Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 531

Volume 1 Chapter 531 Stylish

Haru didn't even see the group of beasts as an ingredient since he knew that this group of beasts was human in the past and because of Dr. Stylish's experiment all of them had turned into a Danger Beasts.

Danger Beasts, sometimes also referred to as Risk Species, are fearsome creatures in this world. They are extremely hostile and will attack any human who dares to wander into their territory. Some Danger Beasts' body parts have been used in the production of Teigu, Shingu, and Meihou, utilizing the unique qualities the Danger Beast had in life to imbue a piece of equipment with powers. Notable examples include Demon's Extract, which used the blood of a rare Danger Beast able to manipulate Ice, Incursio's invisibility from the Tyrant's natural defense or Cross Tail, whose threads are made from the fur of a Super-Class Danger Beast.

It wasn't strange when some people wanted to do an experiment to control a group of Danger Beasts since they could become a powerful army, but what Dr. Stylish had done was very inhumane since he had turned a human into a mindless beast.

That is why.

"I'll give you a swift death," Haru said and killed a group of beasts instantly with his knife.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Each of the beasts was instantly killed after being slashed by Haru's knife.

Haru's attack was extremely precise and attacked the right spot of each beast killed them with one attack and even though he didn't turn himself into a light, his speed was very speed and before the majority of a group of beasts that they had faced had fallen into the ground making a pool of blood.

Seryu was excited when she saw Haru was very powerful. "Coro! We can't lose to the Chief!"

"RAWRRR!" Coro nodded and became fiercer attacking the group of beasts.


Dr. Stylish had seen both Seryu and Haru who had caused trouble in his place. He sighed and put his attention to Haru. "Well, it can't be helped...." He licked his lips and said, "I'll enjoy you this time." He put his palm on his cheek while smiling. "Let's go."


Behind Dr. Stylish there were hundreds of humanoid Danger Beasts from all of his experiments. He knew that Haru was powerful, but he felt he could handle him. He also had his own trump card and thought to use it when he was cornered. "Fufufu...."


On the top of the Danger Beasts, everyone from the Night Raid decided to move together to hunt down the Danger Beasts that had attacked the people around the Capital.

Everyone had serious expressions on their faces since anything could happen during the mission.

Tatsumi held his sword and ready to hunt down the beast that had threatened the people in the Capital.

Chelsea had a calm expression on her face while thinking about something.

"We're almost there," Najenda said.

They came with a full member since they wanted to thoroughly end this group of beasts who had made trouble in the Capital.

"Be careful, Tatsumi," Bulat said.

"Yes, Big Bro!" Tatsumi answered with a very spirited voice.


They looked at both of them and hoped that they didn't have such a dubious relationship.


Seryu, Haru, and Coro kept killing the beasts until no one left.

Seryu and Coro were covered in blood since the blood of the beasts that they had slain were sprayed on their bodies.

Haru was very clean and no stain was found on his body since he could avoid all of them quite easily without making his uniform dirty.

Seryu looked at Haru and thought that he was very strong.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

"GRRR....!!!!" Coro showed a very hostile expression toward the direction of the noise.

Seryu and Haru also turned their attention to this claps and saw a figure that walked toward them.

"Dr. Stylish...." Seryu squinted her eyes when she saw this person.

"Oh my, isn't it Captain and Seryu-chan?" Dr. Stylish said with a meek expression while placing his palm on his cheek.

"Dr. Stylish! You're going to get arrested for what you have done to the villagers!" Seryu said while pointing her weapon at him.

"Me? Getting arrested? What am I doing? I don't think that I have ever committed a crime?" Dr. Stylish seemed quite confused.

"Don't act like you don't know! You have been killing all the people around the Capital with that beast of yours, right?" Seryu said while pointing at the beast beside Dr. Stylish. She could tell that the one who controlled that group of beasts was Dr. Stylish.

"No, no, no, this isn't a crime! I'm just doing something to make an ultimate stylish!" Dr. Stylish said with a strange pose.


"Ultimate stylish?" Seryu raised her eyebrow with a confused expression.

"Yes! Ultimate Stylish! Uh!" Dr. Stylish looked at them with an excited expression and said, "Just look at these beasts! You can see that I can control them, right? They're also very powerful! Just think of them killing my enemy making my body throbbing in excitement! This is what I can say as an ULTIMATE STYLISH!!!!!!!" He hugged his own body tightly while moving around his waist excitedly.

Seryu frowned and felt more confused. She thought that it was better to catch this person or end it right away since it was too troublesome.

"So you won't stop?" Haru asked.

"Stop? No!" Dr. Stylish shook his head and said, "I'm not going to stop until I have reached the pinnacle of stylish!" He looked at Haru and said, "Captain, how about you follow me? I can make you more powerful and more stylish." He licked his lips while looking at Haru.

Haru felt too disgusted at this guy and said, "Your punishment is a death sentence."

Seryu nodded beside him.

"Sigh... I guess you can't understand the ultimate stylishness." Dr. Stylish seemed to be very disappointed and said, "Then, it can't be helped! I will turn you into my plaything with my boys!"


Suddenly more beasts came out from the mountain and their number reached into a hundred or more.