Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 540

Volume 1 Chapter 540 Vile

Haru went toward the base of the Night Raid to help them since he needed them for his plan. He didn't move to the base directly but went somewhere since he could hear someone screaming for help. He moved quite fast and saw something very hot in front of him.

Lubbock was being r.a.p.ed by a woman at that moment. His expression was very tired and his complexion was also quite pale.

Haru observed the woman and remembered that it was one of Syura's subordinates from the story. 'If I'm not wrong, her name is Cosmina.'

Cosmina was a young woman with a bob-style haircut and bunny ear accessories on her head. She wore a mini dress, a collar, and matching wristbands, boots and a pair of glasses. She also loves to **** handsome boys.

Lubbock was in a very helpless situation right now, but no one had helped him. He suddenly turned and saw someone there. His eyes couldn't help but became excited when he saw him.

"Do you need help?" Haru asked.

Lubbock saw his savior and said hurriedly, "Hurry up and help me!?"

Cosmina, who was busy raping Lubbock, turned and saw Haru there. She was surprised and hurriedly ran away from this place. Her feeling was very regretting right now since she couldn't **** him, but she knew that she would be killed if she stayed in this place.

Haru thought to chase after her, but he stopped when he heard Lubbock's words.

"Don't chase after her, I'm going to kill her in the future," Lubbock said with a hateful expression on his face. He didn't feel good being r.a.p.ed by a woman.

Haru shook his head and patted Lubbock's shoulder. "Well, good luck with that." He thought for a while and asked, "What happens?"

"The base is being attacked!" Lubbock said. He looked at him and said, "Help us!"

"Well, I don't mind," Haru said.

Lubbock sighed in relief and said, "Let's go!" He knew that Haru wasn't their enemy and it was better to bring him back to help his friends since he didn't have his Teigu anymore. He didn't dare to ask his Teigu from him since he knew that it was impossible.

Haru nodded and followed Lubbock.

Lubbock and Haru went together and could hear the loud sound coming from the base. They knew that there was a huge battle happening in that place. They arrived together and saw a group of people who had attacked the base.

That group of people who were fighting against the Night Raid suddenly stopped and ran away directly after they had seen Haru who was coming toward their direction. They had successfully taken what they needed and needed to run away as soon as possible.

Haru knew that they were Syura's bodyguard and thought that the one who ordered them to attack the base of Night Raid should be Dr. Stylish, but he didn't know what was their objection to doing this attack.

"Bulat! Tatsumi!" Lubbock shouted when he saw both Bulat and Tatsumi who were wounded at that moment.

Haru remembered that Syura had five subordinates, but he had only seen four people there and he didn't see Dorothea who was a master alchemist. He had let go of Cosmia who had r.a.p.ed Lubbock, but he thought that he should bring one of them as a souvenir for his friend in the Jaegers.


The three people who had run away were the subordinates of Syura that he had gathered around the world.

The three of them were Champ, Enshin, and Izou.

Even though Syura was dead, Dr. Stylish took care of the leadership of this group of people and had asked them to steal something from the Night Raid.

They were strong, but it didn't mean that they could think that they could defeat Haru. They had seen his fight against Esdeath before and had estimated his power before.

They ran away very fast, but suddenly Champ, who was a fat clown, felt something stabbing his left thigh. "ARGGGG!!!!"

Enshin and Izou raised their eyebrows when they saw a bright light suddenly penetrated Champ's thigh. They turned and saw Haru who was walking toward them.


Their goosebumps rose and escaped from that place as soon as possible.

"W - WAIT!? HELP ME?!" Champ, who saw his two friends run away couldn't help but cry out, but Izou and Enshin ignored him and ran away as fast as possible.

"Well, you have a nice friend there," Haru said and ignored both Enshin and Izou. He didn't care much about either of them, but Champ was different since this guy was very vile.

"U - Ugh... W - What are you going to do with me?" Champ asked with a scared expression, but his hand moved slowly toward his Teigu. His Teigu was known as Big Big Leaguer. It came in the form of six elemental orbs that could be activated if thrown. He was ready to attack Haru at this time, but suddenly his hand was attacked.


"ARGGGHHH!!!!" Champ shouted in pain.

Haru frowned and closed Champ's mouth with a zipper.


"Hmph?!" Champ was surprised when a zipper suddenly closed his mouth.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Haru broke Champ's arms and legs to make him unable to move. He had decided to give this person to Ran after he had gone back later. He knew that Ran was a very good person and he also needed his loyalty. He also couldn't let this pedophile run in the wild since this might destroy the future of children in this country. He took Champ's Teigu and grabbed his hair, pulling him toward the base of the Night Raid.

"Hmph!!!!" Champ was crying at this moment with both of his arms and legs broken in a different direction. He couldn't' scream since his mouth was closed with a zipper. In his mind, an a.d.u.l.t was vile and a child was the only thing that he could believe.


Haru went back and saw Bulat and Tatsumi who were wounded. "What's wrong?"

"Ugh...!" They weren't sure what to say when they saw him here.

Najenda smoked her cigarette and sighed. "You're not our enemy, right?"

"No, I have a job for all of you, do you want to listen?" Haru asked.