was part of Honest's camp. She had read the information about Honest and knew that the prime minister was the main villain in the Empire.

"So what are you doing here?" Haru asked.

Seryu rolled her eyes and said, "I have a lot of reports for you to hear."

"Good, let's hear it," Haru said.

Seryu started to tell him about the slump since Haru had asked her to make the safety in the slump better and exhorted a lot of rich people in the Capital.

Haru nodded and thought that the position with power was quite nice and also understood why a lot of people wanted to raise their status in the Capital. After he had become a chief of Imperial Police, he understood a lot of things and also learned information that made the people puke immediately after they learned such a thing happening in this Empire.

Haru knew that the Empire had become rotten and that was why he was going to become the new emperor of this country. 'Empire, huh?'

"Chief Haru! Chief Haru! Are you listening to me?" Seryu called his name a lot of times while pouting.

Haru shook his head and said, "My bad. I didn't hear what you were talking about earlier."

"Mooo....! Please listen to me!" Seryu said while pouting.

"Wan! Wan!" Coro also tried to reprimand him.

Haru looked at Seryu and wondered whether this woman became more chummy with him. He wasn't sure what her expression was when she knew that he had lied. "Let's take a break, do you want to have food with me?"

"Food?" Seryu seemed to be excited when she heard it since she knew that Haru's cooking skill was very superb. "Are you the one who is going to cook?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yeah, let's go back to my house." He started to feel that he needed to be more responsible with his girls and also be more straight with his decision whether he wanted to continue his relationship with a girl or end his relationship with that girl.

"Good." Seryu nodded without hesitation.

Haru, Seryu, and Coro went back together while talking to each other.


The days passed slowly and the Night Raid kept assassinating the rich people who had done an evil thing to the people in the Capital.

Haru kept receiving complaints since he couldn't do anything to stop them. He kept telling Seryu to throw out the report to the trash and that made Seryu quite dissatisfied since she was the one who received the anger of the people, especially the people who were standing on the Honest's side since they were afraid of being assassinated by the Night Raid. The only good thing was that she could enjoy the food that was made by Haru everyday and she also thought that it was good to live with him.

Haru didn't know what Seryu was thinking and he also didn't care much since he had received news that General Esdeath had come back to the Capital.

The people of Honest were very happy when they heard the news that General Esdeath had come back after defeating the tribe on the North while also killing 400,000 people of the tribe.


Outside of the Capital, there was a tall, beautiful, and slender woman with long, light blue hair and blue eyes smiling looking at the Capital. No, the palace of the Capital. She was sitting on the top of the Danger Beast along with three people who were standing beside her.

"I'm back."