Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 519

Volume 1 Chapter 519 Three Beasts 2

Haru charged directly toward Daidara and clashed the ax that he had grabbed with Daidara's ax.


"Gnhh!!!" Daidara gritted his teeth since he didn't expect the force behind Haru's attack to be so powerful.

Nyau who saw the situation became bad hurriedly used his flute to enhance the power of his teammate.

Haru who heard such music knew that it was Nyau's Teigu. He didn't feel weaker or a strange thing on his body then there was only one answer.

Daidara felt a new power enter his body and he started to become more powerful. "UWOOOHHH!!!!" His shout was like a beast and the muscles in his body became bigger. He tried to shove Haru away with the ax that he was holding.

However, Haru wouldn't give Daidara a chance. His strength was very strong and it was very easy to defeat Daidara with a showdown of power.

Liver who saw the situation turned bad for Daidara hurriedly manipulated the water on the nearby pond, creating a large number of arrows toward Haru. "DIE!"

Haru ignored Liver's attack on himself since he didn't think water would harm him. His body was half Atlantean and water was his friend. He pushed the ax in his hand and increased his power further.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Daidara felt that the bone on his body started to break apart by the power of the assassin in front of him. "Like hell, I'll lose?!"


Daidara who was screaming was slashed in half by his own ax since he couldn't handle Haru's power.

Haru who had killed Daidara took Daidara's other ax and blocked Liver's attack.

Liver was shocked when he saw Daidara had died in front of his eyes. He became angry when he saw Haru who seemed to ignore his attack and blocked it easily. "Then how about this!" He controlled all the water on the pond creating large dragon water that charged toward Haru. He had confidence in this attack and he believed that this attack could kill the assassin in front of him.

Nyau was also shocked by this development and didn't expect Daidara to lose in terms of power. He knew that the assassin in front of him had very powerful strength. He saw Liver who created a large water dragon and knew that he needed to support him. He changed the tone on his flute and made a melody that weakened Haru.

Haru was quite curious about the effect of the flute Teigu on Nyau's hand and he started to feel the power of this Teigu. He felt that his body became quite slow and there was also a headache. Even though it didn't bother him that much during the battle, it was quite annoying.

Haru who was holding two axes on both of his hands threw one of them toward Nyau.

Nyau thought that his Teigu would weaken Haru, but he was surprised when he saw Haru throw the ax in his hand. He wanted to dodge from this ax, but his speed was too slow and that ax slashed his body in half. "Ugh....." He choked blood and dropped on the ground with his upper and lower body being separated.

Haru who had killed Nyau turned his attention toward the water dragon which was only a few centimeters away from him. He raised his other ax and smashed it right away to stop this attack.


Haru's attack was so powerful that it slammed the water dragon into a splash of water in an instant.

Liver realized that he had met tough meat and it would be very hard for him to defeat this guy, but he wouldn't give up. He had decided to use his trump card which allowed him to control the blood of others. He raised his palm in an instant to kill the assassin in front of him from inside of his body. He knew the danger of this assassin and he thought to sacrifice himself to kill this person.

However, how could Haru let that happen?

The ax which he used to kill Nyau had come back to his hand.

Haru combined the axes on his hands together and saw the future which was only a few seconds away from the present time using his observation haki. He saw the danger and knew that Liver would sacrifice himself to manipulate the blood on his body. He could see that his body would burst in an instant when he let Liver use his attack.

Haru wouldn't let that happen and moved in an instant in front of Liver before slashing his ax in a vertical way cutting Liver's body in half.

"Cough.....!" Liver coughed a large amount of blood from his mouth before he fell to the ground helplessly looking at his body, which was slashed in half.

Haru decided to give Liver a swift death since there might be a danger when he let them live. Even though he was confident in his power, he couldn't underestimate them, especially when he had decided to not use all of his power.

He sighed and felt quite tired since no matter what it was hard to get used to the feeling of killing someone else. He was just a normal person a few months ago and it was quite surprising that he had a mission to conquer the Empire by himself.

Haru took all three Teigu from the Three Beasts since he knew that it would be very useful for him.

Then suddenly he felt a very cold aura that was coming quickly toward him. He threw out a Night Raid leaflet that he had made in the past before running away quickly from this place since he knew Esdeath was coming.


Esdeath who had come very quickly smelled something quickly and knew that she was late. She saw the dead bodies of her subordinates with an expressionless expression. She went to the nearby tree and saw a mark of a thread there along with a leaflet of Night Raid on the ground which was scattered around. She grabbed the leaflet and clenched it in her hand.

"Night Raid!"