Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 527

Volume 1 Chapter 527 New Members 1

"I'm sorry, Big Bro," Tatsumi said with a sad tone when he had come back from the fighting tournament. He had lost and felt that he had betrayed Bulat's expectation on himself. He clenched his hands hard since he didn't expect to make a fool of himself. He had lost against that cow who he had thought was very arrogant at that moment, but when he thought about his result. He thought that his opponent had a right to be arrogant.

Bulat shook his head and placed both of his hands on Tatsumi's shoulders. "Don't be sad and remember this feeling quite well so you won't taste it again in the future."

Tatsumi looked up at Bulat and wanted to cry at this moment. "BIG BRO!!!"

Bulat smiled and said, "If that's the case then we should start our training again, Tatsumi!"

"YES, BIG BRO!!!" Tatsumi said with very spirited words.


Akame ignored both of them and asked, "Leone, Lubbock, are you alright?"

"We're alright," Lubbock said.

"You don't need to worry, nothing is happening to us," Leone asked.

"So he didn't do anything?" Akame asked. She knew that they had decided to test how Haru would see them and they came straight to the fighting competition.

"You don't need to worry. He's not an enemy," Leone said while hitting her chest, making it tremble.

Akame sighed in relief when she heard it.

Mine, who hadn't said anything from earlier, also sighed in relief when she heard their conversation.

"Has the boss come?" Lubbock asked.

"Not yet," Sheele said.

"I wonder what she's doing now," Lubbock said.

Najenda had gone to the headquarters of the Revolurnaty Army for the past few days.

In the past few days, they didn't do anything. They only took a break from all of their activities since they needed to wait for Najenda.

They wanted to go inside, but suddenly they saw a flying beast in the sky.

"What is that?" Tatsumi asked.

Mine, who has had good eyes since she was a sniper, squinted her eyes before saying. "It's boss."

Everyone was excited when they heard it.

"But who are the two people behind her?" Mine said.

They didn't need to wait for a while and the flying beast landed in front of them showing three figures. They were curious about the two people that had been brought by Najenda.

Najenda smiled and asked, "Is everyone good?"

"Yes, boss"

Najenda nodded and said, "Let's enter and report the thing that has happened in the past few days."

"Boss, who are the two people behind you?" Tatsumi asked.

"They're our new members, I'll introduce you later after I have heard the report," Najenda said.

Lubbock's eyes were shining when he saw the female member, but his expression turned hostile when he saw a handsome man beside Najenda. 'I won't let you!'


They were in the meeting room of the hiding place of Night Raid.

Najenda nodded as she listened to their reports. She raised her eyebrow when she heard the next report. "Have you met him before?"

"Yes, we have seen him standing with General Esdeath during the fighting competition," Lubbock answered.

"Boss, are you sure that he isn't Esdeath's husband?" Leone asked. Even though she didn't want to admit it, there was a high possibility that Haru was Esdeath's husband.

Mine's heart tightened when she heard it and her expression became gloomy in exchange.

"Impossible!" Najenda shook her head and said, "Haru is a conman and there is no way that he is Esdeath's husband." She didn't think that it was possible for Esdeath to fall in love with someone.

"That's right! He is just a conman and there is no way that he is Esdeath's husband!" Mine said and her voice was a bit high.

"Mine, why you're so concerned by him?" Leone asked while poking Mine's cheek.

"W - What are you talking about?!" Mine blushed in response.

"You're a failure as an assassin."

Suddenly the girl that had been brought by Najenda said.

"What did you say?!" Mine was angry.

"You're the only sniper in our group, right? You should be calm in every situation and shouldn't fall in love with your target," the girl said.

"W - Who is falling in love with that guy?!" Mine was similar to a cat whose tail was stepped on. She was very angry at this moment and couldn't wait to put a hole in this girl.

Sheele, who was beside Mine, hugged Mine to stop her. "Mine, calm down."

"Anyway, who are you?! Why are you here?!" Mine started to question this stranger.

"Well, let me introduce the two people beside me," Najenda said. She pointed at the girl who had argued with Mine and said, "Her name is Chelsea and she is a new member of our group."

Pale skin, beautiful face, long auburn hair, and licking a lollipop on her mouth. Chelsea looked at everyone without expression but slowly thought about the ability of each member in the Night Raid.

They nodded slightly when they heard Najenda's introduction.

"What about the other one?" Tatsumi asked.

They looked at the tall man who looks in his late-20's with distinctive, bull-like horns coming out of the sides of his head.

Lubbock kept looking at this man and thought that this guy could become his competitor on getting the love of Najenda.

"He is also our new member, but he is also my Teigu," Najenda said.


Everyone was surprised when they heard it.

"Is this so-called living Teigu?" Bulat asked.

"Yes." Najenda nodded and said, "His name is Susanoo and from now on the two of them will become our new member."

Susanoo kept looking at Tatsumi with a serious expression.

"W - What?" Tatsumi became nervous when he noticed Susanoo's gaze on him.

Susanoo moved closer and raised his hands.

Tatsumi thought that Susanoo wanted to have a fight, but suddenly he saw him tidy up his shirt.

"Hmm...." Susanoo nodded in satisfaction.