Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 547

Volume 1 Chapter 547 Ascend To The Throne 5

Leone, who had retreated, met Ran after her assassination.

Sheele, who had retreated, had met Wave.

Lastly, Mine who had retreated had met Bols.

All of that wasn't a coincidence since Haru had planned it from the beginning.

All the evil people had also been caught and even killed by Seryu Ubiquitous who led the Imperial Police cleaning the Empire entirely in one swoop.

So after his plan was successful, he had his eyes on the Teigu. He had planned to recover all the Teigu and his first target was the Night Raid.

Haru had always thought that it was too dangerous for those beautiful girls to work as assassins and he thought to make them stop.

If someone had read the story of Akame Ga Kill, then they would realize what Haru had done to all of them. The death of the members of Night Raid was very gruesome and it was better to take their Teigu and it wouldn't be funny for them if they lost their lives in their job after he had protected them all along.



Akame and Kurome fought each other with their swords. The two swords collided and they jumped backward. They looked at each other with a calm expression. Even though both of them were sisters, they didn't show hesitation when they decided to kill each other.

Both of them had been trained within the Empire to enter the special assassination squad in the past, and their strength was similar to each other.

Akame looked at Kurome for a while before moving very fast toward Kurome.

Kurome didn't move and ordered her corpse soldiers to attack Akame.

Even though it was a corpse, their powers were very powerful and it was impossible for them to die before their corpse was destroyed. They also had their memories when they were still alive making them very strong.

Akame knew that this corpse soldier was very powerful opponents since it didn't fear death since they had already died, but her Teigu was also very powerful.


Murasame could kill anyone as long as it touched the body of someone and even that person was corpse they would die with its poison.

Even if Kurome was quite powerful, but compared to Akame her strength was lower and she had been using a drug to make herself more powerful. It also weakened her power when she kept reanimating the life of the corpse using her Teigu.

Akame moved very fast and would end the life of her little sister, but suddenly a knife appeared blocking her attack.


Akame jumped backward and looked at this person without emotion. "You're going to abandon our alliance?" She knew that when Kurome appeared here that wasn't a coincidence and it was the plan of Haru.

"Fall back for a while," Haru said.

"Captain, don't kill her," Kurome said.

"I know." Haru took bread and gave it to Kurome. "Eat for a while after I have packed your sisters."

Kurome nodded and ate the bread quietly.


Akame looked at the bread in Kurome's hand intensely, but hurriedly put her focus on Haru.

"If you give up then I can give you the same bread," Haru said. He was too lazy to fight and if this problem could be solved using bread then it was good.

"No!" Akame answered resolutely. She wasn't that cheap that she could be bought with only a single piece of bread.

"I'll give you 100 delicious foods that I cook personally, but you need to give me Murasame," Haru said.


Akame was stunned for a while, but she resolutely shook her head with a regretful expression on her face. "No."

Haru sighed and said, "Then, it is a pity." He played with his knife for a while and made a copy of himself.


Akame was surprised when she saw Haru who suddenly turned into 10 people.

Haru had been using light magic to create an illusion of himself making nine copies of himself.

Akame saw that she was surrounded, but she thought that she could use the voice to determine which was the real him, but suddenly she saw the knife on Haru's hand started to become strange and created a very noisy noise.


Haru had made his knife into a chainsaw using the power of Sticky Fingers. He started to move and surrounded Akame from all directions.

Akame was ready to meet the attack of Haru, but suddenly his body turned into the bright light that made her eyes blind for a while. "What?!" She was too surprised to react and tried to cover her eyes unconsciously, but suddenly she was pushed on the ground and her Teigu was taken.


Kurome, who was eating bread, had eaten all the bread on her hands while looking at the battle with a surprised expression. She didn't know the power of Haru, but she thought that it was full of surprises.

"Sticky Fingers!"

Akame suddenly felt that there was a zipper on both of her hands and legs making her unable to move. "Zipper?" She looked at Haru with a surprised expression and asked, "What is this?"

Haru took out bread and put it into her mouth. "Just eat first."

Akame gulped the entire bread unconsciously and she tasted the good food.

"Kurome, I'll leave her to you." Haru looked at Kurome and said, "Bring her back to the palace."

"Yes!" Kurome said with a salute and brought her sister to the palace. She didn't care about the zipper that appeared on both of her legs and hands since she only cared that her big sister had been caught.

Haru went to the west, north, and east area of the Capital and caught Mine, Sheele, and Leone while also grabbing their Teigu at the same time.

'Everything's over, huh?'

Haru knew that it was just the beginning and this wasn't over yet, but he had done his quest to conquer the Empire.