Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 529

Volume 1 Chapter 529 Disaster

It had been a few days after the Jaegers had been formed, but Haru didn't join their activity that much since he was busy with his work as a Chief of Imperial Police and he also didn't want to see Esdeath that much.

Haru had always been quite nervous when he met Esdeath, and she had always found him to ask him to cook her something. He was quite used to it since he had become a butler of Brandish in the past, but the most concerned thing was that she had always been asking him to smile. He couldn't do it and he also didn't want to do it.

Today, he is in his office while listening to Seryu's report. He had been very low-key after Esdeath had come to the Capital and didn't do anything too much.

"Night Raid has assassinated a lot of people in the capital and the number of victims is....." Seryu had anger on her voice when she reported about Night Raid. Even though she knew that they were killing bad people, she couldn't agree with them since they were coming from the Revolutionary Army.

Haru closed his eyes and didn't care much about the Night Raid. However, he didn't know why he felt a bad forbearing about to happen to him, especially when he saw bad weather happening in the Capital. 'Is she angry about something?'

"CHIEF!!!" Seryu shouted when she saw Haru had closed his eyes when she reported the Night Raid.

"I know Night Raid, right? You think too much about them," Haru said.

"I'll kill them if they appear during the day," Seryu said with a serious expression. She had tolerated Night Raid because they did their activity at night. Even though she closed her eyes when she heard about their report, it didn't mean that she hated them. She would kill them if she saw them during the day.

"Well, enough about the Night Raid, I'm too lazy to handle them," Haru said while waving his hand.


Seryu looked at Haru who had become lazy right now. In the past, he wasn't like this and thought it was happening because of the corruption that he had done. She looked at him and thought about how to handle this situation.

"Do you have another report?" Haru asked. He couldn't shake the bad feeling in his heart and felt as if something would really happen to him.

"Yes." Seryu nodded and said, "There is a group of beasts who have attacked the Capital."

"Beasts?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, this is the number of victims that have been killed by a group of beasts," Seryu said and showed the doc.u.ment to Haru.

Haru frowned when he saw the number of the victims and asked, "This happens on that Mt. Fake?" He felt strange since the location of that mountain was quite far from the community. He felt that it wasn't that simple.

"Yes, I'm going to check that place later, do you want to come too, Chief?" Seryu asked.


Haru suddenly snowflakes started to appear from the outside. He knew that this weather wasn't normal since it should have been quite sunny earlier, but suddenly it had turned into snowy. He suddenly thought of one person who could make such a thing happen. 'Esdeath?' He started to become worried and wondered whether she had realized something. 'Is it the Three Beasts? Or is it my identity?'

Anyway, if Esdeath really knew about the two things happening because of him then he was sure that he would be tortured by her.

Seryu who saw Haru who was silent thought that this guy had really become corrupt, but she knew that it wasn't too late. She needed to bring him to justice. "C - Chief, if you come with me then I'll kiss you." She blushed when she uttered those words and looked at him shyly.


Haru was a bit surprised by her words, but when he thought about Esdeath he was angry. 'Yes, I need to escape.' He didn't want to fight with Esdeath and it was better to run away. "Alright, let's go out now."

"Eh? Eh? Eh?" Seryu suddenly panicked when she heard him decide to go out with her. 'Does that mean he wants my kiss?' She started to think about a lot of things and became quite stunned when he held her hand so suddenly. She looked at Haru and wondered whether this guy had fallen in love with her.

Haru didn't care much about what Seryu was thinking and decided to run away as soon as possible before Esdeath came to his office.



The door of the office of Imperial Police was broken by someone. Everyone wanted to shout and catch the attacker but stopped when they saw the one who had attacked the office.


"General Esdeath!!!"

Everyone was surprised and felt a bit scared when they saw her.

Esdeath ignored them and had this angry expression on her face. The aura around her body was very cold that made everyone in this place shiver uncontrollably.

However, they didn't dare to say anything at this moment.


Esdeath kicked Haru's office and destroyed the door along the wall in its surroundings. She was very angry and wanted to torture him, but she saw nothing. "WHERE IS HARU!!!" Her roar made everyone tremble in fear.



Esdeath roared once again when she saw they didn't answer her.

"H - He is going to check the beast who is attacking the villagers on the Mt. Fake with officer Ubiquitous."

Esdeath ignored all of them after hearing his location and started to chase after him.


Everyone was very scared and wondered what their Chief had done to General Esdeath to make her that angry.


Such a big thing, of course, would be heard by everyone.

Honest read the report that had been gathered by his subordinates since he was also quite surprised when Esdeath had charged into Haru's office and caused the weather in the Capital to turn into a cold.


Honest sighed when he read the report that Haru had been quite close to his attendant Seryu Ubiquitous and his subordinates thought that they had such a relationship. He also knew that it was quite common for a man to want some spice on his marriage life since he had done so. He also understood why Esdeath was so angry and couldn't help but sigh once again at Haru. He looked at the weather which in the Capital that had turned into snowy while thinking that Haru would be hatched to death by Esdeath at this time.