Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 524

Volume 1 Chapter 524 First Meeting 3

Haru pulled Wave away to escape from the attack of the masked man. He knew the identity of this person, but he didn't say anything.

"T - Thank you," Wave said toward Haru, then his expression turned grim when he looked at the masked man. "Who the hell are you!?"

The masked man ignored Wave's question and started to attack them once again and this time his target was Haru. He took out his rapier and stabbed it with very fast speed at him.

Haru didn't even use his Teigu at this moment when he dodged this masked man attack. His movement was very fluid as if he could read the attack of the masked man.

"Don't attack, Chief!" Seryu was annoyed and attacked the masked man from behind.

The masked man grabbed Seryus's hand and slammed her to the ground.


The ground cracked and Seryu held her back in pain after being attacked.

Coro wanted to help its master by biting the masked suddenly trapped in ice.

Haru charged toward the masked person and sent out a combo of punches. His attack was quite simple since he didn't have much martial art besides Ripple, but he didn't really want to use it since he didn't think that he needed it.

Swosh! Swosh! Swosh!

The masked man could feel the power within Haru's punch and dodged it very quickly, but suddenly he saw him kick his stomach.


The masked man was thrown a few meters after blocked Haru's kick with his rapier. He had thought to attack Haru once again but stopped when he saw the thing on Haru's hand.

Haru was holding the mask of the masked man showing the face behind that mask to everyone.

"General Esdeath!"

Everyone was surprised when they saw her suddenly here.

Esdeath touched her face and smiled. "You're Kasugano Haruka?"

"Yes, Mam." Haru nodded without expression. He was quite nervous when he met this woman, but he sighed in relief when this woman didn't know that he had been using her name to raise his ranking quickly in the Imperial Police.

Esdeath looked at Haru who had an indifferent expression on his face. She wasn't sure why, but Honest had always had a smile on his face when he mentioned Haru. She started to remember Haru's information and asked, "Where is your Teigu?"

"Here," Haru said and took out his Teigu from his pocket.

"You're not using it?" Esdeath asked.

"No, the effect of this Teigu might make the female members feel a bit uncomfortable," Haru answered since he could see the underwear of someone. He definitely wouldn't tell anyone that he had often to use this Teigu to peek on Seryu from time to time.

Esdeath thought that Haru was interesting, but she needed to reprimand him. "You fool! It's something that can help you in the battle! On the battlefield, your enemy won't be waiting for you to use your Teigu before the battle! You should use it all the time! It's killed or be killed!"

"....." Haru didn't expect that he was being reprimanded and couldn't help but rub his nose. He nodded honestly and said, "Thank you." He was trying to not cause the uncomfortable feeling on everyone, but it seemed that he was wrong. He also might underestimate this world too much at this moment. He nodded since Esdeath had more experience than him on the battlefield and it wasn't wrong for him to learn from her.

Esdeath nodded when she saw Haru's reaction and felt a bit more interesting. She would never expect the new chief of the Imperial Police would be quite inexperienced, but she could tell that he had great strength. She looked at Haru once again this time without saying anything.


Haru started to become nervous and wondered whether this woman really knew whether he had created a lie or not. However, he kept maintaining his indifferent expression at this moment.


Everyone also didn't say anything at this moment and didn't know what to do either since it was their first time to meet General Esdeath and the only thing that they knew about her was this woman was very cruel.

"What should I call you?" Esdeath said.

"Haru," Haru answered plainly.

Esdeath nodded and said, "Haru, I'll make you the leader of this special squad, the Jaegers!"

Haru nodded and didn't have that much rejection since he felt that this position was very useful. Once he had taken out both Honest and Budo then he would be the leader of a group of Teigu users.

Esdeath looked at everyone and said, "Remember! All of you are members of this special police squad and your job is to protect the Empire while also bringing fear to everyone who has threatened this kingdom!"


Everyone said it at the same time.

Haru nodded and thought that Esdeath had this charisma that made everyone feel respect toward her.

"I have wanted to say that we should get close to each other with eating food..." Esdeath wanted to say, but she was cut by the majority of them.

"Chief Haru should be the one who cooks the food!" Seryu said.

Kurome nodded in very fast when she heard it.

"I want to taste your food again, Haru," Wave said while scratching his cheek with an embarrassed expression.

"I also want to learn cooking from you," Bols said.

Esdeath looked at Haru and asked, "Is your cooking really that good?"

Run and Stylish also looked at Haru with a curious expression.

"It's normal," Haru answered. He wasn't sure whether he should be happy or cry when he heard their praise caused Esdeath to have an interest in himself.

"I'll let you cook for us after we have gone to watch the fighting tournament," Esdeath said since she was also curious how delicious it was.

'Fighting tournaments, huh?' Haru thought that he needed to stop what would happen during the fighting tournament.