Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 516

Volume 1 Chapter 516 I Want A Love

The palace was in a festive mood, and there was a lot of beautiful music along with the people who were dancing in happiness with the back of the General Esdeath, especially the people from Honest's camp since they knew that they would be alright with the back of the strongest general in this country.

Esdeath kneeled on one knee facing the young emperor while also reporting her process of fighting against the tribe on the North of the Empire.

"General Esdeath, I commend you on your conquerment of the North! As a reward, I will prepare ten thousand gold pieces for you.

The little emperor said to the General Esdeath on the throne with the Honest prime ministers standing up beside him.

Honest was munching sushi since he was in the mood for seafood. Even though he was quite a glutton, no one dared to say anything when they saw him eating a bucket of sushi when the little emperor announced a reward to General Esdeath.

Esdeath didn't have that much of an interest in the reward since for her she was only hunting people who were harming the Empire. The weak dead and the strong was the winner that was all of them. She told the little emperor that she would give the reward to her army who was guarding the border.

"I know that you're quite tired, but I have also asked you to take care of the Night Raid who has been causing trouble in the Capital," the little emperor said.

"Please don't worry, I'll take care of them," Esdeath said. She thought about taking care of the Night Raid with her Three Beasts.

The little emperor nodded and seemed very satisfied when he heard Esdeath's reply. He thought for a while and asked, "Well, General Esdeath, do you have another request besides gold? I can prepare any reward that you want."

Honest also nodded since he knew that General Esdeath wouldn't threaten his authority.

"If possible, I would like to have one request," Esdeath said.

"Oh? Do you have one? Please tell me," the little emperor asked with a curious expression.

"Well, if I had to say then I would like to find love," Esdeath said while looking at the little emperor.


The little emperor was stunned and everyone who was standing beside them was also stunned when they heard the request of the Esdeath. They didn't expect someone as cruel and as strong as Esdeath would ask for love.

At this moment, no one knew what to say and they were too speechless to say anything.

That simple sentence brought a huge impact on everyone in this room.

Only Honest was smiling while eating as if everything was under his control.

The little emperor was quite stunned then he said, "T - That makes sense! You're very beautiful and it is normal for you to fall in love with someone! You're also at the age of marriage!" He thought for a while and said, "That's right! How about the prime minister? He is a very good man!"

The moment the little emperor started to say the situation turned into normal and the music which had stopped started being played again.

Honest was eating a cake right now since he craved something sweet. The speed of his eating was very fast as if he was drinking. He took a napkin and wiped his mouth before saying with a smile, "Emperor, General Esdeath should have her own requirement for her love."

"That's right." Esdeath nodded and looked at Honest for a while before saying, "The prime minister has high blood sugar and his future might not be guaranteed."

"That's rude! I'm as fit as a horse!" Honest replied.

"I have my requirements here," Esdeath said and took out a scroll from her uniform before giving it to the little emperor.

Honest thought that Esdeath was quite funny when this woman had decided to use the power of the Empire to search for Haru who had gone to the Capital to run away from her. He looked at Esdeath and thought that even the strongest and cruelest general also would fall in love. He chuckled when he thought about Haru's troubled expression before and thought that it would be fun to play a matchmaker between two of them.

They talked for a while before they ended the meeting shortly since Esdeath needed to make a plan to hunt the Night Raid.

The little emperor was reading the requirement that had been given by Esdeath. "First, it has the same power as general and can handle the training to become the general. Second, they can hunt a Danger Beast together. Third, bornt in the border and not in the Capital. Fourth, younger than her so she can control him. Lastly, has an innocent smile." He looked at Honest with a confused expression and asked, "Is there such a person in the Capital? The first request will make anyone run away. This requirement is very harsh!"

"Her request is very harsh because she is looking for someone," Honest said with a playful smile. "Of course, I know who exactly that person is."

'Esdeath, I know what you're thinking.'

Honest couldn't help but laugh when he remembered Iokal had told him about Haru who had a complaint about Esdeath to him while also crying asking Iokal to help him to become a general and it matched with Esdeath's first request.

Hunting for a Danger Beast together?

Honest knew that Haru could kill Zanku the Beheader using his bare-hand (Haru has concealed information that he didn't do anything before) and it should be easy for him to hunt a Danger Beast with Esdeath.

Born on the border?

Honest knew that Haru was born in the East, but Haru met Esdeath in the North.

Younger than her so she can dominate him?

Haru is running away because he is afraid of being dominated.

Pure smile?

Honest didn't know, but Haru was quite handsome and he also understood that Haru's smile would be very nice. He had seen everything and couldn't help but thought that it would be very good for both of them to become his strongest ally.

"Ah, the prime minister already knows who that person is?" The little emperor was surprised and curious.

"Of course." Honest nodded and said, "How about we call him here?"

"Yes, that's a good idea!" The little emperor said with a smile.


Haru had a headache when he received a report that the emperor and prime minister wanted to meet with him.

"Chief Haru, what's wrong? Do you need a doctor?" Seryu asked worriedly.

Haru shook his head and said, "Take care of the office, I'll go to the palace first." He stood up and thought that it wouldn't be too late to send out a meteor to the Capital.