Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 536

Volume 1 Chapter 536 N.a.k.e.d Goddess

Haru was searching the location of Night Raid's hiding place which was hidden in the West of the Capital deep into the forest.

How does he know about this?

Haru had placed a tracker on Mine before when he had hugged her in the past. Even though the tracker had gone since the size was too small, he could deduct the general location of Night Raid's hiding place.

In the past, he didn't think much about Night Raid since their activity didn't bother him and there were a lot of beautiful girls in that group. He didn't want to hurt them and that was why he ignored them and also stopped them from dying from fighting the people in the Capital.

In the story, almost all members of the Night Raid had died such as Sheele who was killed by Seryu, but that didn't happen since Seryu didn't meet Sheele and Mine before.

Bulat also didn't die since Bulat didn't need to fight the Three Beasts since he had assassinated them before.

The Night Raid also didn't posse a strength to defeat him, and that was why he didn't care much about them, but their action today was too much.

Haru didn't expect for them to expose his lie to Esdeath right away and almost made his identity exposed to everyone in the Capital.

It was pure luck that Honest Prime Minister was quite dumb and thought that he was really Esdeath's husband. Even though he had to admit that he had an idea to marry Esdeath, he sighed when he thought about her personality. He needed to be the one who dominated, not being dominated by that woman.

However, that problem was over since Syura had teleported Esdeath to another place.

If he wasn't wrong then Esdeath should be teleported to the remote island on the Southeast of the Empire. It was quite far from the Empire, but he had confidence that Esdeath could come back to the Empire soon.

Why is he confident? Because it is Esdeath. She is the strongest and the most talented person in this world.

Haru wouldn't be surprised if Esdeath was using her Teigu to fly back right to the Empire from the location where she was teleported. That showed how much talent and power that woman had and if he was lazy then he might be overtaken by that woman.

Haru was using his Spectator to find the hiding place of the Night Raid since this Teigu was really useful. He could see during the dark and also saw a faraway place with only this Teigu. It made his progress to find their hiding place easier.

However, Haru didn't go after them directly, but he tried to use the Shambala that he had gotten from Syura. He had to admit that the ability of Shambala was fascinating since it enabled him to teleport from place to place. He thought that it would be very useful for transportation and a lot of missions in the future.

Haru knew that the mission in the Group Chat was quite difficult and dangerous, however, with the help of Teigu that he had collected then he thought that it would be able to help everyone in the Group Chat.

Haru had moved around for a few hours and also told Seryu to go back first since he needed to do something first. He had also seen that Seryu's state was quite wrong and didn't dare to look at him at that time. He was wondering whether he had done something wrong or if it might have something to do with the thing that Esdeath had said earlier.

Haru wasn't dumb and could see that Seryu was attracted to him, but he had something more important to do right now and that was to conquer the Empire. It wouldn't be too late to fix their relationship later and make her part of Imperial Harem.

Well, he was joking, but there was that possibility.

Haru knew how s.e.xy the female members of the Night Raid were and he also had a good impression of them. If only they hadn't told Esdeath about his report, who had lied about his identity to everyone, that he was her husband.

Haru took quite a long time to search the position of Night Raid's headquarters and he also wasn't in a hurry in either since he would find them soon. He stood on the top of the tree while activating his Spectator and his eyes couldn't help but be surprised with what he had seen. He hurriedly made his body invisible using his light magic by reflecting the light around his body.

Turning invisible was very easy for him and he moved quite fast, but he was also very careful to not create a sound.

Haru thought that it was too troublesome to walk and decided to float directly in the direction of heaven.


Haru could hear the sound of beautiful laughers and could see a group of a goddess who was taking a bath in the hot spring. He could see Leone, Mine, Sheele, Akame, and Chelsea who were n.a.k.e.d while chatting to each other with a smile on the hot spring.


Haru was a bit speechless and couldn't help but feel excited at this moment. He thought to punish them and didn't expect the chance would appear so soon. He looked around and saw their clothes along with their belongings before stealing them so they would be harmless.

"It's good to take a bath after a mission," Leone said, a relaxed expression letting her large b.r.e.a.s.ts float in the pool.


Mine was looking at Leone with a jealous expression and looked at her chest while covering it with her hand. Her size wasn't small and it was the same size as a small cup of the bowl, but her size was the smallest compared to everyone here. However, she wouldn't show her jealous expression at them.

Haru who observed Mine couldn't help but nodded at this moment and thought that her body was quite similar to Sora. He thought for a while and decided to observe those goddesses playing in the pool since it was quite a rare chance.