Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 521

Volume 1 Chapter 521 This Is Not Sausage

Seryu entered Haru's house since it was the day for them to go to join Jaegers or the special police squad that was made by Esdeath. She also wanted to have a breakfast that was cooked by Haru since she didn't think that she would be satisfied with other food.

Coro also agreed with its master decision since the taste of the food that was made by Haru was very delicious. "Wan! Wan!"

Seryu blushed when she heard her Teigu's words.

For random people, they would only think that the sound of Coro would only bark like a puppy, but for Seryu it was different. She could tell that Cor had urged her to make Haru become her partner since Coro thought it could eat delicious food along with staying with both of them.

Coro had thought such a good future for its master along with itself.

"You're really bad Coro!" Seryu knocked Coro's head and said, "Well, it seems that he hasn't woken up yet." She was quite surprised since she knew that at this time Haru would make breakfast. "Let's wake him up."

"Wan! Wan!" Coro nodded in agreement since it was also thought to be having breakfast.

Seryu entered Haru's room since she knew that Haru didn't lock the door of his room. She also had a spare key of his house making her able to enter as long as she wanted since she often to work in this place to manage the security of Empire. She entered his room and saw him sleeping on the bed while hearing his soft breath. "Haru! Haru! Wake up!"

This place wasn't their workplace and she didn't need to call him Chief.

Haru had told her to treat him as a normal friend and she did what he told since it made her feel closer to him.

"It's morning?" Haru wiped his eyes with his hand and sighed. He didn't believe that it was morning already. He couldn't sleep since he was thinking about the countermeasure against Esdeath. He knew that he would meet her sooner or later, but he really didn't know what to do. He became quite restless last night and couldn't have a good sleep. Even though his vitality was good, it was different when he was under stress.

Haru really didn't know what he should do to Esdeath at this moment.

"Let's have breakfast then go to the palace since we need to meet with General Esdeath," Seryu said.

"Alright," Haru said and rubbed his face with both of his hands. He stood up from his bed and showed his n.a.k.e.d body.


"Y - You...! Why you're n.a.k.e.d!" Seryu said with a red face hiding her face with both of her hands, but there was a gap between her fingers. She was stunned for a few seconds and had to admit his body was really good.

"How long are you going to see?" Haru didn't have anything to hide and thought it was funny to see a woman who was older than him seemed to be very embarrassed at this moment.

"J - Just hurry up and cook breakfast!" Seryu turned and went to the kitchen.

Haru laughed and then realized Coro was looking at his dragon. He frowned and said, "This is not a sausage." He hurriedly picked his clothes since he didn't want this dog to bite his important place by mistake.

"Wan! Wan!" Coro nodded and understood Haru's words.

Haru raised his eyebrow and wondered whether this Teigu really understood him.


Haru was in the kitchen cooking his breakfast. He knew that Esdeath was weak against a smile since he remembered from the story that she had fallen in love with the main character because of his smile.

Haru tried to make his face into expressionless since he didn't want to make Esdeath fall in love. He really didn't want to make her fall in love with him since he knew how troublesome that would be.

"When is the time of the appointment?" Haru asked while cooking an omelet in the kitchen.

Seryu who had been looking at Haru's back seemed to wake up when she heard his question. "It should be around 10 in the morning."

"It's quite early," Haru said.

"Well, there is a fighting competition at noon and I have heard that General Esdeath is the one who holds that event," Seryu said.

"Fight competition?" Haru frowned when he heard it. He knew that the fight competition was the time when Esdeath would meet the main character. Even though he didn't want to make Esdeath fall in love with him, he also didn't want Esdeath to fall in love with the main character.

It wasn't that he wanted to keep Esdeath, but his identity was known as Esdeath's husband if Esdeath suddenly fell in love with the main character then his charade would be destroyed and his mouth also felt bitter when a lot of people would think that Esdeath decided to pick a lover when she had already have a husband.

Haru thought about a strategy on how to stop that thing from happening and thought of an idea. He nodded and didn't need to worry about that thing anymore.

He placed the omelet and bacon on the plate and brought it to the table. "You're alright with coffee?"

"Yes! I want a lot of sugar!" Seryu said excitedly since a coffee in the morning would give her a lot of energy.

Coro was standing on the table while looking at its food.

Haru activated his Spectator on his head which had become invisible with his light magic to see Seryu's undergarments. 'Pink, huh?' He picked up his coffee and sipped it slowly making his mood slightly better.

It would be his first meeting and even though he didn't want to meet Esdeath, he was also curious about her.

"Delicious!" Seryu said while eating breakfast.

Coro also nodded in agreement.

Haru only smiled while sipping his coffee and wondering why he had a bad forbearing at this moment.