Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 523

Volume 1 Chapter 523 First Meeting 2

Why did he say she was cute? Because the one who entered the room was the little sister of the main character of this story.


Even though some people had said the main character of the story was Tatsumi, the name of the story was Akame Ga Kill.

Of course, the main character of this story is Akame.

Haru looked at Kurome who was expressionless and sat down on the side of Bols while taking out a sack of candy. He frowned and knew that it was a drug to enhance her physical ability.

If this drug was harmless then it was alright, but that drug would decrease her age and it would also make her into an addiction.

Haru didn't intend to say anything at this moment and kept maintaining his cold image since he wanted to hide his nervous feeling at this moment.

Wave seemed quite interested in Kurome and said, "Hello, my name is Wave!" He introduced himself since they would be in the same squad.

Kurome looked at Wave for a while before hugging her candy. "I won't give you anything!"

"Who wants that?!" Wave said unconsciously and thought that this girl was quite weird. He scratched his head and decided to sit back next to Haru since he felt that Haru was the only normal person in this room.

Haru looked at Kurome and thought that this scene was quite funny.

Kurome noticed Haru's gaze and hugged her candy tighter showing that she wouldn't share her candy with anyone.


Haru was speechless and thought for a while. He took out the bread that he had baked in his original world. He had kept this bread inside his dimensional storage that was opened by his zipper power.

The bread which had just come out from the dimensional storage was quite warm and it released a very delicious aroma.

Bols, Wave, Kurome, Coro, and even Seryu who had been sleeping seemed to wake up from the aroma of the bread.

"Chief, where did you get that bread?" Seryu asked.

"I have baked it before," Haru said. He tore part of the bread and started to eat it.


They gulped at the same time when they saw him eating.

"I want one too," Seryu said while holding Haru's uniform.

"You have eaten one before, right?" Haru asked.

"Well, I want one again," Seryu said.

Kurome who heard Seryu couldn't help but feel jealous at this moment. She had been staring at the bread at Haru's hand and couldn't look away at this moment.

Bols and Wave also wanted to try, but it was quite hard to ask when the person who had brought it was someone that they had only met for the first time.

Haru took out five pieces of bread out of nowhere and threw it at the five of them.

They caught it unconsciously while looking at him.

"Eat," Haru said.

They nodded without hesitation. The warm bread on their hands made their mouths salivated and decided to eat the bread right away. They took a bite at the bread and felt like they had eaten a cloud. They started to have an imagination and they had become an angel laying lazily on the cloud.

Kurome ate the bread very fast and kept looking at Haru with a hopeful expression.

"I don't have anymore," Haru said while shaking his head.

Kurome became disappointed at this moment.

"That bread might be the most delicious thing that I have ever eaten," Wave said with a sigh and felt quite regretful to eat the bread as soon as possible.

"Yeah...." Bols nodded and asked, "Can I ask for the recipe?"

Then the door suddenly opened once again. This time the one who entered was a middle-aged man with a very feminine gesture while wearing a lab coat looking at them around. "Stylish!" His gaze became very excited when he saw Haru who was sitting there.

Haru shuddered and became disgusted when he saw this man.

It was lucky that Seryu didn't meet this guy and didn't have a modification on her body.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Stylish. Nice to meet you, Chief Haru," Stylish said with a smile.

Haru only nodded and didn't say anything.

"Hmm... very shy aren't you? But I like it," Stylish said with a smile before sitting down between Bols and Kurome.

If there was a chance Haru had thought to assassinate this person since this person was cancer to the Empire and had done a lot of cruel things to everyone in the Empire.

"Wan! Wan!" Coro stood up in front of Haru tried while looking at Stylish with a hostile expression.

"What a bad dog," Stylish said with a frown.

Seryu didn't say anything, but she looked at Stylish with a wary expression. She didn't like it when Haru was being gazed at as if delicious meat by someone.

The atmosphere became strange once again when Stylish entered this room.

Then another person also entered the room and looked at everyone.

"Hello," this man greeted all of them while smiling.

Wave who saw this person felt that this person was good since this person gave a normal aura.

"My name is Wave!" Wave said excitedly.

"My name is Run. I'm looking forward to working with all of you," Run said then looked at the people who were staying in this room. He could feel the strange atmosphere in this room.

Bols stood up and tried to ease the atmosphere inside the room, but suddenly there was another person who entered the room.

This person had a mask on their face and made them quite wary.

"Who are you?" Wave frowned.

The person with a mask walked toward them and shouted, "I don't recognize you seven! What are you doing here!"

"Whoa, whoa, we're here because...." Wave wanted to say, but he was suddenly being attacked by the masked person.

The masked person thought that his attack could attack Wave, but Wave had been pulled by someone who escaped from his attack. He put his attention toward this person and became interested. "Hooo?"