Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 538

Volume 1 Chapter 538 Marry Me If You Want Your Clothes Back


They didn't expect Haru to have this power. They only knew that the owner of this ability was Bulat since Bulat owned Demon Armor: Incursio.

Incursio was an Armor-type Teigu that took on the form of a short sword with a chain-link tassel in its sealed form. Once released, the user was enveloped in full body armor. It was created from the flesh of Tyrant, a Super Class Danger Beast.

Due to its origins as the Danger Beast Tyrant, Incursio possessed an aptitude for adaptation and evolution. However, the most noticeable ability of this armor was turning the armor along with its user to become invisible to certain times.

They knew that it was impossible for someone to turn invisible beside using Incursio and that was why they were a bit surprised at this moment, but there was something more important to do right now and they could think about why he could turn invisible later.

They could only hear his laughter and Leone tried to attack the source of the sound, but her attack was to no avail and she hit nothing.

All of the girls who had taken a bath didn't bring their Teigu and they were just a lamb that was ready to be slaughtered at this moment.

Mine was blushing and tried to hide her body while shouting, "If we're going to fight then at least give me back my clothes, bastard!?" She didn't expect Haru to be this rogue when he wanted to do it. She could only see Leone and Akame who tried to attack him but kept missing. She really hoped for him to give back her clothes since she was very embarrassed.

Haru thought for a while and said, "In my hometown, there is a legend."

They raised their eyebrows when they heard his voice. They tried to guess his location since they needed to get their clothes back.

"There is a mighty young man who has always gone to the forest to hunt for a beast for his food. However, at that time, he was going to the forest. He met a group of the beautiful goddess who had taken a bath in the lake. After that, He has stolen the clothes of the most beautiful goddess and asks the goddess to marry him if she wants her clothes back. Then this goddess decides to marry the young man."

Even though Haru was talking at this moment, he kept teleporting around since he had marked several places around this location before.

In the ears of the girls, his voice suddenly could be heard from the north, south, west, and a lot of random places. It was hard to guess the exact location of Haru's position.

"Now, I'm in front of a group of beautiful women like a goddess who is playing inside water...." Haru gave a pause for a while and said, "Now I'm stealing all of your clothes and based on this legend all of you need to marry me."


Mine shouted in response. She didn't expect Haru to be this greedy and very shameless to bring them to his harem. If Haru had given back her Pumpkin then she would definitely put a hole in his body.

"Well, Mine, so you want to marry me alone?" Haru suddenly asked.

"What? Of course not!" Mine answered unconsciously while blushing at this moment. She didn't mind that, but it was hard for her to be honest.

"Then, it can't be helped, I need all of you to marry me," Haru said once again in a rogue manner.

"BASTARD?!" Mine was speechless and didn't expect him to give up easily.


They thought that Haru really had an interest in Mine at this moment.

"Or else I won't return your clothes."


Everyone was silent and wasn't sure what to say when this guy was very shameless.

"Not only that, I won't return your clothes. I'll also catch all of you later and I'll..." Haru didn't need to continue his words since those words had caused a lot of imagination on the head of the girls

They knew that the threat that came out from Haru's mouth was real, especially when they didn't have a Teigu on their sides. Even if they also brought their Teigu it would also lead to a very hard battle.


Chelsea stood up without covering her body. She showed her beautiful n.a.k.e.d body to him without shame and she also knew that this situation was her responsibility. "I'm the one who has put your information on Esdeath's desk. It has nothing to do with them and everything is my fault. I'll marry you instead of them!" She didn't think that it was that bad of an idea when she thought about it.

Mine was blushing and shouted, "Don't you have an interest in me? You have said that I'm cute, right? You have also asked me to marry you earlier! So... I'll marry you and let them go!" She thought that it was the fastest solution and she also wanted to correct her mistake.

"My body is the hottest among everyone! I'll also be a very perfect bed companion and I can teach you a lot of things! If you want to marry then you should marry me!" Leone also shouted.

"Choose me!" Akame came out from the pool and also joined, but after saying two words she didn't say anything afterward since she didn't know what to say at this moment.

"Haruka-kun, from the first time we met, I have fallen in love with you. You're very handsome and it makes my heart throbbing every time I see you. Marrying you is my lifelong wish...." Sheele said with a very soft expression and tender voice.


Haru didn't expect all of them to be so eager to marry him and somehow it made him a bit embarrassed.