Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 517

Volume 1 Chapter 517 Deeper Misunderstanding

Haru went to the palace directly and felt that the situation wasn't exactly what he had thought for. He looked at the little emperor and Honest who seemed to be smiling at each other when they saw him. He felt a bit strange, but he knew that his identity wasn't being known by them.

"Is this the man that general Esdeath is looking for?" The little emperor asked. It was his first time seeing Haru and he was wondering what kind of man could make the strongest general in the Empire fall in love.

"Yes, his name is Kasugano Haruka," Honest said with a smile as if he had won everything.

Frankly, Haru who saw Honest's expression felt a bit confused, but he knew that this situation wasn't bad at all for him since he saw Honest had entered into a deeper misunderstanding.

"You're general Esdeath's lover?" the little emperor asked.

Haru knew that he wasn't Esdeath's lover, but he needed to be always in the play. "Yes, Sir. I have always been hiding it, but it seems that you can guess it easily."

"Hehehe, Haru. You can see this, it seems that Esdeath is going to find you no matter what," Honest said and gave Haru a scroll from the table.

'Looking for me?' Haru who had read Akame Ga Kill didn't read the manga in a very detailed way and he only read some important parts. He opened the scroll that had been given by Honest and felt a bit surprised when he saw that it was a requirement that Esdeath asked for her husband.

'First, this person must be able to handle the training to become a general.'

Haru thought that his position was the same as a general in the army since he was the most important person in the Imperial Police. He also thought that it also fit with the thing that he had a complaint to Iokal in the past since he had told Iokal that he wanted to become general and he knew that Iokal had told Honest since they were cousins.

'Second, hunting together for a Danger Beast?'

He thought that it was quite easy with his power to hunt the Danger Beast in this world.

'Third, bornt outside of the Capital?'

He was born in another world and not in this world. He thought that he also fitted into the third requirement.

'Fourth, younger than her so that she can dominate her husband?'

He raised his eyebrow when he saw the fourth requirement.

'Lastly, a pure smile.'


Haru understood why Honest had a deeper misunderstanding after Esdeath had a comeback. He also felt very surprised when he saw the requirements of Esdeath's husband. It was as if fate wanted him to become her husband and that made him scared.

Haru knew the personality of Esdeath very well and it made him a bit complicated. Even though Esdeath was very beautiful and s.e.xy, he had also seen a lot of beautiful women in his world.

Esdeath was one of them, but her personality wasn't something that Haru could appreciate.

'Well, I've never seen her.' Haru thought, but he knew that his lie wasn't being known at this moment and he could continue this charade. Whether he would really become Esdeath's husband was another matter, but he wouldn't chase after Esdeath that desperately. He knew that Esdeath was unique and it would be conceited to think that they could make everyone fall in love in an instant.

Haru can control l.u.s.t, but not love.

Haru thought that it was better to think about how his identity wasn't known by Esdeath. He knew that as long as Esdeath didn't know that he had used her name to become this position everything would be alright.

The little emperor who kept looking at Haru nodded and seemed to understand why Esdeath fell in love with Haru.

"Good, I'll let the two of you talk to each other since you have been away from her." Honest smiled very brightly and said, "If you have decided to get married formally tell me since I'll prepare the best wedding for both of you."


Haru looked at Honest and thought that this guy was more stupid than he had thought before. 'Well, that's better, right?' He smiled and said, "Thank you, Sir." He seemed to be very happy when he heard Honest's words.


Honest and the little emperor looked at Haru's smile and thought that it might be the pure smile that Esdeath had talked about. In their minds, they had thought that this guy was definitely Esdeath's husband without a doubt.

They talked to each other for a while before Haru decided to go back to his house to think of a countermeasure to make Esdeath not realize his big fat lie.

'But how?'

Haru went back and saw Seryu and Coro who were also in his house.

"Welcome back, Chief Haru!" Seryu stood up and gave a salute to Haru.

Coro also stood up and saluted him.

Haru nodded and said, "You don't need to give me a salute in my house." He sighed and said, "Can you prepare me some tea?"

"Yes!" Seryu seemed to be spirited and went to the kitchen.

Haru looked at Seryu who started to be busy to warm up the tea that he had made before.

'Wait, busy?'

Haru suddenly thought that he should make trouble for Esdeath by making her busy. He thought for a while and suddenly remembered the existence of Esdeath's special squad.

'Three Beasts.....'

Haru thought to end this special squad to make trouble for Esdeath making her unable to have time to investigate him.

"Here you go, Chief Haru," Seryu said and placed the tea on the table.

"Thank you," Haru answered and looked at Seryu with a confused expression. "Why are you here?"


"...." Seryu seemed to be very embarrassed when her stomach let out a sound.

Haru chuckled and asked, "What do you want to eat? Let's have dinner together."


Haru nodded and thought that his day in this world wasn't bad.