Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 546

Volume 1 Chapter 546 Ascend To The Throne 4

Honest Prime Minister has died.

This tragedy made them unable to accept for a while. Honest had scolded them and even made their life a bit miserable, but they couldn't accept it when they saw that Fatty died in this way.

The Empire's two most powerful people died today.

Honest Prime Minister had died and turned into mincemeat on the ground.

General Budo was wrapped around a thread from Cross Tail while also losing consciousness. The only thing that remained was the willpower of from the blood of Danger Beast on his body, but he would die soon.

The Little Emperor also had been assassinated by Kasugano Haruka.

Suddenly everyone didn't know what to do in this situation since they had lost their leaders.

"Y - You...!? Don't think that you can't get away after what you have done, Kasugano!!!"

The former prime minister Chouri pointed his finger at Haru and said, "Guard! Come and catch this person who has posed himself as the Emperor!" He knew that he needed to use this chance to make the Empire turn better. Even though Honest and General Budo had died, he could regain his power within the Empire and made it better for people.

However, Chouri couldn't let Haru become the king and hurriedly asked the guards to catch Haru.

When the guard entered the room, they were coming because Honest asked them for help, but after they saw that Honest had died. They pointed their spears toward everyone in this room.

The subordinates of both Honest and Budo were too late to react when they saw the guards didn't point their spears at Haru but at them.

The head of the guard kneeled in front of Haru and said, "The guards are now under the order of Majesty."

Then, one by one people kept coming to the room and kneeled in front of Haru showing their respect to him and acknowledged him as the next king of the Empire.

The majority of people who kneeled in front of Haru were those who were in power within the Empire.

In the early beginning of his day, Haru had been inviting a lot of officials and the leaders of the army who had been neglected in their organization to become his subordinates after he had succeeded in becoming the Emperor. He gave them a benefit and roped them into his party making them into his supporters when he ascended into the throne.

It was quite a trouble, but it was worth it since after he became the Emperor there would be a lot of trouble and he needed the help of the officials and the leaders of the army to help him.

Everyone was also happy when they saw a chance to raise their rank and authority in exchange for their boss's places.

Haru had created a chance for Night Raid to assassinate the superiors of his subordinates and some of them even assassinated their superiors directly to seize power. He believed that as long as there was an interest everyone would be very happy to follow him. Even though his charisma was high, he didn't think that he could make everyone follow him unconditionally. He needed bait to make them follow him and made his position as Emperor stable before cleaning the bad people.

Within a short time, Haru had controlled the entire military power in the entire Empire.

Haru had usurped the Empire and became the new king of the Empire.

'Everything is over...' Chouri thought at this moment. He felt very old and sighed in tiredness. He had just come back to the Capital and wanted to fight Honest to make the Empire become a better place, but when Honest had died in front of him,

However, he couldn't be happy since more evil people had ascended to the throne. He wasn't sure what to do and only hoped for his life to be spared since as long as he had a life he could do something for the Empire later.

"Is this your purpose, Haru?!"

Chelsea asked with an agitated voice. She looked at Haru with disbelief since this development was beyond her imagination.

Originally, they had thought that Haru had asked them to eliminate his political opponent and that was also a chance for the Revolutionary Army to weaken the power of the Empire. That was why Najenda had agreed with Haru's proposal to help him to assassinate those people.

After the Little Emperor died, she knew that the situation was out of control. Then she saw him turn Honest into mincemeat.

Chelsea thought that the Revolutionary Army could use this chance to raise their banner to overthrow the current government, but she wouldn't have thought that Haru to use this chance to become the king himself after deceiving the Night Raid.

Chelsea felt very uncomfortable when she was being used by him.

"Yes." Haru walked toward the thrown and sat down once again. He looked at Chelsea and said, "I will be crowned as a king."

Chelsea looked at Haru with a hateful expression and couldn't believe that he was such a person. "You're a bastard?!" She turned and wanted to go, but his voice made her steps stop.

"Wait a minute," Haru said. "I'll become the king soon and I'll need a Teigu for my armies." He looked at Chelsea and said, "Either you stay here or give your Teigu to me?" He couldn't let the Teigu go back to the hand of the Revolutionary Army and it was better to own the Teigu for himself.

"Y - You...." Chelsea was full of anger and was looking at him with disbelief expression.

Haru looked at her with a calm expression and didn't care much about her reaction. He knew that the potential of Teigu in this world was very high and he thought to collect all of them. He was also a bit curious about what Dr. Stylish would do with the Teigu that had been stolen from Bulat.

Chelsea had a mix of emotions within her heart and threw away the Gaia Foundation at him in anger.

Haru caught it easily and put it inside his zipper. He didn't even order the guards to catch Chelsea since he didn't think that her power would threaten him. He stood up and told everyone that he would go out to catch another Teigu.


In the south area of the Capital.

Akame had always felt strange at this moment, then suddenly she saw her little sister with a lot of dead bodies under her.

"Onee-chan, we meet once again," Kurome said while eating a snack on her hands.

The dead bodies around her also stood up and looked at Akame without expression waiting for Kurome's order.

Akame felt ominous forbearing and knew that her meeting with her little sister wasn't a coincidence and if she had met her little sister then what about others?