Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 545

Volume 1 Chapter 545 Ascend To The Throne 3

Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer.

Shikoutazer is a massive armor-type Teigu used by the royal family of the Empire as a last line of defense if the Capital is ever to be destabilized. The suit itself is extremely massive and tall enough to overlook the Empire itself.

It is said that it is also the strongest Teigu among the 48 Teigu that have ever existed in the Empire.

Even though Haru didn't agree that Shikoutazer was the strongest Teigu among the 48 Teigu, he had to agree that this Teigu was very powerful. He thought that this Teigu was similar to a giant robot or Gundam in his past life.

To use this Teigu, someone needed to be someone from the royal bloodline. If this Teigu is successfully being used then the Capital might be destroyed since one punch from this Teigu could destroy several houses easily. If it was given a chance, then this Teigu could become stronger with its Trump card, known as Purge Mode. Once it had activated the Purge Mode, then it was possible to destroy everything within the Capital.

Haru knew about that and that was why he didn't come with the Little Emperor to the throne, and to deal with the problem of this Teigu. He had assassinated the Little Emperor before he went to the throne to meet all of them earlier.

However, he needed a Little Emperor to have a chip in the conversation later and that was why he brought Chelsea with him.

Chelsea's Teigu, known as Gaia Foundation, was a very versatile Teigu since she could transform into anything.

Haru had brought Chelsae to the palace and made her transform into the Little Emperor. He could use his light magic to create an illusion of the Little Emperor, but he thought that it was better to bring Chelsea since her transformation was very top-notch and it felt nice to have her sitting down on his lap.

Because of the Little Emperor on his lap, General Budo didn't dare to attack him. Because the Little Emperor was in his lap, Honest Prime Minister had used his Teigu and asked the Little Emperor to activate Shikoutazer.

Everything was according to his plan.

General Budo, who saw the Little Emperor turn into Chelsea, couldn't contain his anger. Even though his Teigu had been destroyed, he charged toward her while raising his fist with an intent to kill her.

However, how could Haru let that happen?

Haru held Chelsea in his arm and he used his other hand to block General Budo's attack easily.

Even though General Budo had lost his Teigu, it didn't mean his strength was weak.

If it was a normal person then that person would be smashed by General Budo's fist.

Haru who had come to this world knew that mercy was something that couldn't be given and the better way to do a thing was to kill someone as swiftly as possible, but it was different when someone wanted to harm a beautiful woman in front of him. "Kneel."


General Budo suddenly felt that his body had become very heavy all of sudden.

In the Fairy Tail's world, Haru's gravity magic might not be very useful, but it was different for the people in this world.

Haru had used his gravity magic on General Budo to make his body heavy.

Chelsea didn't know what Haru had done, but she used this moment to strike her needle at the brain of General Budo.


General Budo, who had been stabbed by a needle by Chelsea, was full of anger. He was in a kneeling position, but suddenly because of the moment of death and life. The blood of the Danger Beast within his body exploded and caused his body to get momentary stronger. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" He was full of anger and grabbed Chelsea who had stabbed him with a needle.

Chelsea who was grabbed suddenly panicked since she didn't expect that General Budo would suddenly move.

General Budo used his hands to want to break Chelsea apart.

"Cross Tail!"

Suddenly numerous threads appeared around General Budo and trapped him. That thread was very sharp and it caused numerous wounds on his body.


General Budo kept screaming and tried to move, but the power of the thread was too strong and he couldn't escape from it. He kept roaring like a captured beast, but just the same as a captured beast. He could only do nothing in this situation and would die soon without being able to do anything.

"Save me! Save me!"

Honest, who saw this situation hurriedly ran away from this room. He had always had a confidant in his strength since he had practiced in the temple and had mastered Imperial Fist. That was why he had confidence that no one could hurt him.

His Teigu Erastone was also very powerful since it could destroy any Teigu instantly.

However, Honest had used his Teigu before and he could only use his Teigu again after a week since it couldn't be used continuously and Haru also had his own Teigu.

Honest knew that he was at a disadvantage and that was why he decided to run away. Even General Budo who was very powerful had been caught by Haru, even though he was strong, but he didn't think that he was as powerful as General Budo.

Haru stretched his hand and numerous threads moved toward Honest who was running away and created a grid pattern in front of Honest.

Honest who had run away didn't see the thread and ran into it.


Honest had turned into meat dice the moment his body touched the thread that had been laid by Haru.

"How can I die? I can live for another 130 years! I can't die here! I want to enjoy the beauty of the world and taste delicious food...."

Honest's last words before he succ.u.mbed to death.