Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 532

Volume 1 Chapter 532 Why Don't We Go Back First Husband?

They could see a lot of monsters in front of them.

Some of them were similar to a dinosaur, some of them were similar to a bear, some of them were similar to a human, and there was a lot of more, but one thing for sure that all of them were very hostile toward the three of them.

"You're ready, Seryu?" Haru asked.

"Yes, Chief!" Seryu said and she was ready for this battle. She would uphold all the justice within the Empire and also punish all the criminals in this Empire too. "CORO!!!!"

"RAAWWRRRR!!!!" Coro's body turned red making its appearance fiercer.

The monsters in front of them charged toward them directly with an intent to kill all of them.

"Ah, leave the male one behind," Dr. Stylish said.

Haru frowned and thought that he wouldn't be satisfied without torturing this guy first. He suddenly thought that he was a bit similar to Esdeath to a certain extent.


The group of beasts had surrounded them, but in front of Haru, all of them were just small fries.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Haru killed ten monsters instantly and kept slashing around with his knife.

Coro and Seryu also attacked the monsters together killing them without mercy.

The ground had turned red because of the blood that had come out from the body of the monsters.

Haru kept killing the monsters, but suddenly he noticed a flying beast in the sky. He could see a member of Night Raid was coming toward them.


The Night Raid had almost arrived at the location of the beasts that had attacked the people in the Capital, but suddenly they smelled an intense smell of blood.

Mine noticed two familiar people in the forest. "That is Haru and one of the Jaegers members."

No one was surprised by the group of beasts, no, monsters that number had reached hundreds or more, but rather they were more surprised at how fast Haru was at killing the monsters.

"Huh? Why is he here?" Chelsea was surprised when she saw Haru around the crowd.

"What do you mean by that?" Tatsumi asked.

"I have given all of the information about him to Esdeath before," Chelsea said.


Everyone was stupified when they heard it.

"Are you serious?" Bulat was surprised.

Chelsea nodded and said, "You guys are too soft. I have told everything about his wrongdoings to Esdeath."



Haru who was killing the group of monsters suddenly almost fell down on the ground when he heard what Chelsea was saying from the flying beast in the sky. He suddenly understood why Esdeath was angry earlier and he also knew that he couldn't stay at the Capital again at this moment. "This bitch!" He was quite annoyed at this moment and thought a lot of punishment for them. He moved faster and killed the majority of the monsters in an instant before a leap to the sky. "Seryu! I'll let you handle that pervert!"


Seryu and Dr. Stylish were surprised at Haru's speed and even more surprised at how he had decimated the majority of the monsters.

"YES, SIR!!!" Seryu hurriedly spoke and charged towards Dr. Stylish.

"Huhuhu... DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS ALL MY POWER? LET ME SHOW YOU THE POWER OF MY STYLISH!!!!!" Dr. Stylish laughed really hard before pressing a button on his pocket.

Suddenly the mountain was shaking and more monsters had come out from the mountain charged endlessly toward Seryu and Coro.


"Huh? Can he fly?" Mine was surprised.

"That's not the problem here!" Leone hurriedly said.

"RUN!!!!" Lubbock screamed.

Najenda hurriedly controlled her flying beast to run away from this place.

They could see how Haru could decimate all of the beasts with an instant movement and knew that they weren't his opponent.

"Why you did that?!" Tatsumi was panicked at this moment.

"Because I didn't think that he could hear us!" Chelsea said with a serious expression.

"I heard you," Haru said.


Haru took out his Cross Tail and started to create a grid pattern net that was very large in front of them.

Lubbock, who was familiar with Cross Tail, felt strange at this moment since he knew that the thread of Cross Tail was quite strong, but it wasn't strong enough to stop them. 'Why has he made a net?' He thought for a while and suddenly realized something. "He is using Realm-Cutting Thread!"

Realm-Cutting Thread is a trump card of Cross Tail and its thread was sharper and more powerful than the rest of the thread since it originated from the stronger parts of the original Danger Beast's body.

Sheele who was holding her huge scissors cut down a thread and made an escape for all of them. "Let's go!"

They ran out from the flying beast hurriedly and when they turned they saw their beast had turned into small dices.

Haru frowned when he saw Sheele's Teigu and had forgotten that it could cut anything. However, they wouldn't be able to run away from him.


Haru stopped and turned when he heard his name being called. He saw that Seryu and Coro were being surrounded by more monsters and their numbers had increased. He didn't hesitate and simply gave up chasing after Night Raid since he could catch them later. He charged toward Seryu and saved both of them before killing all of the monsters around her surroundings. His mood was pretty bad at this moment, but suddenly everything cooled down. He felt a very intense chill from behind that made him quite nervous.

Seryu and Dr. Stylish also noticed the intense cold and hurriedly turned their attention toward this source of cold.

They saw a beautiful woman with military uniforms moving very fast toward them.

"I have found you," Esdeath said while staring at Haru's figure.

Haru shuddered at this moment when he saw her.


The group of monsters noticed that Esdeath had come toward them and also started to attack her.

"Shut up," Esdeath said simply and created large ice that froze all of the beasts in an instant.


Esdeath was smiling, but this smile was a smile that could give everyone a chill and shudder. "Why don't we go back first, Husband??"