Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 525

Volume 1 Chapter 525 Fighting Tournament

Everyone in the Empire was coming to the arena to watch the fighting tournament that was held by General Esdeath.

Esdeath had decided to hold this tournament because she thought that it was a good chance to search for strong people to join the army since she knew that the army was in need of strong people.

Run and Haru joined Esdeath and watched the fighting tournament while everyone was waiting in the headquarters waiting for them to come back.

Haru had told them to buy the ingredients for the dinner later when they had come back since he would be the one who was cooking later. He was standing while looking around the audience seat and could see both Lubbock and Leone were sitting while watching the tournament.

Haru had seen the registration list and he knew that Tatsumi would appear here in this tournament today and he would definitely stop Esdeath from falling in love with Tatsumi no matter what happened. He had said it in the past, even though he didn't have an intention to make Esdeath fall in love, but he would stop her from falling in love with someone since his identity would be revealed once she had fallen in love with someone else and he also wouldn't feel very good when the people around would think that someone had stolen his lover.

Leone and Lubbock had noticed Haru who was standing beside Esdeath and felt a bit nervous since they could do nothing when he wanted to attack them. They wouldn't be able to imagine what would happen if Haru and Esdeath decided to attack them at the same time.

However, they sighed in relief when they saw he didn't do anything toward them. They had confirmed that Haru didn't have a hostile relationship with them and they knew that their work had been very smooth since Haru didn't do anything to stop them to assassinate the corrupt and evil people within the Capital.

Esdeath who was watching the match couldn't help but yawn at this moment since the match was quite boring and thought it was better to go back early since she was a bit curious about the food that was cooked by Haru.

Haru waited for a while until it was time for Tatsumi's match. He knew that it would be troublesome if he created a trap for Tatsumi since it would be noticed by Tatsumi and the other people. That was why he decided to do something else.

Haru started to manipulate the thread while also making it invisible toward Tatsumi's opponent and decided to make him into his puppet.

"Oh, this time it is a child," Run said while looking at Tatsumi.

"...." Esdeath didn't say anything and felt very bored at this moment. She glanced at Haru and wondered why this guy had never smiled from earlier.

Haru also didn't say anything from the beginning since he knew his fate might end today if he lost his concentration.


"In the east corner, Kalbi the Butcher!"

"In the west corner, Tatsumi the Blacksmith!"

Tatsumi was looking at his opponent who was wearing a mask of a cow on his head. He was quite nervous to come to the Capital after hearing that Haru could defeat everyone in the Night Raid, but he had confidence in himself since Haru didn't know his identity. That was why he had decided to enter this fighting tournament and got the money prize to send it off to his village.

"Hehehe, aren't you a squirt? Why don't you go back and drink your mama's milk?" Kalbi said with a grin.

Tatsumi had a serious expression on his face and had decided to defeat him.


"Take this! Imperial Blast Fist!" Kalbi raised his fist and punched it toward Tatsumi.

Tatsumi was very confident in himself and thought that Kalbi was too slow. He jumped to avoid Kalbi's punch, but suddenly he saw Kalbi stop his fist.

Kalbi suddenly opened his palm and caught Tatsumi's feet before slamming him into the ground.


"GAAA....!" Tatsumi felt that his body was in pain after being slammed.

Kalbi didn't know why he stopped his fist, but he didn't care either way since he had won this match. "Go home, Boy!" He sent out another punch toward Tatsumi who was laying on the ground to make him lose.

Tatsumi hurriedly escaped from Kalbi's punch and tried to tackle him.

However, Kalbi suddenly jumped and raised his feet then attacked Tatsumi who was in the ground.

Tatsumi didn't expect Kalbi to be this strong and raised both of his arms to defend this attack.


Tatsumi felt his arms shaking from the attack and he didn't have a chance to get up before Kalbi sent out another attack to his face.

"Imperial Fist!"

Kalbi sent out all of the power in his body into this punch.


Tatsumi was punched and thrown out of the ring before laying on the ground weakly.

"YEEHAAWW!!!!" Kalbi raised both of his hands in excitement. He didn't understand why his condition was good, and sometimes he moved on to a different position than he had thought of, but it didn't really matter since he had won the match, got the prize, and received cheers from everyone.

"The winner is Kalbi the Butcher!"


Leone and Lubbock sighed when they saw Tatsumi who had lost in this battle.

"Ugh...." Tatsumi felt quite in pain and thought that he needed to train more after his defeat earlier. He had learned to not underestimate any opponents that he had fought or else he might die next time.


Haru released the thread from Kalbi's body and hid the thread into his body again. He sighed in relief when he saw Tatsumi had lost in this battle.

"How boring..." Esdeath shook her head and said, "Let's go back. I'm more curious about the food that you're going to cook."

Run smiled and said, "I'm also curious about what kind of food that can be made by the leader."

Haru sighed and nothing would happen after this.