Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 522

Volume 1 Chapter 522 First Meeting 1

Haru and Seryu had arrived in the meeting room where they would meet with the member of the police special squad along with Esdeath who was their leader. They were the first ones who had arrived in this place and there were no people who had arrived beside them here.

Haru told Seryu to sleep first since it would be boring to wait for a long time since he had decided to read a book.

Seryu nodded and decided to take a short nap until everyone had come to this room.

Haru took out a book out of nowhere while creating a list of the targets of everyone in the Empire. He was aiming for the Teigu which was wielded by Saikyuu who was known as Prime Minister Honest's aid and cohort.

The Complete Book Of The World: Rongo Rongo.

Haru knew that this book Teigu was similar to GPS in his world, but with more features. He knew this book could predict the disaster that would happen in this world along with telling information about a lot of resources in this world.

He was quite curious about whether Teigu could be used to know the information in another world.

If it was possible then that Teigu was simply awesome since it could help him to find a place that was full of resources in every world.

However, he wasn't in a hurry since sooner or later that book would fall on his hand.

He was more concerned about the matter of Esdeath that he would meet soon. He thought that Esdeath should be at the grave right now since had assassinated the Three Beasts. He was thinking about what kind of greeting he should do, but suddenly he heard the door knock. He saw someone enter the room and he gave a slight nod at him. "Hello."

He knew very well this person was Bols.

Bols was a member of the Incineration Squad. He wore a mask that obscured his face.

"Hello," Bols said and felt a bit surprised when he saw Haru greet him first. He saw that there wasn't any disgust or strange expression on Haru's expression.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, nice to meet you," Haru said.

"My name is Bols. I know about you, Sir," Bols said since he knew Haru very well since Haru was very famous in the Empire.

Who doesn't know about the youngest Chief Imperial Police in the Empire? If they don't know then they should be coming from the countryside.

Haru was quite sympathetic toward Bols since the fate of their families was quite cruel, especially his wife and daughter.

If he wasn't here then Bols and his family would meet a tragic fate, but it was different when he was here since he knew that Bols was very powerful and he needed a powerful person for after he usurped this Empire and Bols was perfect for that.

They talked to each other normally, then suddenly the topic turned into food and made Bols felt a bit surprised for Haru to have such deep knowledge about cooking, however, they were a bit speechless when they heard a strange noise from Seryu who was sleeping.

Seryu kept sleeping and had quite a naughty dream.

"I'll wake her up," Haru said.

"No, no, you don't need to bother her," Bols hurriedly said. He thought that the two of them had that kind of relationship since he could hear Seryu talking about Haru's name in her dream. "Your relationship is really good."

"Haha...." Haru only laughed awkwardly when he heard it and wondered what would happen when Bols knew that he was Esdeath's husband.

Then the door was opened again and this time the one who opened it was a young man who was wearing a strange get up and had quite a fishy smell.


The young man looked at both Bols and Haru. His expression turned strange when he saw Bols and wasn't sure what to do.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Well...." The young man seemed to be quite relieved when he saw Haru. "N - Nothing, you're also part of the special police squad?"

"Yes, my name is Kasugano Haruka." Haru pointed his finger at Seryu who was sleeping and said, "She is Seryu and he is Bols."

"Hello." Bols nodded while looking at the young man.

The young man seemed quite easy when he heard their introduction, but he was quite nervous since Bols kept staring at him. "Y - Yo, my name is Wave! I'm going to make it big at the Capital!"


Bols kept staring at Wave and it was hard to see what his expression was since his face was covered in a mask.

"Nice to meet you, Wave," Haru said and gave Wave his hand.

"Nice to meet you too!" Wave smiled when he saw Haru was very nice to him. He looked at Bols and said, "N - Nice to meet you, Bols-san." He went to Haru's side and sat down next to him. He wasn't sure about Bols and decided to sit down next to Haru who seemed normal.

Bols nodded and suddenly stood up.


Wave became nervous when he saw Bols suddenly stand up.

"I'll prepare tea for everyone," Bols said and went to the nearby pantry.

Wave sighed in relief when he heard it.

"You shouldn't judge someone by their appearance," Haru said. He knew that it couldn't help since Bols was wearing a strange mask, and it was a normal reaction for people to feel strange toward Bols.

"My bad..." Wave nodded and thought that he had done something wrong. He looked at Haru who was quite expressionless at this moment and gave a quite cold expression, but his voice was quite gentle when they were talking to each other.

Haru had decided to not smile in this place and tried to be as expressionless as he could be.

Bols brought tea to the table for everyone then the door was opened again before another person entered this room once again.

Haru who saw the person who entered this room couldn't help but think. 'Cute..'