Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 533

Volume 1 Chapter 533 Second Fight

Haru had lost his usual indifferent expression and could only sigh at this moment. He knew that the new member of the Night Raid, Chelsea, had told everything to Esdeath. He looked at Esdeath and asked, "What if I don't want to go back?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll bring you back even if I have to give you a chain on your neck, Husband," Esdeath said while squinting her eyes. She suddenly wondered why Honest had always given her a strange smile when he mentioned Haru.

It was this morning that she had received a doc.u.ment on her table and started to read it. However, she couldn't help but became angry when she kept reading the doc.u.ment on her table. She didn't expect Haru who was very good at cooking and the one that had given her a good time before had deceived everyone that he was her husband.

Esdeath was very stupified, but also very angry when she knew about it since she didn't expect for someone to brave enough to act as her husband in the Empire.


"T - This is a misunderstanding, I can slowly explain it," Haru said with a long sigh. Even though he might be able to defeat her, he didn't want to hurt her.

"Sure, let's go back to the Capital now since I have prepared a lot of torture methods for you," Esdeath said and moved forward toward Haru.

Haru turned and said, "Bye." He had decided to change the location since he knew that he would have a battle against Esdeath after this.

Esdeath also fastened her speed and said, "Wait up!"


"H - Haru is General Esdeath's husband?" Seryu was surprised at this moment and wasn't sure what to do. Her head was in a mess when she knew that Haru was Esdeath's husband. She almost lost her will to fight at this moment. If her justice wasn't strong enough then she would be too shocked when she heard this news.

"Stylish..." Dr. Stylish looked at the large ice that had been created by Esdeath. He felt that his power wasn't stylish enough compared to Esdeath. "THIS IS THE ULTIMATE STYLISH THAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!!!"

"Ha? What are you talking about?" Seryu's mood was pretty bad at this moment.

Dr. Stylish shook his head and said, "I still need to learn more about this." He turned and wanted to run away since he wasn't good at close combat and he also didn't have his monsters anymore.

Seryu frowned and said, "Wait!" She looked at Coro and said, "Coro, kill him!" Even though she was cornered about the matter between Esdeath and Haru, she would catch this criminal so he wouldn't cause any more trouble to the world.

"RAWRRRRR!!!!" Coro charged toward Dr. Stylish and wanted to end this pervert's life. It opened its mouth wide and wanted to chomp him down.

Dr. Stylish was scared at this moment on his face and he wasn't sure what to do at the time.

However, suddenly a man with a black robe appeared and caught Dr. Stylish on his hand, but Coro could chomp down Dr. Stylish's hand.

"ARGGG!!!" Dr. Stylish screamed in pain and looked at Seryu in hate.

Seryu also chased after them and shot out her gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The man in black robe dodged Seryu's bullet while running away.

Coro didn't waste its chance and opened its mouth again to kill them.

However, a purple light suddenly appeared below the man in the black robe and he disappeared along with Dr. Stylish in his hand.


Coro looked around with a confused expression since they had disappeared so suddenly.

Seryu stopped in the area where they had disappeared and couldn't help but frown. She suddenly thought that this incident wasn't so simple. She wasn't sure what to do now and looked at the direction where Haru and Esdeath had disappeared.


Haru who was running away was moving at the speed that could be reached by Esdeath. If he really wanted to run away then in this world there was no one who would able to stop him. In Group Chat, he was the person with the strongest escape means.

However, Esdeath didn't expect Haru to be this fast and created a large wall of ice in front of him to stop his movement.


Haru looked at the large wall that spanned easily around hundreds of meters in front of him and thought about Esdeath's Teigu.

In the story, Esdeath's Teigu is the strongest Teigu and to kill her Akame needed the help of one million armies of the Revolutionary Army to end her life.

"Just give up and let me catch you," Esdeath said in front of him.

"Can you not catch me?" Haru asked.


Esdeath looked at Haru at that moment and could see a different expression from him. "Why have you never smiled in front of me?" She had good impression of him, and tried to ask him to smile. Even though she knew the real reason, she didn't think that it should make him to not able to smile to him. She became more interested, however, she needed to give him a punishment for the thing that he had done.


"I have deceived everyone using your name, how can I smile in front of you? I'm very nervous every day," Haru said. He told Esdeath truthfully since he was really uncomfortable to use her name, but he knew that it was the fastest way to usurp the Empire.

Esdeath nodded and said, "Then, go back with me and tell me why you have done that."

"No, I'm not going back," Haru said. He wasn't stupid enough to go back since he knew that this woman was ready to torture him.

"Then, there is no other choice," Esdeath took out her sword and charged toward Haru.

Haru raised his knife and he was ready for his second fight with Esdeath. He looked at this woman and thought that he really should make her into his wife.