Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 551

Volume 1 Chapter 551 Response Of Each Forces

On the border of the Empire.

Revolutionary Army gathered together while listening to the speech of their leaders.


"The Empire is crumbling and the is an evil person who has usurped the control of the entire Empire!"

"Now, we're going to raise our arms! We can't let the second Honest control the Empire again! We must overthrow the current government and create a beautiful country where everyone can live together!"


The spirit of the soldiers had been rising to the limit making their bodies excited.

"We have contracted officials in various cities and towns! They have become our allies and they will help us to overthrow the evil Emperor and the country that we have dreamt of!"

"We don't need to worry that they'll stop us and we can go directly to the Capital!"

"Let's create a new Empire and a bright future for all of us!"


Everyone in the Revolutionary Army knew that their day had come and the country that they had dreamt would be realized.

"Now, let's bring justice to that villain!"


"Set off!!"

With the end of the speech, the armies of the Revolutionary Army set off in the direction of the Capital of the Empire.

There were about 200,000 people in their armies at the time.

However, this number would increase gradually as the Revolutionary Army advanced toward the Capital. There were a large number of armies in each town and village that had collaborated with them.

As they arrived at the Capital, they would gradually gather together and form a big storm that would capsize the current government.


In the underground base 30 miles away from the Capital of the Empire.

Dr. Stylish was full of sweat, but his eyes were very lively injecting the last drug into his greatest creation. He was very careful and when everything was over he couldn't help but shout joyfully, "Done! My ultimate fashion!"

Dr. Stilish looked at his finished creation in front of him and laughed excitedly.

The humanoid creature in front of him was synthesized by Dr. Stylish from various Danger Beast species. The entire creature had no consciousness and it could form in various forms. Dr. Stylish needed to enter the body of this humanoid creature to control it.

This was the strongest fashion completed by Dr. Stylish, combined with advanced technology and western alchemy.

Dr. Stylish was very confident that this humanoid creature could match the power of the Imperial Guardian: Shikoutazer. In his opinion, the advantage of Shikoutazer was its size and its defense. His creation had both of them and it could even evolve further after he had combined Demon Armor: Incursio.

Incursio had the ability to evolve and when it was inserted into this creation, that meant, this creation had an ability to evolve and became more invincible!

Dr. Fashion knew that he needed the same wavelength to use this creation, however, with his body modification it was quite easy for him to use it. He was confident that he could wreck the entire Empire with this humanoid creature killing Kasugano Haruka along with the people around him.

"Let's go, Wild Hunts!"

Dr. Stylish's Teigu moved slightly and said with a bright smile, "Let's go to the Capital and give the new Emperor a gift." He smiled sweetly and thought about Haru's reaction when Haru saw his gift.

With Dr. Stylish's words, four figures appeared and walked toward him. Each of them had a cruel expression on their face and they were ready to start their carnage.


In the Capital of the Empire.

Haru listened to the reports that had been gathered by his subordinates.

The majority of the officials that had been sent to various cities and villages had disappeared. Only a few towns and cities came to the Capital and recognized him as the new Emperor.

Haru also received a lot of letters that mock, sneer, and refuse to acknowledge him were sent from various locations. He knew that it was a normal reaction since he had become the Emperor by force and there was no way to do anything about them for the time being since the armies of the Revoliary Army were charging toward the Capital.

Haru knew that his war against the Revolutionary Army was inevitable. He was wondering whether he should send out a meteor right into them. He was sure that he could end them very fast and besides, he had a lot of Teigu that could help him into this battle.

The Revolutionary Army didn't have any Teigu, and even if they had a Teigu that Teigu must be the weak one since he had collected most of the powerful ones such as Extase, Erastone, Scream, Murasame, etc.

Haru didn't stay too long and went back to meet with everyone to relax. Seryu didn't come to him since she was quite busy with her job in the Imperial Police. He had made her into the Chief of Imperial Police since he knew that she would do a good job.

However, he knew that he needed to make her up after the war was over.

"Bastard, you end is coming!!" Mine said angrily at Haru.


Ever since they had been imprisoned on the palace in the Capital, Haru hadn't put them in a strange dungeon or a jail, but let them have a good room and entertained them with delicious food, but even so, everyone didn't have a good impression of him since he had imprisoned them.

"As I said, you should give up early," Chelsea said while looking at him lazily since she was quite tired last night. She had to admit that he was really good and it was hard to stop until she had fallen asleep.

"No." Haru shook his head.

They didn't tell anyone about their relationship and it was pretty much secret, but they didn't hide it and it was just no one had asked about their relationship.

Leone and Sheele looked at both Haru and Chelsea and felt weird for some reason.

"If I lose in frontal battle then I can teleport all of them back to the border again or to the remote island in the outside Empire using Shambala preparing my defense once again until I become the winner," Haru said with a smile giving them a joke.


They glared at Haru once again showing a clear hostility.

"So what do you want to eat today?" Haru asked.


"I want meat!" Akame said excitedly.

If something that they didn't hate about him was only his cooking and if this guy wasn't their enemy then this guy would be a good prospect to marry.