Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1 Chapter 54 Let Me Help You 2

Sora and Kato went out of the apartment to go to his new house.

Sora looked at her phone and used a GPS to go there. She was quite embarrassed since she didn't know the location of his house but he had already given her an address.

"Hmm, you don't know the location?" Kato asked.

Sora shook her head, "That place is a bit haunted, I'm quite afraid to go there."

"Haunted?" Kato was surprised.

Sora nodded, "He has told me that the ghost has been purified by his friend but still it was a haunted house before."

Kato was quite curious when she heard about this haunted house, "Purified?"

Sora nodded, "Yeah, it's probably safe there."

"Probably?" Kato felt dubious.

"Anyway, let's go there," Sora pulled her hand.

Kato looked at her and said, "Are you scared to go there alone?"

"I - I'm not!!" Sora said and looked away.

Kato smiled and shook her head. She thought that this girl was really cute, "Alright, let's go."

"Good," Sora nodded.


Utaha was looking around this room curiously. She knew that this would be a locker room where his employees would change their clothes. She saw him walking toward one of the lockers and she saw a maid outfit there, "Pervert."

Haru shook his head and placed his cafe uniform on the table.

They consist of a fluffy white blouse worn under a short black dress adorned with gold buttons and a black ribbon at the neck. The skirt is short and accented with black and white ruffled cuffs, black pumps and heels, and black tights.

The uniform is really attractive and s.e.xy, also there are other accessories such as frilly headband with lop-ear rabbit ears.

Utaha looked at this uniform and looked at him. She nodded and understood his fetish somehow.

"Alright, let me help you change your clothes," Haru said.

Utaha looked at him again, "Are you serious?"

"What do you think?" Haru asked.

Utaha snorted and wanted to see his embarrassing expression. She wanted to see that he was full of blush and looked very shy. She started to take off her clothes and saw him preparing the maid outfit for her. She thought about it and knew her body would be seen by him. She suddenly thought for a bit and stopped, "Wait, it's not fair when it's only me who is undressing, you need to undress your clothes too."

"Huh?" Haru looked at her with a strange expression, "Why?"

Utaha didn't say anything and started to take off his clothes by force.

"Wait! Wait!" Haru held both of her hands to stop her, "Why do I need to undress?"

"It's not fair that you're the only one who sees my body, I'm a very beautiful girl and it'll be my loss when you see my body, you need to show your body to me too," Utaha said with righteous words.

Haru would have never thought it would be this troublesome to ask her to only change her clothes into a maid uniform. He took off his shirt and placed them on the table, "I have undressed, it's your time now."

Utaha didn't hear him and only looked at his body. She didn't expect that he had such a good body. She thought that she didn't have a loss after seeing him. She took off her dress and is only in her underwear right now. She was very embarrassed right now and wanted to wear her clothes hurriedly.

Haru was amazed at her body and wanted to take it slow but he shook his head. He needed to become a gentleman in this situation. He picked the maid uniform on the table and started to help her to wear it.

Utaha blushed and felt a bit ticklish: "I - I can wear it on my own." But her voice was really low and she didn't move to stop him.

"No, this is quite complicated, I need to show it to you at least once," Haru answered with a serious expression.

'Bastard!!!' Utaha thought within her mind and sighed within her heart. She thought that his hands would move around her body but it seemed she was worried for nothing. '

Haru took all of his will power into helping her wear these clothes. He knew that she was very s.e.xy and attractive.

"What do you think of my body?" Utaha laughed.

"It's good, it's very attractive," Haru answered truthfully.

Utaha smiled and started to tease her.

Haru sighed and felt somehow regretted his choice to help her wear these clothes.


"Is this the place?" Kato asked. She looked at the building in front of her. She had to admit that it was quite a good design.

The exterior of this house is a comfy, cozy looking brown wood color. It is made up of a series of arches which are then paneled with windows. It also has a jutting which covers the border of the building in red and gold. This is to give the café more of a European sense.

Sora nodded, "Yes, let's enter." She entered the house without knocking and looked around, "Where are you, Haru?"

Kato looked around and felt very comfy in this cafe.

"Hmm, where is he?" Sora was confused.

"Let's look around," Kato said.

Sora nodded and started to look at the first floor. She had never come to this place and only saw from the photo that he had sent to her. She looked around and felt pretty curious about this place.

Kato also looked around and stopped in one room. She looked at this room and opened it. She saw two people were a boy and a girl. She saw the boy was helping the girl wearing a black stocking without a shirt.

Haru and Utaha also noticed her and were stunned.

"Kato, did you find him?" Sora asked.

Kato looked at both of them.

Haru hurriedly shook his head, "Shhh!!!"

Kato looked at him without expression.

"Kato?" Sora walked toward her.

"Nothing, maybe he is on the second floor, let's check there," Kato said.

Sora nodded in response and walked to the second floor.

Haru sighed in relief, but his emotions felt pretty complex.

Utaha smiled at him, "Your sister is here? Let me see her." She laughed and walked out.

"W - wait!!!" Haru knew this girl had a black belly.