Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 539

Volume 1 Chapter 539 Who Am I Going To Choose?

Haru looked at everyone who had given him a proposal and really seriously considered it. He felt that he had become the winner of life with five women who proposed to him at the same time.

Chelsea was very good. Her body was very fit and she was also very beautiful, because of the candy on her mouth her lips would be very sweet. She also owned the Gaea Foundation that made her able to transform into everything, making every fantasy possible.

Akame also wasn't going to lose since her body was also not bad, but she also had a little sister that made the combination of both of them simply very dangerous.

Mine also wasn't bad. Even though her body was small, it was fun to tease her and she was also very beautiful too.

Leone had the hottest body and she was similar to a wild cat that made anyone couldn't resist her charm.

Sheele might be the most special since she gave a feeling of a very kind older sister. Haru couldn't help but think about being pampered by Sheele and it would be really nice to marry her.

However, Haru didn't think too much after this since he would be an emperor later and it wouldn't be weird if he had his own harem later. He really hoped to get something good to maintain his harem since having harem in different worlds was quite hard to maintain since he needed to pay certain points to teleport from one world to another world.

"Dear, can you return our clothes first?" Chelsea said timidly.

Haru woke up from his daydream and looked at Chelsea.

"I'm sure that after Sheele screaming earlier everyone from the headquarters will come to this place. Najenda, Bulat, Tatsumi, and Lubbock will come to this place to check our situation...." Chelsea tried to be as pitiful as possible and said, "You don't want your women to be seen by other men, right?"

Everyone was surprised by Chelsea's words, but they hurriedly nodded and agreed with Chelsea since it was their chance to get their clothes back.

Haru thought for a while and nodded. "I agree. I can't let anyone see all of you in this state, but..." He gave a pause for a while and said, "If you want it back then you should kiss to each other first." He thought to make them kiss each other first since he felt quite nice to bully them. They had made very big trouble for him and it would be a waste to not use this chance to tease them. They didn't have their clothes and were pretty much harmless. Sheele and Akame also didn't bring their Extase and Murasame.

Haru felt that the most dangerous Teigu in this world was Extase since it could cut anything and Murasame which had dangerous poison that could kill anyone with one-touch

It was just when Haru had talked, the girls looked at each other and nodded in tacit understanding.

Akame jumped out to attack Haru without care even if she showed her private place.

Haru chuckled and teleported to another place in an instant.

"Over here!" Chelsea shouted and wanted to catch Haru who had teleported nearby.

Haru teleported once again, but this time he was caught, no, he let them catch him.

"You can't escape!" Mine hugged Haru who was in his invisible form tightly. She exposed his location to everyone.

Haru could escape from Mina with just shrugged his body, but he didn't do that. He didn't struggle and let the girls take their clothes from him one by one. He really had decided to give them back their clothes since he didn't want anyone to see them n.a.k.e.d.

Haru only wanted to see this scene by himself not to share it with other people.

Leone, Akame, Sheele, Chelsea, and Mine who had a conversation with him earlier knew that his location based on his voice earlier. They knew that Haru could only teleport to the same location from his voice and when they saw a chance they hurriedly caught him, because of that they had successfully taken back their clothes.

Shambala could only teleport to the location which had been marked.

Haru had only marked in some location earlier and it would be very easy for them to determine his location once they had gotten used to his voice. He thought that they were really the most powerful assassination group since they could determine his location earlier.

Haru looked at everyone who was wearing their clothes and decided to reveal himself after he deactivated his light magic. He had wanted to have his revenge earlier, but he was quite satisfied earlier. He also needed their power to usurp the Empire for himself later.

Haru smiled and asked, "Wife, when are we going to marry?"

"DON'T DREAM!!!" Mine replied in a loud voice. She had worn her clothes and couldn't help but become angry at him. She had a good impression of him but didn't expect for him to be this perverted. She pointed her finger at him and said, "YOU PERVERT! STAY SINGLE FOREVER!!!"

Akame at this moment launched a surprise attack with a branch of the tree at Haru. "Rest in peace!" She slashed the branch at Haru, but Haru caught the branch easily. She didn't give up and launched a punch, but she was simply being caught by Haru. "Let go of me!"

Haru took out the bread from his zipper and put it right into Akame's mouth. "Is it good?"

Akame who was being fed so suddenly ate the bread on her mouth unconsciously. Her eyes brightened up when she tasted it and couldn't help but eat it very fast. She also nodded when Haru asked that question.

"If you marry me, I can cook for you every day," Haru whispered.

"Let's get married," Akame said without hesitation.

"AKAME!!!!!" Mine was angry when she saw her friend who wanted to marry Haru so suddenly.

"Well, enough of a joke." Haru looked at them and said, "Do you have time to be here? Don't you need to help your friends in the base?"

Everyone raised their eyebrows and knew that the base might be attacked since someone didn't come at them at this moment.

"I'm not with them. I have only come since I'm very worried about your condition," Haru said.


They thought for a while and nodded since they didn't think that Haru was an enemy. Even though this guy had stolen their clothes, they knew that this guy wasn't their enemy. They looked at each other again and decided to go to the base to check what was happening.

Mine gritted her teeth while pointing her finger at him. She had an angry expression and said, "I'll have my revenge soon!"

Haru only shrugged his shoulders with a smile looking at Mine.

Mine felt very itchy and wanted to put a hole in him.

"Wait, Mine!" Haru said.

"What?!" Mine stopped and showed an angry expression to him.

"Here," Haru said and threw a Pumpkin at Mine.

Mine was surprised since she didn't expect that Haru would give him a Pumpkin to her. She didn't know where he had taken out Pumpkin. "W - What do you mean by this?!" She was confused by Haru's action.

"Do you want me to take it back?" Haru asked.

"Of course not! It's mine!" Mine hurriedly hugged her Teigu. "Don't regret it!"

"I'll regret it more if my actions hurt you," Haru said with sincere expression.

"......." Mine felt complicated at this moment.

"Go and help your friend, I'll come after this," Haru said.

Mine gritted her teeth and ran toward the direction of the base while saying, "Thank you" in a low voice. She tried to not blush at this moment and kept thinking that guy was perverted in her mind several times.

Haru saw them had run hurriedly to help their friends and he also went to help the Night Raid since he really needed their help to solve cancer within the Empire, but after that, no one knew what would happen to them.


Akame, who was running toward the base, was quite down.

"What's wrong, Akame?" Leone asked.

"I wasn't joking earlier," Akame said.