Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 550

Volume 1 Chapter 550 I'm More Beautiful Than Them

"The new Empire! Tax-free for everyone!"

Running on the top of the horse, a lot of people were making an announcement about Haru's new policies to everyone within the Empire.

"The evil corrupt Honest Prime Minister has died! The life of people will become better in the future!"

"People don't have to pay tax! Tomorrow, the Empire will open the grain warehouse to give support to everyone according to their needs!"

"Together, we can build a better future!"


Esdeath walked along the street while listening to the announcement about the new policies of the new Emperor. She had been on the remote island for a few days, and suddenly she had heard that the Emperor within the Empire had changed. She felt it was quite unreal and thought that she was dreaming for a while, but she knew that wasn't dreaming and it was real.

Esdeath had been only been away for a few days, but a lot of things had happened in those few days.

'What's happening?' Esdeath thought.

In a short few days, the officials within the Empire kept announcing the new policies that would make the life of people within the Empire to become better trying to gain the support of the ordinary people.

Esdeath chose some tea shop and ordered a tea while thinking about what had happened in the past few days. She could also listen to the people around her who were talking about the new policies exchanging their ideas.

Esdeath who was teleported to the remote island had been searching for a way to go back, but she couldn't find it and she decided to give up. She decided to walk directly from that island to go back to the mainland of the Empire using her Teigu's power.

Esdeath froze the sea and sometimes flew using her ice power back.

If it was other people then it might be impossible, but the one who had done this was Esdeath.

However, when she had just come back from the Empire, she suddenly heard the news that the Emperor had changed.

Who is the new Emperor?

Esdeath knew that the original Emperor was only a small child and didn't have any descendants. The Little Emperor also didn't have a relative who could become the Emperor. Honest also had died and couldn't think who would become the Emperor.

However, this answer was quickly answered by the people around the street.

On the street, there were a lot of people who talked about the change of the Empire and each of them had different views about the new Emperor.

They might not know much about politics and other things, but they only knew about the generous policies issued by the Empire and some gossip about the new Emperor Kasugano Haruka.

"Do you know who the new emperor is?"

"I know! Of course, I know! It is said that the new Emperor has killed the bastard Honest before he has ascended to the throne!"

From their conversation, it was shown how much they hated Honest since that guy had made their life became very bitter.

"The name of the new Emperor is Kasugano Haruka. It seems that he is also born in poverty, so he also understands better the hardsh.i.p.s of our life. I have heard he wants to improve the lives of everyone in the Empire.

"That's right! We, our children, and our descendants will have a good life under his leadership!"

Esdeath smiled sweetly when she heard what everyone was talking about. She had always been wondering what was the goal of Haru to use her name in the Capital, but she didn't expect his goal to be very big and decided to become the new Emperor of the Empire.

Esdeath couldn't help but thought that Honest was quite dumb to believe that Haru was really her husband. She also thought about Honest's action who had sent out his own son to mend the relationship between her and Haru since Honest believed that their relationship was real.

If Honest was still alive then Esdeath really wanted to see what was inside Honest's brain at that time.

'Haru... Haru... What am I going to do with you...'

Esdeath didn't realize that her mouth had turned into a crescent smile. She lifted the bowl of tea gently and sipped it slowly. There was an ice cube inside the warm tea already showing that she had prepared a lot of things for him.

"But have you heard that the new Emperor has made a harem directly after he has ascended to the throne?"

"Well, is there such a thing?"

The smile on Esdeath froze at this moment when she heard their conversation.

"This is what I have heard from my brother's relative."

The man looked around and said, "It is said that when the new Emperor ascended the throne, he imprisoned five beautiful girls directly in the palace, saying that they would become his concubines."

"The brother of my relatives' friends are working in the Capital and he has been assigned in the palace, so he knows everything that has happened in the Capital. It is said that the new Emperor has been forcing everyone to acknowledge him to become the new Emperor!"

"By the way, I also have heard that the new Emperor using the power of the military to get the throne forcing everyone to accept him or else they will be killed."

"I didn't expect that the new Emperor would be such a person."

"Yes, so all of these good policies are a lie! Soon, he will become an evil person comparable to Honest!"

"Then are we ordinary people not saved?"

The people around started to become scared when they thought that Haru would become the second Honest.

However, when everyone was scared suddenly one person said something that made them see hope.

"That's not true! The Revolutionary Army has been preparing to end this horror at the border of the Empire!"

"The Revolutionary Army is the hope of the people!"

Esdeath, who heard all of this, knew that the one who had incited this was someone from the Revolutionary Army. She stood up and created a sword of ice in her hand before pointing it at the Revolutionary Army's people who had constantly incited the people in their surroundings.


This person from the Revolutionary Army suddenly shut his mouth when he saw Esdeath.

"It's good that you know me." Esdeath smiled and said, "Tell me everything you know, otherwise, I'll let you try the torture methods that I have researched recently." She had researched good torture methods for Haru before and thought that it was a good chance to see whether it was effective or not.

The man's leg became weak and he couldn't move. In front of Esdeath, all of his power had gone and he didn't have courage for help. Once he had called someone then, without doubt, all the the Revolutionary Army's people in this town would die. Even though he had trained in the Revolutionary Army to steel himself, but in front of Esdeath's threat.


He decided to confess everything to Esdeath about what he knew since Esdeath was too scary.

Esdeath nodded and learned everything from this man.

Haru had cooperated with Night Raid to attack the Capital, then killed General Budo along with Honest Prime Minister. The Little Emperor was also killed by Haru and he had also controlled the entire army in the Capital and government officials.

However, because the means of Haru to become Emperor was too barbarian, a lot of people were dissatisfied with Haru and didn't recognize him as the new Emperor.

The Revolutionary Army was collaborating with those people to launch an attack on Kasugano Haruka.

"What about the five beautiful girls?"

Compared to the affairs of the Empire and the new Emperor, Esdeath was more concerned about the five beautiful girls who this man had talked about earlier.

"The five girls are part of a group called Night Raid. They're Akame, Mine, Leone, Sheele, and Chelsea, " the man confessed everything. He thought for a while and explained. "It is said that Kasugano Haruka has imprisoned them because they're young and beautiful...." He couldn't say the rest since the ice sword on Esdeath's hand had entered his body. "Cough.....!" He coughed blood before falling to the ground lifelessly.

Esdeath made the ice sword in her hand disappear and watched a lot of people running away because she had killed someone on the street, however, she didn't care about any of that since her heart was boiling in anger right now.

Young and beautiful?

'I'm more beautiful than them!'

Esdeath suddenly realized that she had become weird and there was a flush on her cheeks.