Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 518

Volume 1 Chapter 518 Three Beasts 1

In the courtyard of Esdeath's house, there were three people who were sitting next to each other.

The two of them seemed to listen to what the middle-aged man had said to them with a relaxed expression.

Three of them are members of the special squad that is owned by Esdeath and three of them are known as the Three Beasts.

The Three Beasts was a group of three people who were bodyguards, enforcers, and servants of General Esdeath. They were extremely loyal to her and would carry out her orders without question even if it cost them their lives. It should be noted that out of everyone in Esdeath's army, they were the most sadistic and bloodthirsty.

"We have got another mission," the middle-aged man said.

This middle-aged man was known as Liver.

Liver was the leader of Esdeath's personal bodyguards and the strongest group in her army, known as the Three Beasts. He was a tall man with gray hair worn in a long ponytail, blue eyes and a mustache.

"Oh, what is it? Who are we going to kill?" The young man asked with an excited expression.

This young man was known as Nyau.

Nyau was a member of Esdeath's elite bodyguards, the Three Beasts. He was a young man of small build with blond hair and golden eyes. He had a somewhat feline look; his teeth were shown to be sharp, and he had slit pupils. Despite having the appearance of an innocent child, Nyau was the most sadistic member of the Three Beasts. His hobby was to skin off the faces of his victims while they were still alive

"Hahaha, I hope that we're going to fight someone strong since I want to raise my experience points!" The man with a large muscular build said.

His name is Daidara and he is also a member of the Three Beasts. He was a battle fanatic who would fight anyone who seemed strong, and constantly took every opportunity to improve himself.

"The target is the current opponent of Honest Prime Minister," Liver said with a calm expression.

"Are we going to fight someone weak?" Daidara seemed quite dissatisfied.

"Oh? Who is this girl?" Nyau asked when he looked at the doc.u.ment and thought to peel this girl's face during the battle later.

"It's Esdeath-sama's order," Liver said.

"..." Nyau and Daidara didn't say anything else when they heard the name of Esdeath showing how loyal they were to their master.

"The target is Prime Minister Chouri who is going to the Capital soon." Liver looked at the photo of that girl and said, "That girl is the daughter of Chouri, Spear."

They nodded in response and remembered the faces of their target.

"Esdeath-sama has said that we can do anything for them," Liver said.

"Hehehe, I can't wait to meet her," Nyau said with a cruel expression.

"I have also heard that they have brought a very strong bodyguard along the way," Liver said while looking at Daidara.

"Hahaha, this is a good chance to raise an experience point!" Daidara said excitedly.

Liver started to tell them about the plan of their assassination but suddenly he heard a noise that moved toward them.

Daidara and Nyau also realized it and turned to see that there was a person there wearing a white mask looking at them.

The three of them would have never expected that there was such a person who dared to enter the courtyard of Esdeath's house, but they also realized that this person came without good intention.

"Who are you?" Liver asked while looking at this man calmly. His finger moved around the ring with his hand ready to start the battle.

Nyau took his flute while smiling with a happy expression.

"Hahaha, you don't need to answer us since you will die soon!" Daidara said and held a large ax on his right hand.

The person who was coming toward them was Haru.

Haru had decided to assassinate the Three Beasts since he wanted to make Esdeath busy with a lot of trouble. He set out his thread around this courtyard to make them unable to escape from this place while also making the thread become invisible using his light magic. He knew that Esdeath wasn't in her house, but he needed to kill them as soon as possible since the longer he did. There was a higher chance that Esdeath would return to her house to stop him.

Haru didn't have an intention to fight Esdeath and he didn't want to make her into his enemy since he didn't have a hobby to make an enemy of women and it was better to make her into his ally, even though he knew that it might be very hard to do it.

"You can't answer us? Then why don't I force you to answer?!" Daidara separated his ax into two axes and threw one of them toward Haru.

Haru who saw Dairada throw his ax toward him thought for a while and grabbed the ax which was thrown into his hand forcefully. His strength was quite powerful and with his observation haki. He could grab this ax quite easily.

Daidara, Liver, and Nyau were surprised when they saw this assassin could grab Daidara's ax easily. They knew that they had met a tough guess, but it didn't scare them rather they were very excited at this moment.

Daidara laughed and said, "I can gain a lot of experience points from this guy!"

"Daidara, be serious," Liver said and stood up from his chair.

"Let's see how is face since I'll peel them slowly later," Nyau said with a smile while holding his flute. He was ready to play with his flute to support his comrades.

Haru knew that he was in a hurry, but it didn't mean that he couldn't play with them. He knew what cruelty they had done and it was better to end them quickly. "Rest in peace!" He charged toward them and started to battle.