Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 549

Volume 1 Chapter 549 War Preparation

Haru, who had been crowned as an Emperor, couldn't take a break after his ascent to the throne. He needed to discuss the laws within the Empire that needed to be changed since a lot of people had been very miserable under the rule of Honest Prime Minister.

"People have long been suffering and we need to change the laws to be able to support people better...."

Haru had some knowledge about laws in his original world and he decided to use some of them in this country since it was quite good. Even though for some of the officials these laws were quite strange in their ears, but these laws were good to make the life of ordinary people better.

"With the new Emperor ascending to the throne, we need to summon all of the officials from all parts of the Empire to the Capital. At the same time, the capital also sends officials to temporarily take care of local affairs....."

Haru knew that some people wouldn't accept that he had become the Emperor and that was why he decided to invite the officials from all parts of the Empire to the Capital to see who would come and who wouldn't come after hearing his invitation. If they didn't come then he could make them into his enemy easily.

Haru also knew that some officials within the Empire had their own ideas since the Empire before had already decayed in the hand of Honest and the Revolutionary Army had also prepared their armies in the border after working out with the neighboring country.

Even though he was the current Emperor of the Empire, his current position was very unstable because the way he had become Emperor was very crude and rude. He had become the Emperor by killing Honest, General Budo, and the Little Emperor. He was sure that a lot of people outside of the Capital would try to reject him as the new Emperor, especially with the support of the Revolutionary Army.

Haru remembered that in the story Najenda had contracted various officials in various cities and towns to support the Revolutionary Army. As long as the Revolutionary Army decided to move, then those officials would also move to support them.

That was why he had decided to send out officials from the Capital to those various towns and villages to stop them, but he knew that the chance was slim that it would be successful.

Haru knew that the big war would coming and the Revolutionary Army had prepared their armies for a war against him, but he had prepared for this war and he also didn't fear them. His eyes were fierce, but he really hoped that there was something that could make them stop the war since he didn't want to spill too much bloodshed of the soldiers.


Haru, whose body was full of energy after getting the reward from the Group Chat, couldn't help but felt tired when he needed to take care of the matter of the Empire. He decided to take a breath and went to his room to drink something.

However, suddenly there was someone who moved silently behind him.

Haru grabbed this person and placed it on his lap. "What are you doing?"

"Let go of me!" Chelsea tried to get away from him.

Haru didn't see anything dangerous on her hands, but he was curious about what this woman wanted to do. "Well, tell me what you're going to do?"

Chelsea looked at him and said, "The Revolutionary Army won't be silent and ready for a war against you."

"It's okay, I'm ready to face them," Haru said.

"You could have been killed," Chelse said, trying to scare him.

"What? You're worried about me?" Haru asked with a smile.

Chelsea snorted and said, "Who is worried about you? Don't be narcissistic!"

"Well, I have almost been killed by Esdeath." Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "Just Revolunary Army is nothing."


"That Esdeath is going back to the Capital and she will also kill you," Chelsea said.

Haru tapped his chin and said, "I might as well marry Esdeath and make her Empress."

"Don't dream! She is Esdeath!" Chelsea refuted.

"What is impossible?" Haru looked at Chelsea and said, "Now, that you mention it. I haven't given you a punishment after what you have done to me before." He observed her body from up and down while nodding.

"W - What are you going to do to me?" Chelsea suddenly became scared and wanted to get away, but a hand wrapped around her waist made her unable to run away. She thought what he was going to do, but didn't expect that he would steal her lips.


Chelsea used both of her hands to push him away, but his strength was too much of her. She had to admit that his kiss's skill was very good and her strength became weaker then stopped from fighting him.

They were in a fierce battle for a while using each other tongues as a weapon, but as expected Chelsea was defeated easily.

"Y - You bastard?!" Chelsea blushed while showing an angry expression. She felt very complicated with this young man since he had played her around.

"I'll lock the door for a while," Haru said. He loved her lips since they tasted very sweet.

"What are you going to do?" Chelsea said while staring at him.

"I might get killed in the battle so I don't want any regrets in this life," Haru said while staring at her with a hot gaze.


"So...?" Haru didn't force her but looked at her for a while.

"Don't ask...." Chelsea hugged him.

Haru didn't need to ask again since the answer was obvious.


Night Raid base.

Najenda took the information that was sent by the Revolutionary Army who had been lurking in the Capital.

Honest, Budo and the little Emperor died, but most importantly, Haru who had become the new Emperor in the Empire.

Looking at the bright light in the Capital, Najenda clenched her hands tightly while gnashing her teeth. She didn't need to guess what had happened to know what had happened. 'Bastard?!'

More importantly, Akame, Sheele, Leone, Chelsea, and Mine hadn't come back from their assassination

'You won't sit in that place too long ...' Najenda turned and would pull him down from the throne.