Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 544

Volume 1 Chapter 544 Ascend To The Throne 2

With only one sentence from Haru, everyone was in a state of silence and wasn't sure how to reply after they heard it.

"Honest Prime Minister isn't the same as you!"

"Trash!" Haru sneered at such a rebuttal. He looked at them and said, "This word doesn't target you personally, but for all of you who are standing here!"

"All of you are trash!"

This sentence caused everyone who was standing in this place to become dumbfounded looking at Haru.

"The Empire has fallen because of two people in this country," Haru said.

The Little Emperor didn't do anything and could only sit down on Haru's laps since his body was controlled.

"First is Honest Prime Minister. His corruption is the reason why the Empire has fallen into this state! He is also the one who killed the previous Emperor along with Queen."

"Honest has made a great contribution making once a strong Empire into this decayed state."

Haru's words created a powerful blast to everyone which was both leaders of military and government officials.

Killing the Emperor and the Queen?!

Everyone knew that the death of the previous Emperor and Queen were very strange, but they could do nothing when it was stated.

However, they didn't expect the one who had done it was the current Prime Minister, Honest.

They knew how ruthless and corrupt was Honest, but they didn't think that fatty dare to kill both the previous Emperor and Queen, no, if it this fatty then everything was possible.

Their original plan was to change the Empire after Honest Prime Minster had died since they knew that this guy wouldn't live too long with his way of eating and his fat stomach. They had thought that this guy would die because of high blood pressure, but it seemed that they were too naive to think such a thing since Honest had endangered the Empire from the beginning.

"The second is General Budo," Haru said.

However, after Haru had said it, a lot of people started to oppose him.

"Boy, do you know that is General Budo's contribution?"

"You were still in your mother's w.o.m.b when General Budo was fighting against the enemy of the Empire!"

"The General is very clean and has never committed corruption, how he is the reason why the Empire has fallen into this decayed state?"

They might agree with him that Honest was the reason why this Empire had fallen, but they didn't agree when General Budo was the reason why the Empire had fallen.

Haru only laughed when he heard such rebuttals. "He isn't the reason why the Empire has fallen? Nonsense! It is also his fault that the Empire has fallen! Honest has done a lot of things that harm the entire Empire, but Budo has done nothing to stop this Fatty! Now, what do you think? Still thinking that General Budo is a great guy who has maintained peace in the Empire?"


After this sentence, everyone in this room was silent once again. After this sentence, no one was able to support that General Budo didn't take part in the reason why the Empire had fallen.

Honest had always been corrupt and General Budo had always been a man full of the principality that hadn't done anything to harm the Empire. The two of them had made a clear line between the two of them wouldn't bother each other.

Everyone also thought that General Budo was the person that they should aspire to since General Budo had supported the Empire silently, but after heating Haru's remarks. They felt General Budo was also one of the people who had caused the Empire to fall into this state. Even though General Budo had the power to stop Honest, he hadn't done a damn thing to save the Empire from the hand of this fatty.

General Budo, who should be the protector of the Empire, had neglected his duty and it could be said that he was a collaborator of Honest.


Honest started to laugh and said, "Kasugano, I don't want to make a pointless argument with you since those things have no meaning! Ever since you have entered the palace, you have made two huge mistakes!"

"First is controlling the Little Emperor with Teigu and try to fight me! Your second mistake is sitting on that throne!"

Suddenly the jewel on Honest's crown started to shine.

"Erastone! This Teigu is able to destroy any Teigu! You have used a Teigu to control the Little Emperor, but once I have destroyed your Teigu! You won't be able to do anything!"

Haru didn't do anything when he saw the light and only sat down on the throne with a smile on his mouth.

"His Majesty! After I have destroyed his Teigu, you need to use Shikoutazer as soon as possible!" Honest said. He knew that the royal family had the strongest Teigu that could only be controlled by the Emperor.

"Relax, I'll do that, Prime Minister." The Little Emperor nodded solemnly.

Honest felt weird when he saw that the Little Emperor could reply to him and also moved on his own since he knew that the body of the Little Emperor was being controlled by Haru. He felt weird, but the light on the jewel on his crown had moved toward Haru.

However, Honest suddenly saw the smile of both Haru and the Little Emperor at the same time.


Suddenly there was a purple light that appeared below General Budo.

General Budo, who wasn't prepared, suddenly teleported in front of Haru and the Little Emperor.


The light that came out from Honest's jewel suddenly hit General Budo.

The large armor of General Budo started to crack and disintegrate instantly when it was hit by the light from Honest's jewel.

Honest was in shock then when he looked at the throne he saw the scene that made his expression change.

Haru was sitting on the throne, but the person who was sitting on his lap wasn't the Little Emperor, but a beautiful young lady.

This young woman was sitting on Haru's lap while eating her lollipop, looking at them with a smile.