Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 542

Volume 1 Chapter 542 Sitting On The Throne

Haru was very careful after he had gone back to the Capital. He was in his invisible state and went out to check whether his identity had been known by everyone since Chelsea had given his information to Esdeath yesterday.

Haru searched around and he sighed in relief when he saw the situation was the same as before. He went to check Esdeath's office and didn't see his information or doc.u.ment about him there. He thought that Esdeath might have destroyed it after she had read it before.

Haru didn't hesitate and went to go to the meeting room of Jaegers since he had asked Seryu to gather everyone before he went to visit the Night Raid. He also brought Champ with him and it seemed that this clown had long lost consciousness, but it was alright since it was a gift for Run.


"What?! Captain is Esdeath's husband?!"

Everyone was shocked when they heard such information from Seryu's mouth.

Kurome stopped eating her snack then continued to eat it again after a slight shock.

Seryu sighed at this moment and she wasn't in the mood to talk with everyone.

Bols and Ran looked at each other. It wasn't a secret that the relationship between Haru and Seryu was quite close, but suddenly they heard that Haru was the husband of Esdeath. They felt quite confused at this moment.

"Huh? When have they got married?!" Wave was confused.

"I'm not sure, but General Esdeath called him Husband yesterday," Seryu said slowly.

"Is Captain having two-timing? Has he decided to date a girl when he has married someone?" Wave shook his head and sighed. "As expected of the people in the Capital, Captain is very sc.u.m to cheat on his wife." He didn't expect Haru to date Seryu when he married Esdeath. He felt that this triangle relationship wasn't good and it wasn't healthy for their team.


However, everyone was silent when Wave uttered those words.

"W - What's wrong?" Wave looked around, but suddenly he heard a voice.

"I'm sc.u.m, eh?" Haru said.

"W - What?! Captain?!" Wave was surprised when Haru suddenly appeared behind him.

Haru made Wave kneel on a jagged wood while also giving him weight on the top of his thighs.

Wave was crying at this moment and thought that Haru was really Esdeath's husband.

Everyone was looking at Haru and noticed that he was bringing someone with him.

"What?!" Run was surprised when he saw the person that had been brought by Haru. His eyes showed hatred and couldn't wait to kill that guy.

"Run, this is a souvenir from me." Haru threw the fat guy to the side and said, "You can have him."

"Thank you very much." Ran nodded and felt very grateful at this moment. He had been searching for that clown but didn't expect Haru to bring this person for him.

"I know that all of you have a lot of questions, but please listen to me," Haru said.

Everyone looked at Haru with serious expression at this moment listening to his order.

"Tomorrow, I want you to tighten the security in the Capital." Haru looked at Run and said, "Run, you're in charge of defending the west area. Kurome, you're in the south area. Bols, you're in the east area. And Wave, you're in the north area." He looked at Seryu and said, "Seryu, I'll explain everything to you after everything is over, and I hope for you to able to lead the Imperial Police to maintain the security in the Capital tomorrow."

"You'll explain to me after everything is over?" Seryu asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

Seryu nodded and said, "I'll lead everyone tomorrow."

"Good." Haru nodded.

Bols and Run, who had been listening, thought that something would happen tomorrow and it was the day the usurp would start.


Honest was in his room and thought about a lot of things. He felt confused about why he should believe that Haru was Esdeath's husband. He started to feel that everything had become confusing, especially after he had sent out his son to help the relationship between Esdeath and Haru. He knew that his son Teigu could teleport someone instantly, but Syura hadn't come back since yesterday.

Esdeath also hadn't come back even though Haru had come back to the Capital.

Honest also thought that the relationship between Esdeath and Haru was quite bland after they had met each other, even though they had married. If Esdeath was angry then she should be using a whip to punish him, and she should have come back earlier too.

Honest suddenly felt something that he hadn't felt before. He felt tremendous anger when he thought that he had been deceived by Haru. He had always been the one who had deceived someone, but when it was him who was being deceived. He couldn't control his emotions and his body was in the fire when he thought that he had been deceived.



Honest destroyed everything in his office until the fire on his heart had calmed. "Kasugano Haruka! Kasugano Haruka!" He walked out of his office to go to the palace to talk with his goons to catch this conman who had deceived him.

Honest ordered his subordinates to send him out while also gathering everyone in the palace as soon as possible.


The palace was very tense since Honest had called everyone at night as soon as possible. They didn't know what had happened, but they knew that someone had angered the Honest Prime Minister.


Honest entered the meeting room in a very hasty manner.

One group kneeled down when they saw Honest enter the room, however, there was one group who didn't kneel when they saw Honest come.

This group was led by General Budo who had the highest authority beside Honest in the Empire and they didn't do anything when Honest came since their leader General Budo was standing beside them.

Honest didn't care about them since he wanted to end the life of someone. "There is only one matter! That is about the punishment of the Chief Imperial Police, Kasugano Haruka!" His voice was very loud with a scary growl.

Everyone could see that Honest was very angry at this moment.

"What I hate the most is when someone is cheating on me!" Honest raised his hand and shouted, "Kasugano Haruka has used my trust to deceive me! Starting today, I announce that he is released from all official positions in the Empire and a notice to arrest him as soon as possible!" He walked toward the throne where the Emperor was sitting down. He didn't even eat his meat since he wasn't in a mood when he was angry.

No one would say anything to Honest since he had made the Emperor into his puppet. It was at this moment that suddenly someone said something to Honest.

"Can you not block my eyes? Your stomach is blocking my view."


Honest was stunned when he heard this voice. He turned and saw the figure that he couldn't wait to kill.

Kasugano Haruka!

Haru was sitting on the thrown with quite a relaxed position with one of his legs on his thigh.

The little Emperor was sitting on Haru's lap while looking at everyone.

Haru smiled and said, "It feels good to sit on the throne."