Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 548

Volume 1 Chapter 548 Crowned As Emperor

Haru had caught all of the female members of the Night Raid and placed them in one room. He was quite surprised since Chelsea didn't run away and placed them in the same room. He didn't place them in jail, rather in a pretty good room letting them stay here until everything was over. He didn't need to worry about them since he had cleaned off their Teigu and they didn't possess a threat to him.

"Haru, you bastard?! How dare you deceive me like this?! We have helped you, but you have arrested us?!" Mine was very angry when Haru had decided to deceive them and became the Emperor himself.

"Thank you." Haru smiled hearing Mine's scolding and said, "I'll be crowned as an Emperor. As an Emperor, how can there be no big harem? So I arrested you to fill my harem. If you keep talking, you'll be the first one who enters my room."


Mine was silent after hearing those words but kept looking at Haru with an angry expression.

Haru teased Mine for a while and cooked something for Akame to make her quiet then went out to manage the Empire.

Everyone looked at Haru who had gone out and couldn't help but sigh after being defeated by him.

Munch! Munch! Munch!


Everyone looked at Akame who was eating the food happily and didn't know what to say for a while.


Haru was in his office while listening to Seryu's report since she had led the entire Imperial Police to catch the entire bad guy in this Capital.

"Today, I have investigated 488 officials of government departments and 765 rich people who have committed crimes in the Capital. There are more than 1485 rich people from the surrounding Capital who I have found doing a crime and 6748 people from medium and small thugs, and I have given all of them a sanction!" Seryu seemed very excited and happy when she gave the bad guy in this country a punishment.

Haru nodded and could see that Seryu's mood had become better. However, he had to admit that her sense of justice was quite strange, but it was alright since it only harmed the bad people in the Empire.

"There are 20,000 people who have committed a light crime and are waiting for a judgment on the jail," Seryu reported.

Haru nodded once again and thought that the criminal in this country was more than the data on Seryu's hand. He knew that those people had a connection with the criminal organization in the Empire and those organizations could threaten the people within the Empire.

However, he could clean them up later when he had been crowned as an Emperor. If he was crowned then his mission for conquering the Empire would be done and he only needed to invite someone to join the Group Chat. His mission would be over after that, but he knew that it would be quite troublesome to travel from his original world to this world from time to time.

Haru really hoped that he could get something that could help him travel both worlds without a problem.

After he had listened to Seryu's report and let her handle the criminal. He went to visit the official who still refused to call him an Emperor. He had controlled the entire military and it was very easy to force them to acknowledge him as the Emperor.

Haru was quite surprised when the officials of the government quickly accepted him, but when he thought about when Honest was their superior. It was frankly impossible for them to maintain their dignity and upright attitude.

Haru kept urging them to make him into the Emperor as soon as possible, and on the day of the usurping, he had become an Emperor quickly.

Even though there wasn't much time, the officials of the government of the Empire could prepare quite a grand ceremony to crown him as an Emperor of this Empire.

However, even though he had urged them, there was no way that Haru wanted them every one to know that he was the one who was in a hurry. He told them to create a scene where the leaders of the country had fallen and he was the only one who could become the Emperor of the country.

Haru was reluctant, but under the urging of the officials of this country, he decided to accept and became the new Emperor since the kingdom needed a new leader and that person was him.

It was quite shameless, but he needed to set up an image of an upright Emperor since the previous prime minister was a bastard and the Revolutionary Army would also try to overthrow him later.

Sheele, Leone, Chelsea, Mine, and Akame who were being placed in the palace could move around within the palace as long as they didn't go out of the palace. They went out together to look at the process of his process to become the new Emperor of this country. Even though they hated him, they also wanted to see what this guy wanted to do.

"From today, I'll be the Emperor of this Empire."

Haru stood up in front of his throne looking at every subject in front of him.


Everyone who saw Haru felt that they were really in the presence of an Emperor.

"I know that some of you might not acknowledge me, and what I have done is very cruel, but I have done this because this country and the people within have felt too much suffering from the previous government." Haru clenched his hand showing his frustration expression and said, "That's why I'm going to become the new Emperor of this Empire!"

"I'll turn this crumbling Empire into a place where everyone can smile and chase their dreams!"

"This is my promise! Together, we can do anything!"


Haru kept saying the things that are usually said from self-improvement books or coaches, making their hearts burn in excitement.

Then suddenly one of them cried out his name loudly. Of course, that wasn't a coincidence since he had planned someone to rill up the mood of everyone.

"All Hail the Emperor!"

"All Hail the Emperor!"

"All Hail the Emperor!"


The female members of the Night Raid and Chouri who had become the prime minister were dumbfounded looking at this scene and thought that this guy was a natural leader.