Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 535

Volume 1 Chapter 535 Better To Die

Haru, who saw Syura suddenly appear in front of him, didn't hesitate and used his Cross Tail to cut down Syura's wrist and took the Teigu on Syura's hand.

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala.

It was one of the Teigu that he had always wanted to have and this time this Teigu was in his hand.

Haru knew with this Teigu he was able to teleport everywhere as long as he had marked the location that he wanted to teleport to. He was very grateful to Syura who had sent out this Teigu for him. "Now, I can't let you run away, right?" He moved very fast to catch after Syura.

Syura who screamed in pain hurriedly ran away after his wrist was cut down by Haru. He knew that he would be killed once he was caught. He couldn't defeat Haru, especially after he had lost his Teigu. He couldn't defeat him, but it didn't mean that he couldn't start his revenge after he had gone back. His life was more important and once he could escape from him then it wouldn't be late for him to start his revenge, but it was impossible to run away from him.

Haru suddenly appeared in front of Syura and raised his right leg kicking him away.


Syura who saw Haru who would kick him hurriedly raised his arm to block Haru's attack, but his arm was broken when he blocked Haru's attack. "ARGGGGG!!!!" He screamed in pain once again and he couldn't do anything since both of his arms had gone. One was cut down and one was broken. He looked at Haru with fear and pleaded. "Please don't kill me! I'll give you anything! Just leave my life and I won't do anything to you!"

"Really?! You won't have revenge on me?" Haru asked.

"Yes! Yes! I won't do it! You can have my Teigu and I'll also give you more money! You want a promotion too, right? I'll talk with my father to raise your position! Just please don't kill me! I'll do anything!" Syura was crying while pleading with him.

If normal people saw Syura then they might give up trying to kill him, but Haru was different.

Haru had activated Spectator on his forehead and read the mind of Syura. He knew very well about the personality and cruelty of this guy and everything that Syura was saying to him was a fart. He activated the Spectator and frowned when he heard the mind of Syura.

'I need to save my life out of this place.'

'As long as I can get out then it won't be too late to kill him!'

'No, it is too cheap to kill him! I'll torture him and even make him feel that it is better to die rather than be alive!'

'Seryu Ubiquitous is close to him? Let me see what his expression is when he sees me f.u.c.k out, torturing, and killing that girl in front of him!'

Syura kept pleading with Haru, but his mind was thinking about how to have revenge on Haru.

Haru who had read Syura's mind could only think that this guy was better to die. He knew how cruel the people in this world were and some of them were even thinking not as a human, but they were simply a beast and Syura in front of him was one of them. Even though there were also people like that in his original world, it was quite uncomfortable really when he read such a wicked mind.

Haru remembered that in the story Syura would create a special squad that was made entirely with a criminal.

That group was very cruel since they would kill, ****, and even rob everything without blinking their eyes.

Haru also remembered that they would also try to **** Bols's wife and daughter in front of Bols's grave and kill them right away.

Bols was very gentle and Haru had considered him a very good soldier, but because of his background as an Incineration Squad. Bols had burnt a lot of people, villages, towns, a lot of things in his life and that was why he had never considered himself a good person, but such a people if compared to an evil person such as Syura or Honest then Bols was indeed very gentle since he wouldn't torture people and only did his job hoping to end their misery right away.

Haru had never considered letting go of Syura since killing him was doing a good deed to humanity. If he didn't remember wrong Syura had also placed a mark on a volcano that he would teleport to the Capital when he was in trouble. From this point of view, Syura could only consider another human's being as livestock or trash in his eyes.

Haru couldn't let him go back and lived in this place. He nodded and said, "Sure, you can run away, just jump out into that pool." He pointed his finger at the black pool, which was nearby Dr. Stylish's laboratory.

"Really?" Syura was excited when he heard it.

"Just go before I change my mind," Haru said.

Syura didn't say anything and started to run very fast toward the pool. He had imagined a lot of things that he did to have his revenge and jumped out to the pool, but he wouldn't expect that there was a lot of Danger Beast that had been waiting for him inside the pool. "ARRRGGGGGH!!!!!! HELP ME! HELP ME!" He kept screaming while his body was being eaten by the Danger Beasts inside the pool.

Haru didn't say anything and walked away after he had confirmed everything was over. He didn't go back to the Capital since he needed to do something after this. "Night Raid..." He wouldn't be satisfied if he didn't do something to that naughty girl who had caused him trouble.