Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 543

Volume 1 Chapter 543 Ascend To The Throne 1

Haru who had turned invisible with his light magic was very easy to sneak into the palace without anyone noticing and directly caught the person who controlled the entire empire.

Little Emperor!

Even though Honest controlled the government of the Empire, it was because the Little Emperor didn't understand about it and gave the power to control to Honest. However, even though Honest was in control, Honest still needed the consent of the Little Emperor before that decision was passed.

Haru wanted to conquer the entire Empire, and of course, he would become the king of this country. He would steal the position of the Little Emperor and steal his right.

Honest was just a stumbling block in front of him. That was the same as both General Budo and General Esdeath.

Haru had come to the palace flying using his gravity magic. He went to the Little Emperor's room and used Cross Tail to control the nerves of the Little Emperor. He had made the Little Emperor into his puppet and went to the throne without trouble.

"Kasugano Haruka!" Honest was very angry when he saw Haru. "You... Why are you here?! How dare you sit down in that place!"

General Budo who saw such a situation hurriedly moved to save the Little Emperor from Haru.

"Don't move!" Haru said and strangled the Little Emperor's neck.

The Little Emperor showed a painful expression when Haru strangled him.

General Budo stopped and frowned while looking at this scene. "Kasugano, you have successfully made me angry." His voice was very deep and his entire body was covered in lighting. He couldn't wait to catch this criminal and kill him directly on this place.

"Your anger is useless." Haru was too lazy to look at General Budo. He knew that after he had caught the Little Emperor, General Budo wouldn't attack him, but Honest Prime Minister was different since this fat guy was very ruthless. It wouldn't be surprising if Honest was going to use this chance to assassinate the Little Emperor and blamed him for it, which would also lead to his control over the Empire.

Well, he didn't need to care that much since he was sure that General Budo wouldn't let him do that, and he also didn't need to worry about them since with their power it was practically impossible to harm him.

"Sitting in that position, you're sinner of the Empire!" General Budo said coldly.

For General Budo, even though his strength might have been lost to Esdeath, this guy was also very strong. General Budo's strength was only second to Esdeath in the Empire.

"No." Haru shook his head and said, "Sitting in this position, that means that I'm your king and you need to worship me!" He smiled looking at General Budo from this position.

"You're dreaming!" General Budo was full of anger and really wanted to rush at this moment.

Haru didn't look at General Budo again but looked at Honest Prime Minister since he wasn't sure what this guy was planning.

"Kasugano, what is your purpose?" Honest asked.

Honest didn't understand what the purpose of Haru was. If it was money then Haru should be running away after Esdeath had come back from the Capital, but that wasn't the case since after Esdeath had come back. Haru kept becoming the Chief of the Imperial Police and continued his work without trouble.

Well, that was a problem after Chelsea had given Esdeath his information.

"My purpose is clear." Haru looked at Honest and said, "My purpose is to sit down in this position."

This statement was very bold that caused everyone in this place to start to scold him.

Honest didn't say anything, but the people around him were very mad.

"You're just someone from a country! Don't dare to dream that you'll become an Emperor!"

"The Empire has been built for thousands of years! There is no way that it will fall into your hands!"

"You greedy bastard?!"

Even though Haru had good charisma, when people really hated him then it was impossible for them to like him.

That was the case right now since both sides of people in the faction of General Budo and Honest Prime Minister kept scolding and mocking him right now.

They thought that Haru was a joke itself since he thought that he could ascend to the throne.

"How many people does this country have? How many towns? How many tribes? Who are the people who can threaten our country? Do you know these? Do you dare to name yourself a king of this Empire after that?"

Another person stepped forward and asked Haru a series of questions. This person's intention was clear since this person wanted to sneer at him who couldn't answer those questions.

Haru looked at this person. He remembered that this person should be the previous Prime Minister of the Empire and his name should be Chouri. If he didn't remember wrong then this person would have been assassinated by the Three Beasts or Esdeath's special squad in the past, but he had assassinated them earlier and made Chouri come back to the Capital without a problem.

However, the return of Chouri also meant a thorn in the throat of Honest. Honest couldn't help but wanted to assassinate Chouri, and that was why Chouri decided to join the faction of General Budo to save the lives of his family.

Chouri tried to change the Empire, but his power wasn't enough to defeat Honest. He could only complain and caused trouble to Honest, but he couldn't do anything else besides that since he realized that Honest was too powerful.

That was why the appearance of Haru made Chouri's heart agitated. He thought that Haru was just an ignorant boy who couldn't know anything and only a clown who had thought that he could become the Emperor.

"What a cunt!"

Haru snorted and said, "When Honest in control of the Empire, this Fatty could do a lot of corruption and a lot of things that made the Empire decay. You should ask him that question rather than me so that the Empire won't turn into this state!"


Everyone was in silence when they heard Haru's refute.

Honest twitched his eyes and couldn't wait to kill this guy since this guy had called him fatty.