Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 520

Volume 1 Chapter 520 Special Squad

The Three Beasts have been killed!

The people in the Capital, especially the people who were working under Honest Prime Minister, had become surprised and scared when they heard that the strongest squad of General Esdeath had been assassinated right in the courtyard of Esdeath's house.

They thought that the Night Raid would be cowered in fear when the strongest general had come back to the Capital, but they didn't expect that that group of assassins would ignore Esdeath and assassinated the Three Beasts without care.

They felt that they had received a big slap on their faces when they heard the news of the death of the strongest squad under General Esdeath.

The previous prime minister, Chouri, who wasn't being assassinated by the Three Beasts, had arrived in the Capital along with his daughter and joined General Budo's group.

General Budo's group which was often being suppressed by Honest Prime Minister's group since General Budo didn't have that much interest in the authority's battle against Honest regained their vigor and started their counterattack. Even though they couldn't do much in the Empire since the little emperor had become the puppet of Honest and Honest's authority was very powerful, it was possible for them to cause trouble for Honest and his group.

They did a lot of things to cause trouble for Honest since they didn't like Honest.


Honest was in a bad mood and felt that his weight had increased by several kilograms, but he didn't care about that.

Esdeath, whose subordinates had been killed, didn't seem to be bothered and had asked both the little emperor and Honest to prepare him a new squad that was filled with a Teigu user to hunt down Night Raid.

Honest accepted Esdeath's request right away since he knew that his safety was more important than anything. Even though he was confident in his power, he didn't expect the Night Raid to be so rampant and assassinated Esdeaht's Three Beasts in her own house. He wanted Esdeath to solve the problem of Night Raid as soon as possible.

For Chouri who was also the previous prime minister of the Empire.

Honest didn't think much of Chouri since he could push this guy away before then he could do it again, but now that wasn't the same since he had more trouble than that.

"I'll name this special squad, The Jaeger," Esdeath said.

Honest nodded and said, "I'll prepare the member for you."

Esdeath nodded and said, "Then, I'll go back."

"Good, kill them for me," Honest said.

"You don't need to worry since I have prepared a lot of torture methods that I want to try," Esdeath said with a smile then went out from the palace.


What about Haru?

Haru was also busy since the Night Raid had kept assassinating people and he was the Chief of the Imperial Police. He sighed since his job was very busy every day and he didn't have time to go back to his house.

Seryu had also helped him since she had come to his official aide helping him with a lot of things, especially with the matter of safety within the Capital. She was often complaining to him since he often dumped a lot of work on her, but she quickly forgave him when he cooked her good food.

Haru hoped that Esdeath wouldn't know about his lie since it wouldn't take long for him to start his usurp of this Empire. He had planned a lot of things and he also started to do his layout within this Empire. He didn't want too much bloodshed of innocent people, but for vile people then it couldn't be helped.

Haru also needed to think about the Revolutionary Army, but he decided to not think too much about them. He rubbed his chin and didn't think much of them since they were only an underground group. He didn't think that they could trouble his ruling after he had usurped the Empire.

However, there was one problem that he couldn't solve no matter what.


That's right, Esdeath.

Haru really couldn't find how to solve this problem known as Esdeath. He didn't really want to kill her since Esdeath wasn't that bad and it was only her upbringing that made her seem quite cruel, but she was very kind to her subordinates and everyone who she considered as an ally.

Haru had never heard about Esdeath who tried to torture the people in the Empire for fun and only heard her cruelty toward the enemy.

Esdeath's power and cruelty was the thing that made everyone afraid of her.

However, she was also a very respectable general that was revered by her subordinates.

Haru also knew that Esdeath's subordinates were very loyal to her and their strength was even more powerful than any army within this country, especially when she was really beautiful.

Haru had to admit that Esdeath was beautiful and he would get a nightmare to kill a beautiful girl. He sighed and wondered whether it was the curse of a harem protagonist.

Then how about making her into a girlfriend?

Haru wasn't that cruel either since he didn't want to play with a woman's heart and he also knew that the consequence of playing with a woman's heart would be being hatched to death, especially when that woman was Esdeath. He remembered a game about a harem protagonist who was stabbed to death by his girl and he didn't want to have the same ending. He knew that he didn't have a feeling toward Esdeath and her personality was a bit extreme to him.

Haru had a headache and didn't know what to do with this woman.

Suddenly the door of his office was opened by someone.

"Chief Haru!" Seryu entered his office as always.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked and returned his expression to normal.

"We have received an order to join the special police squad that is being led by General Esdeath!" Seryu said with excitement.

However, Haru's mood became gloomy when he heard it.


"What's wrong?" Seryu asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "Nothing, I'm just curious about General Esdeath."

"Yeah! I can't wait to see her!" Seryu said with a happy smile.

Haru thought that his career might end soon.