Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1 Chapter 53 Let Me Help You 1

Haru has been in his new house since the renovation was finished. He had bought necessities and he was ready to open. He wanted to open this cafe in a month since he knew there was a Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. He wanted to make a name for his cafe and maybe become a place for the students in that academy for an internship. He thought it would be interesting to have a girl from that academy to work here.

Sora didn't follow him since she was too lazy and studied together with Kato in the apartment. She wanted to go to the same school as him and that was why she studied very hard.

Haru was looking at the coffee collection that he had bought before. He didn't mind buying coffee beans early since it could be kept for a long time. He thought about food and decided to buy a cooking skill from the group chat to make him more skillful.

"The problem is the employee," Haru had thought a lot but it was hard to find an employee for this cafe since he decided to make a maid cafe. He wanted someone who had the experience to work in a maid cafe. He was wondering whether he could scout that girl to his cafe.

*tinkle tinkle

Haru looked at the door of his house and saw a beautiful girl there. He smiled at her, "How is it?"

"It's not bad," Utaha said and sat on the counter seat in the cafe. She didn't expect that he could design his cafe to become comfortable and cozy. She thought it would be wonderful to write a novel in his cafe.

His cafe was modeled after one of the most famous cafes in his world before. He mimicked the design of' The Bank', one of the famous Starbucks Stores in Amsterdam. He didn't really care about plagiarism since he didn't find a Starbucks in this world. He didn't change the second floor and decided to use it for a place to live.

Haru also made a place for a music venue in his cafe. He was wondering whether that girl who was singing in the street would sing in his cafe.

He found some similarities but he also found a lot of differences. For example, the car company was the same. But the difference was also a lot since he couldn't find some manga, movie, novel, music and other famous things.

Utaha sniffed, "Is this coffee?"

Haru nodded, "I've just prepared, do you want a cup?"

"Sure, let me try it, I'll be your first customer," Utaha gave him a smile and added, "I won't be merciful."

Haru twitched his lips and wanted to spit, 'Do you think this is battle manga?' He shook his head and prepared a coffee for her. He had bought an Arabica coffee bean from Java before and made it in the coffee drip methods. He knew that most of the people in this country didn't really like a coffee with strong taste but rather a coffee with a light taste and more taste from the coffee beans. He thought he should mimic the coffee shop in his past world and make a blended beverage too.

Haru prepared a coffee for a while and served it to her, "You're fine with bitter coffee right?"

Utaha nodded, "Sure, I can drink a lot of bitter things." She said while showing off her tongue.

"Alright, don't say something nonsense," Haru shook his head and felt his pants became uncomfortable. He started to remember what he had done with Anko.

Utaha smiled and sniffed the aroma of coffee. She sipped the coffee slowly and she could taste a sweet, savory, and a bit chocolaty from this coffee. She nodded, "It's good, but I have come to fulfill my promise."

Haru nodded, "Sure, I've prepared the costume for you to change."

Utaha blushed, "Pervert."

Haru frowned, "Aren't you the one who gave me the request?"

Utaha sighed. She thought that he would confess to her at that time but she didn't expect him to suddenly raise such a pervy request to her. Even so, she had said that she could help him with world domination. He decided to ask her to wear such a shameful uniform. She sighed and nodded, "Alright, where is the changing room?"

"It's on the back, do you want me to guide you?" Haru asked.

"I want you to help me wear the uniform," Utaha said with a smile.

Haru twitched his lips and thought for a bit, "Sure, maybe you don't know how to wear the clothes, let me help you."

'Hey!!!!' Utaha was stunned as it didn't follow the scripts. She thought that he would be embarrassed and rejected the idea but she didn't expect him to want to help her.

"Let's go, let's enter the changing room," Haru held her shoulders and helped her to go to the changing room.

'EEEEHHHHHH???' Utaha wasn't sure why she didn't reject it.


Sora was in the apartment together with Kato.

"Where is Haru?" Kato asked.

"He was at his cafe," Sora said.

"Cafe?" Kato asked.

Sora nodded, "I don't know but he wants to make a cafe suddenly." She looked at her and asked, "Do you want to see it?"

Kato nodded, "Sure, I'm quite curious."

"Well, I'm pretty tired of studying most of the time, let's go there, let's surprise him," Sora said with a mischievous smile.

Kato gave her a light smile and both of them went to his cafe.