Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 530

Volume 1 Chapter 530 Group Of Beast

Haru and Seryu went out together to go to Mt. Fake to exterminate the beasts which had attacked the villagers.

Seryu who had turned serious started to tell him about the detailed report about the beast that had appeared on the Capital.

"Do they have almost the same features as humans?" Haru asked.

"Yes, I can't say exactly the same since their appearance is pretty ugly, but it is a bit similar," Seryu said.


Haru was speechless and he didn't need to guess who was behind this problem.

They talked for a while until they stopped a kilometer away from the mountain. They climbed to the top of a tree to see the mountain better.

Haru told Seryu that he wanted to check the mountain with his Teigu. He used his Spectator and looked at the large mountain in front of him. He couldn't help but frown when he saw what was hiding inside that mountain.

Haru saw a lot of people inside that were being tied by a chain and some of them were mutilated. He tried to search for someone and saw a normal person there inside the laboratory inside the Mt. Fake. "Dr. Stylish." He felt quite curious about where Dr. Stylish's other laboratory was hidden and knew that he needed to destroy it soon.

"What?" Seryu was surprised when she heard it. She knew about the ability of Haru's Teigu and knew when those words came out that the mastermind behind the beast attack was Dr. Stylish. She had anger on her face when she thought about a lot of people who had died because of him. "We need to exterminate him for justice."

Haru agreed with Seryu since he had been very disgusted with Dr. Stylish, especially about what Stylish had done to the people in the Empire. He thought that it was a good chance to end Dr. Stylish's life.

"What are we going to do now?" Seryu asked.

"What else?" Haru asked while raising his eyebrow.

Seryu felt dumb to ask that question and said, "That's right! There is only one thing that we need to do now."

Haru and Seryu jumped down from the top of the tree and moved toward the foothills of the mountain. They kept moving and before long they had met their enemies.




They saw a group of beasts looking at them with a hostile expression. They could see a savage and bloodthirsty expression on their faces showing that they were ready to kill them.

"Coro!" Seryu shouted.

Coro, who was in dog form, suddenly transformed itself into a very large dog that stood up with two legs. Its body was full of muscle and it also showed very sharp fangs on its mouth. "ROARRRRR!!!!" The roar was several times louder than any of the beasts in front of them.

Seryu took out her gun ready to exterminate those beasts.

After meeting with Haru, Seryu's life was quite peaceful and she hadn't done a dangerous thing such as fighting Night Raid. She didn't have an operation on her body like in the past and her body had always been alright. That was why she didn't have a strange weapon on her body and fought with either with a gun or a tonfa.

Haru took out a knife from his pocket since with this number of beasts it was too troublesome to use a gun. He didn't use a sword, because he felt that a knife was more comfortable being used in close combat rather than a sword since he didn't train his swordsmanship that much, but he had cooked for a long time. His hand was very nimble at handling a knife and he was more dangerous with his knife.

If possible then he might have used his light magic and shot out a laser to all the beasts in this place or even smashed a meteor, but he had decided to not use it since it might be a bit too much.

Haru suddenly remembered a character who loved to shoot out very large magic while screaming "Explosion!" all the time in the story. He didn't want to become similar to that girl and thought to handle this problem in a clean manner.

"RAWRRR!!!!" Coro, in its monster form, charged toward the group of beasts biting them hard. It had become very wild and would kill all of the enemies of its master and Haru. "RAWRRR!!!!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Seryu was in behind supporting Coro with her gun shooting all of the beasts making them incapacitated and letting Coro eat all of them into its mouth.

"RAWRR!!!" Coro thought that it was a feast and the ground was full of blood.

However, it was far from enough to make the group of the beast become scared since their numbers were a lot.

Seryu could see that the number of beasts could reach 50 or more. However, her justice's heart wouldn't give up and would decimate all of them. "Chief!" She was wondering what Haru was doing, but she didn't expect that he was being surrounded by a lot of beasts and knew that she was too late to save him. Even though she knew that Haru was powerful, she hadn't seen him fighting that much and she didn't know about his real power.

Haru, who saw a lot of beasts, couldn't help but sigh. He heard Seryu's voice and said, "Just this number won't defeat me."


The beasts were ready to eat him without leaving a bone behind, but suddenly.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Haru suddenly escaped from them and swung his knife to clean the blood on his knife.

"ROARRRR!!!" The beasts were confused at first, but they didn't care much and started to attack him again.

"You're all already dead," Haru said and walked away.


All the beasts that had surrounded him suddenly decimated into a meatloaf while thinking about what was happening. In their death, they couldn't understand what had happened to them.


Dr. Stylish, who was inside his laboratory, suddenly heard a loud noise and felt confused. "What is happening?"