Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 528

Volume 1 Chapter 528 New Members 2

"He's a weirdo," Lubbock said.

"Well, it is better than a pervert," Leone said.

"What do you mean by that?!" Lubbock felt hurt.

"Eh? Did I mention your name?" Leone asked while raising her eyebrow.


Lubbock twitched his lips in response.

"So what can he do?" Tatsumi asked.

"Hehehe, you'll be surprised," Najenda said with a confident smile. "Susanoo, go for it."

"Yes!" Susanoo started to cook, wash clothes, clean, and do a lot of things in a very fast and skillful manner.


Everyone was just too speechless to say anything.

"A - Amazing...." Only Sheele was the most surprised since she was very clumsy and couldn't even do a simple chore.

If Haru wasn't here then Sheele wouldn't be able to see Susanoo's skill.

"Well, how about her? You're not useless, right?" Mine asked with a smug expression while looking at Chelsea. She had been mocked by Chelsea and she wouldn't be satisfied without shaming her in front of everyone.

Chelsea shook her head and said, "This is why you're a failure as an assassin." She looked at everyone and said, "I mean that all of you here in this place. If you keep like this then you will be killed in the future."


"Ha?! What do you mean by that?!" Mine was angry once again.

"Well, well, calm down, she doesn't mean a bad thing," Najenda said since she knew about Chelsea's past. "If you're worried about her power then you don't need to worry since I have guaranteed it."

They nodded and didn't need to worry when they heard about Najenda's confirmation. They didn't think much about Chelsea's words.

"Also, Chelsea, I need to mention one thing to you," Najenda said.

Chelsea looked at Najenda with a curious expression.

"Kasugano Haruka isn't our enemy. You shouldn't do anything to him," Najenda said.

"What!?" Chelsea was surprised when she heard it.

Bulat nodded and said, "Yes, we don't need to agitate him since we have enough with both General Budo and General Esdeath."

They knew how powerful Haru was and it was very easy for him to kill all of them, but he didn't do that. They thought it was better to let him rather than bothering him since if they really made them miserable.

Sleeping Lion isn't dangerous, but once they wake up then it is a different story.

Bulat didn't think that they should wake up this sleeping lion and just let the Empire take care of it. He thought that as long as he knew that Haru wasn't an enemy that was enough since the rest he just needed to assassinate the Prime Minister along with his minions.

"I also agree." Akame nodded and said, "He has made a lot of evil people in the Capital become miserable and he also doesn't hinder our activity."

"I also feel the same." Leone was sitting on the sofa and said, "Because of him the slump becomes better." She also felt good about Haru since the security of the slump had become better and the police also started to patrol in slum area making the crime decrease in that place.

Slump is famous for its lawlessness since no one cares about that place, but that place is different after Haru is coming.

"Are you serious?" Chelsea raised her eyebrow in surprise when she heard their impression of Haru. She only knew that Haru was a Chief of Imperial Police and she also knew that he had impersonated as a husband of Esdeath. She also heard how powerful Haru was and thought that it was better to make him into the enemy of the Empire rather than let him stay in the Empire as a Chief of Imperial Police.

Everyone nodded at the same time.

Lubbock, who hated Haru, also nodded. Even though his Teigu had been stolen, he also knew that it was impossible for him to get back his Teigu. He could also see that Haru used his Teigu better than him, making him a bit depressed for some reason.

"Really?" Chelsea looked at Najenda this time and hoped for her support. She remembered her teammate in the past, and she didn't want them to have the same fate as them.

Najenda shook her head and said, "This time, I agree with everyone. It is better to not do anything at him since he isn't our enemy." She also thought about the Three Beasts who had been assassinated in the courtyard of Esdeath's house. Even though the people in the Capital knew that the one who killed them was a the Night Raid, she knew that they were not the ones who assassinated them. She had a hunch that it was Haru who had assassinated the Three Beasts hitting the face of Honest Prime Minister along with General Esdeath. Even though Haru had used a Night Raid leaflet, she didn't mind that since it would also make the image of Night Raid stronger.

That was why Najenda had a good impression of Haru at this time.


Chelsea didn't say anything and didn't voice her agreement of disagreement. However, she thought about something and made her decision. She had decided to do it, even though everyone disagreed with her.


Haru who had come back to his home sighed in relief since nothing had happened earlier. It was good that they were satisfied with his food and even though he didn't smile from the beginning. However, it didn't put him into a bad position since they would only think of him as a hardened person or something.

Even though it wasn't true, it didn't really matter.

Haru had thought to conquer this Empire and thought that he needed to speed up his progress soon since Esdeath had come. He sighed and said, "Esdeath is very beautiful." He thought that anyone who would marry her would be very fortunate.

If it was on a different occasion then he might try to chase after her, but it was different when he was on the mission.


Esdeath who was in her bed still thinking about the food that she had eaten today. She thought that it might be the most delicious food that she had eaten. Then she also thought about the young man who had cooked those foods and couldn't help but smile. "Hmm... Interesting." She was curious about how his smile was.